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Publication Order of Parable, Montana Books

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Parable, Montana (Series by Linda Lael Miller) has all the touches of love and romance. Linda has been branded ‘the first lady of the west’ because of her prowess in appealing to the romantic part of the reader. This series spans two years with the first novel having been written in 2012 and the final one in 2014. Basically, the series is set in Parable, Montana; which has now become synonymous with all kinds of love and romance stories. Here is a brief review of each novel under the series.

1. Parable, Montana Number 1: Big Sky Country (2012)

Sheriff Slade Burrow is an illegitimate son of a very rich rancher. His illegitimacy has made his father not to associate with him. In fact, his father has never acknowledged him. As a result, he lives the kind of life that is directly opposite that of his father. He grew up in a trailer that was hitched a salon that his mother runs.

Suddenly and seemingly from the blues, Slade inherits half of Whisper Creek Ranch which happens to be one of the most prosperous in Parable, Montana. His father develops interest and starts acknowledging him following his new status. The new found admiration and wealth does not go well with his half brother Hutch. The two have an ugly history which includes competition over the affection of Joslyn Kirk, who Slade still cherishes dearly.

Joslyn seems to have little or no interest in the attention she receives as she in busy preoccupied with paying back all the people who her father conned and cheated.

2. Parable, Montana Number 2: Big Sky Mountain (2012)

This second novel of the series is the one that perhaps introduces a bigger scope of love and romance. Hutch Carmody is on a mission to settle feuds with his half illegitimate brother and manage his half portion of Whisper Creek Ranch. From a distance, he seems to have it all; a big and respected name in Parable, Montana, wealth and looks. But in the inside, Hutch is slowly coming to terms with the reality that he is lacking what he wants most at the moment – the heart to love Kendra Shepherd who is a divorcee.

Kendra spends most of her time in fantasies. She wants a picture perfect family with a picture perfect husband in it. But, the only person in her picture at the moment id Hutch. He definitely does not fit in the standards of a perfect husband that Kendra is hoping for but again a woman is allowed to dream. She keeps hoping that one day he will change from his rugged cowboy style to a family man.

3. Parable, Montana Number 3: Big Sky River (2012)

Sheriff Boone Taylor has his minds on many other things but not love and romance. His wife had died some time ago and this prompted him to send his children to spend time with his family as he tries to put his life in shape again. Boone is known to enjoy the quiet and calm environment around his neighborhood, until one day it is all disrupted by Tara Kendall, Boon’s neighbor – a city girl who decided to come to Montana and escape the fast city life.

Boone and Tara seem to dislike each other from the word go. Tara thinks that Boon is a lazy man while Boone thinks that Tara is a joker ‘city girl’ trying to practice farming. An attempt by some locals to fix the two fails terribly. But this was before Boone started to consider that life could just be offering him a second chance by bringing Tara who also had some skeletons in her closet.

4. Parable, Montana Number 4: Big Sky Summer (2013)

Walker Parrish associates Casey Elder with some of the worst consequences of teenage love. The pair formed a youthful couple back in the years before Casey moved away from Montana. Walker, a rancher has lived pretty much all his life in Montana. He has learnt to move on and forget teenage heartbreaks and love. But this does not seem to be holding anymore when Casey suddenly returns to Montana with her children. Casey wants to raise her children in the classical family setup that has a husband, wife and children. But there is one piece of the family that is missing – a man. Walker seems to be the perfect fit for the missing piece; but the big question remains whether Casey is really in love with Walker again or she is using him for the sake of her children.

5. Parable, Montana Number 5: Big Sky Wedding (2013)

Zane Sutton is back to Parable Montana and Brylee Parrish does not know what to think of his presence. Although she has now moved on, she still bears an emotional scar after being left at the alter by Hutch Carmody so she is trying to tread cautiously when it comes to matters of the heart. Zane left Montana for Hollywood after a successful career but now he is back and Brylee thinks he just might settle here. She does not realize how easy and quickly it is to love somebody until she experiences Zane. He is charming, caring and looks very genuine in love. She is not sure whether to simply focus on her ever growing multimillion business and forget love or to give whether to give it another chance. Zane is determined to prove to Brylee that he is not of the same type as Hutch and that he will ensure she is his bride.

6. Parable, Montana Number 6: Big Sky Secrets (2014)

This is the finale of the series and it ensures that the series ends with a very high and unforgettable pitch. Landry Sutton seems to be addicted to city life already regardless of the fact that he has real love for country life. He is planning to sell his portion of land in Hangman Bend’s Ranch to his brother Zane. His plan seemed to be perfect until Ria Manning became part of it. Ria has a terrible history in love. After failing to conceive and thus her husband cheating on her, she was not in any moods to try another relationship – another perfect plan on her part until Landry became a part of it. The rest of the story should surely leads to wedding bells.

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