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Pamela Terry
Pamela Terry is a lifelong Southerner and learned the power of storytelling from a very early age. Pamela has written From the House of Edward, an internationally popular blog, which was named one of the top ten home blogs of the year by London’s The Telegraph.

Pamela travels to the Scottish Highlands as frequently as she is able to.

After spending 15 years as an interior designer, she picked up her lifelong passion for writing and began writing From the House of Edward, which she named after her big white dog. Before she knew it, the blog had this international following, which she found shocking.

At first, she had intended to write about design, but it just took a couple of days before she realized that, after so many years of doing it, design was really the last thing that she wanted to write about, so she just started writing about everything and anything. She never expected that people would be reading it anyway.

After a few years of essay writing on this blog, she wanted to try her hand at writing a novel, something that she had been dreaming of ever since she was a child. Nobody was more delighted than Pamela was when “The Sweet Taste of Muscadines” was published in 2021 by Random House/Ballantine.

Pamela had no aspirations to even publish the novel; she was just looking to see if she could actually do it. Terry Kay (a novelist) read some of her work and told her that she needed to be published, which Pamela found both scary and encouraging, however turned out to be exactly what she needed to hear in order to push her into finishing the novel. Long story short, she ended up signing with the second agent she contact, and sold the novel in ten days.

Pamela has written for as long as she can remember. Writing is a form of discovery for her. It helps her better understand the world that she lives in and enables her to get at the heart of how she feels. For characters to live and breathe the writer must see the world from their perspective, and that’s not just challenging, but also fascinating. She truly believes that empathy is created through literature, and this happens for both the reader and the writer. It’s a magical thing.

“The Sweet Taste of Muscadines” came to her by way of a first sentence which simply ran through her mind one night as she was making dinner. Being in the middle of writing some other book, she tried to just ignore it, however it would not simply allow her to do that. So she followed it where it wanted to take her, deep into this story that was a constant delight and surprise. She was inspired by all of the ways that memory intertwines with place, all of the definitions of home, and the freedom to be found in forgiveness.

“The Sweet Taste of Muscadines” is the first stand alone novel and was released in 2021. A woman goes back to her small southern hometown in the wake of her mom’s sudden death, just to find the past has been upended by stunning family secrets in an intimate debut, written with sharp wit and deep compassion.

Lila Bruce Breedlove never did feel at home in Wesleyan, Georgia, particularly after dad’s untimely demise while she was a child. Both she and Henry (her brother) fled north after finishing high school, establishing fulfilling lives of their own. By contrast, Abigail (their little sister) opted to stay behind in order to dote on Geneva, their domineering, larger-than-life mom. But despite their independence, Henry and Lila each know deep down that they have never exactly reckoned with their upbringing.

When their elderly mom suddenly dies and suspiciously in the muscadine arbor located behind the family estate, they return to the town that basically raised them. However while they uncover the facts about Geneva’s death, some shocking truths are also revealed which overturn the family’s history as they knew it, sending the pair on this extraordinary journey to chase down a truth which will dramatically alter the course of their lives. This novel reminds us all that true love never dies.

Readers found this to be a wonderful debut, with everything from a dysfunctional family to its rich cast of characters. Rarely has an author or a story impressed fans of the book more, and Pamela is destined to be a rising star in the literary world.

“When the Moon Turns Blue” is the second stand alone novel and was released in 2022. One woman fights to hang on to her family, her friends, and everything she holds dear while a brewing conflict divides her small town Georgia community.

The morning after Harry Cline’s funeral, this rare ice storm hits the town of Wesleyan, Georgia. The community wakes up and finds its controversial statue of Confederate general Henry Benning destroyed, and it was not by the weather. Half of the town had wanted to preserve the statue; while the other half wanted to remove the statue. Now this matter has been taken out of their hands, and now the town’s long-simmering tensions become laid bare.

Marietta, without Harry beside her, is left to just question many of her preconceived ideas about her family and friends. Butter, her childhood friend, has come to her aid in ways that Marietta never asked for or expected. Glinda, her sister-in-law, has behaved totally out of character, and Macon, her brother, the top defense attorney in the Southeast, is determined to find those responsible for the damage to the statue and protect Old Man Griffin’s legacy, the man that owns the park where it used to stand. Marietta longs to salvage each of these connections, however the world is changing and the divides can’t be ignored any more.

With a cast of relatable and compassionate characters, this is a timely and poignant novel about friendship, family, and what can happen when we learn that we do not especially like the people we love.

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