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Pamela Kopfler is an upcoming author, sassy and Southern-fled. Kopfler pens down humorous mysteries that have been concocted with a Southern Sass kick. Better Dead, Pamela Kopfler’s debut novel is the first installment in the B&B mystery series. Hog Wild Dead and Downright Dead are her other novels, which are also part of the B&B mystery series. Kopfler has been nominated for the Golden Heart mystery series more than four times. As a promising author, Pamela Kopfler has the ability to mix a cocktail, stir up a roux and also wrapping up a story. Currently, Pamela Kopfler resides in South Louisiana, a place where foods are spicy; spirits are restless while living is divine.

After receiving her University degree, Pamela began her teaching career. However, it did not take long before she found herself hosting Home and Garden, on a local CBS affiliate channel. Due to the fact that Pamela Kopfler is a certified master gardener, teacher, and holds a degree in home economics, the show that she landed was a perfect fit. Apart from the television gig, Kopfler also told stories on one of the leading local radio stations. Other gigs that Pamela Kopfler did include the production of television commercials reported art and entertainment news and even penned down for various local magazines. During this period, Pamela Kopfler was single, however, after sometime she met with Mr. Deluxe, who from the word go, she knew there was something different about him.

After dating for some time, Mr. Deluxe asked for her hand in marriage. Mr. Deluxe resided in a rural area, which was located away from Kopfler’s media market. Immediately, Pamela Kopfler knew that there was no way her market was going to do well over there. Furthermore, Mr. Deluxe was not willing to leave his business and relocate to Pamela’s hometown. After being engaged for two weeks, Mr. Deluxe and Pamela Kopfler got married. In the rural South, Pamela Kopfler was an unemployed for quite some time. However, Kopfler realized that she could make use of her one skill, which was writing. Pamela Kopfler began compiling the various narratives that she had once told on NPR and named the novel, In-laws, Out-Laws, Friends-and- Foes. After a few weeks, Pelican Publishing Company decided to purchase the novel and eventually published the collection of stories.

During a book-signing event, organized by Bent pages, Molly Bolden, one of the owners asked Pamela to begin working on a novel. Immediately, Pamela began taking writing and reading classes, so that she could master the art of writing.

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Better Dead
Better Dead is the first installment in the B&B book series. As the first installment in the B&B book series, author Pamela Kopfler introduces the readers to Holy Grove. Burl Davies, Groove’s spouse passed away before he was served with the divorce papers. Before passing away, Burl Davies had managed to make Holy Groove bankrupt. Holly Groove had inherited a plantation, which had belonged to her family for so many generations. Despite the fact that Holy Groove may not wish dead on anyone, she still felt more relieved after Burl Davies had passed away. However, it does not take long before Burl Davies’s ghost begins to reappear. Before Burl’s Davies spirit could move on, Burl needed the assistance of Holy Groove in exposing a drug smuggling ring that he had been involved in.

Despite the fact that this is not Holy Groove’s cup of tea, Holy agrees to assist him only if he was going to agree to appear and reappear in the B&B so that it can attract more and more visitors. However, when one Jack McCannan, a former lover of Holy Groove suddenly reappears, in the town and even checks in, Holy Groove cannot help but wonder whether her B&B will be big enough for both her husband’s ghost and the spirit of an old flame. The romantic triangle, which ensues between these two characters, adds a rather different spark to the narrative.

Downright Dead
Downright Dead is the second installment in the B&B book series. Despite the fact that Downright Dead has not yet been published, readers can still pre-order the novel. In Downright Dead, we meet once again with Holly Davis, the proud owner of a haunted B&B. After Inquiring Minds, a syndicated television program aired a footage, which had been taken from Holly Davis, B&B; the small community began to talk. The footage revealed to the public that a ghost haunted the hotel, which was located at the center of an antebellum plantation. Immediately, Holly Davis begins to receive calls from clients who were more than determined to book a room in the haunted hotel. However, there is only one challenge; the ghost that belonged to her ex-husband Burl had just departed. Nonetheless, Holly is more than determined to ensure that her business continues to flourish; thus she does not reveal to anyone the fact that the ghost had already departed from the hotel.

Holly begins to ensure her clients and the public that her hotel is still haunted. It does not take long before a television crew returns to the hotel, with one aim, to prove that Holly’s hotel is not haunted. After a disastrous séance, Holly Davis is more than sure that she is going to be exposed to the entire world as a charlatan. As things were going south for Holly Davis, the debunker starts to believe that the hotel is still haunted. The debunker is pushed off the window walk and immediately rises a ghost. Once he comes back as a ghost, the debunker wants to know, who had killed him. The first person that the debunker asks for help is Holly Davies, the protagonist, and owner of the haunted hotel. Nonetheless, Holly Davies has to watch her back because if the killer gets spooked, then she will be the one who will begin haunting the hotel.

With that said, Downright Dead is a brilliantly written mystery novel, which grabs the attention of the readers from the onset. Author Pamela Kopfler has managed to create all-around characters, who are highly entertaining. Kopfler’s wordplay and use of words is on a different level. Being a budding writer, Pamela Kopfler shows promise, and it will not take long before she is ranked with some of the best authors of the planet.

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