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Publication Order of The Paranormals Books

Jenny Pox (2010)Description / Buy at Amazon
Tommy Nightmare (2011)Description / Buy at Amazon
Alexander Death (2011)Description / Buy at Amazon
Jenny Plague-Bringer (2012)Description / Buy at Amazon

‘The Paranormals’ is a series of young adult novels written by the well known American author, J.L. Bryan. It consists of a total of 4 books published between the years 2010 and 2012. Each of the four novels of the series feature a different set of main characters, which are described by the author as having some magical powers. The first novel of the series was published in the year 2010 and was titled as ‘Jenny Pox’. The plot of the novel features Jenny Morton as the lead character along with Ashleigh Goodling and Seth. The novel was self-published by the author and is known to have a great deal of buzz. It has been praised for its unique content by some of the prominent authors such as Amanda Hocking. It also went on to receive many positive reviews on the blogs and social sites. In the opening sequence of the plot of the novel, Jenny is introduced as an outcast because she is not allowed to touch anyone. To ass to her misery she is very poor and has a father, who is alcoholic. Jenny is believed to have a plague because of which the people who touch her get infected with the plague and die. Years before when she was born, she had unknowingly killed the doctors and nurses who touched her, as well as her mother. Later on, people also witness the violent death of a snake at her hands. A few years have passed and Jenny has now come to terms with her deadly ability. In order to prevent other people from touching her and dying a brutal death, Jenny wears long sleeves and gloves even in the scorching heat. Overall, she is a sweet girl, but tends to become angry at the injustice done to her life.

Another girl named Ashleigh Goodling is introduced in the plot as the enemy of Jenny. She enjoys bullying Jenny and appears to be a wholesome, widely popular, and self-righteous. She loves reaching abstinence and the good words of the Lord to her students, for which everyone adores her. Ashleigh has a boyfriend named Seth, who comes from a family which rules the town and is very rich. Seth is also very popular and is admired because of being close to Ashleigh. But, he is not cruel like her. Jenny hates Ashleigh as much as she dislikes her. She has made her life miserable by taunting her at school and calling her with the nickname, Jenny Mittens. Jenny did not really like Seth before her beloved dog was run over and saved by Seth. He came to her aid and helped her dog to heal. Seth is believed to have the power of healing and can counteract Jenny’s deadly power. After knowing about his power, Jenny realizes that he is the only one whom she can touch without killing and they fall in love with each other because of that. Ashleigh becomes enraged after knowing about the growing closeness of Seth and Jenny, and decides to steal him back. She is blessed with the power of love, but uses it only for evil things. She knows that she can make anyone love her by just touching him. After getting a clue about her evil intentions, Jenny and Seth team up to show their friends the evil nature of Ashleigh. But, to their surprise, she makes everyone against them by using her manipulative ways. Jenny realizes that she has had enough from Ashleigh, and becomes tired and sick of getting ridiculed and put down all her life. Eventually, she decides to show that world what she is capable of. The novel appears to have strong elements along with pretty characters and an interesting plot. This allowed it to liked by the many readers and receive positive reviews and appreciations.

One of the other initial novels of ‘The Paranormals’ series was published under the title ‘Alexander Death’. It was self published by author J.L. Bryan and introduced one more character named Alexander, along with the previous characters of Jenny, Seth, Ashleigh and Tommy. In the opening sequence of the plot of the novel, Jenny gets rescued by Alexander from the riot of Tommy and Ashleigh in Charleston and is taken to a safe place in Mexico. He protects her from the United States government and the family and friends who are in search of her. And eventually, he befriends Jenny and tells her everything about his past lives. He also shows her what she is capable of doing with her power. Alexander has a sexy personality and possesses the magical power of raising the dead ones back to life, the opposite of what Jenny can do. Ashleigh is shown as holding up with her old tricks inside the Esmeralda’s body. She gets tangled up with Tommy and does not let him play a big role. With the help of powers, Ashleigh tries to make her way up in the food chain of the U.S government. She seems to be determined not to allow anyone to get in her path.

On the other hand, Seth is depicted as feeling confused and frustrated about what had happened in his life. He finds his brother Carter in a miserable state just like that of the snake who had touched Jeny in the first novel of the series. He seems to be desperate to find Jenny and save her from turning evil. After the riots in South Carolina, the National Security and CDC were on the trail of Jenny, who found the only safe place in the mountains of Central America. She went on to hide there along with her new friend Alexander. Over the next few days, she gets indulged in parties and drug fueled trips in order to discover her past. Meanwhile, she also connects with Alexander. Desperately trying to find Jenny, Seth believes that she might be kidnapped and turns to Dr. Heather Reynard to help him find her. He decides to risk everything that he has in order to find the woman he loves. Seth also goes on to take the help of the black ops recovery team for doing so. Ashleigh still prioritizes to ruin Jenny’s life and seems to be far away from giving up her cruel motive.

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