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Paris Homicide Books In Order

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Publication Order of Paris Homicide Books

The 7th Woman (2006)Description / Buy at Amazon
Crossing the Line (2011)Description / Buy at Amazon
The City of Blood (2012)Description / Buy at Amazon
Looking to the Woods (2016)Description / Buy at Amazon

Ever since she was young, writing has always been a passion for one, Frederique Molay. Molay is a decorated writer, popularly known for the 7th Woman, an international bestseller. Frederique Molay graduated from one of the prestigious Universities in France. After her graduation, Frederique Molay entered the political scene, where she worked for the French administration. Molay had the opportunity for working for the Deputy Mayor of Saint Germaine as the Chef of Staff. Later on, she was selected to Saone-et-Loire’s local government. After the 7th Woman became an instant hit, Molay decided to dedicate her entire life to writing and brining up her three children. Currently, Molay has written more than five books, with three of them being a part of the Paris Homicide book series.

Paris Homicide Best Books

7th Homicide

The 7th Homicide is the first installment in the Paris Homicide book series. Originally, the 7th Woman was published in the year 2006 in digital format. It was later on translated into English in the year 2012. The 7th Woman has been set in France, and in this installment, we meet with Nico Sirsky, a thirty-year-old police chief. Sirsky made history by being one of the youngest police officers to hold the position. However, the job has just begun to take a toll on him. It does not take long before he finds himself at the doctor’s office, this time around he is being checked to establish whether he has ulcers. A serial killer is out causing havoc, throughout Paris. The serial killer begins by brutally killing a young woman. After an autopsy is done, it is established that the woman was one month pregnant. A few weeks later, another girl is killed almost in the same manner as the first girl. Once again after an autopsy is done on her body, it is established that the young girl was also one month pregnant. It is at this point that the local police realize that they had a big problem in their hands.

Later on, the serial killer begins by making it apparently clear, that Nico Sirsky, the police chief is on his hit list. The killer begins by first putting anyone who is related or has something to do with Nico in grave danger including the young doctor, who has fallen for Nico. As all this happens, Nico must also deal with his wife’s and son’s depression. With that said, 7th Homicide is an exceedingly graphic novel. This novel is undeniably not for the faint at heart. The author has included very little comic relief in this story. The only humor in the entire novel is when Nico starts to fall for the young doctor and starts to act like a teenager once again. If you are a fan of psychological thrillers, police procedurals or murder mysteries, then you should read 7th Homicide, especially readers who are more than keen to broaden their perspectives past the predictability of the bestsellers and North American writers.

Crossing the Line

Crossing the Line is the second installment in the Paris Homicide book series. In this installment, we meet once again with the young police chief, Nico Sirsky. The book begins as Nico is back to work in his fourth-floor office. In the previous installment, Nico had been wounded in the line of fire, and at this point, he had not yet fully recovered from the ordeal. Caroline, the new love of his life is one of the best gastroenterologist in Paris. She works at the renowned Saint Antoine Hospital. Caroline has given enthusiasm and new hope for his work. Dimitry, Nico’s teenage son, is doing extremely well, and from the look of things, life has been extremely great. However, Nico’s first day at work feels as if he has landed on his feet running. Upon reporting, he is asked to oversee a jewel heist as well as a cadaver head on lab table that has a rare message buried someplace inside it.

The University’s dental students who were learning surgery discovered the message hidden deep inside the molar. The students were working on a body that had been recently donated to their school. Despite the case was ruled a suicide, the message inside the molar indicated otherwise. Nico and his team of detectives begin by first following this mystery before they slowly follow information from interviews, a trail of evidence and several other clues. It does not take long before they discover several others murders that had been ruled as suicide and accidents. The closer the team gets the more the bodies they find. Everything is not only reasonable but also logical as well. There are several surprises and plot twists. Thus nothing in the novel feels implausible. All the characters in Closing the Line are not only interesting but also believable as well.

Ms. Molay has managed to build a base of highly appealing characters. As the Paris Homicide series continues, it is expected that Ms. Molay will continue to fill out these characters. Nico the police chief is a multi-faceted character. He is a divorced father who has a son living with him, an injured policeman who has recently returned to work and a man who is in love. Nico has to combine his home life and work life and ensure that he keeps on moving forward.

The City of Blood

The City of Blood is the third installment in the Paris Homicide book series. Just like the first two installments, City of Blood was quite straightforward, had few surprises and few red herrings as well. The hook begins as a skeleton that was buried more than 30 years ago is excavated at the renowned La Villette Park. The park, as well as the surrounding museum complex, was undergoing an archeological dig. When the body that was discovered was established to be that the son of a well-established artist, the homicide unit decides to look into the mystery and try to find out why the boy was killed and who were the killers. With that said, the City of Blood is a brilliantly written novel that features a large cast of characters including several recurring characters. Nico resumes his central role, and as he juggles the responsibilities, we are privy to his thoughts and emotions as well.

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