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Parish Orphans of Devon Books In Order

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Publication Order of Parish Orphans Of Devon Books

The Matrimonial Advertisement (2018)Description / Buy at Amazon
A Modest Independence (2019)Description / Buy at Amazon
A Convenient Fiction (2019)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Winter Companion (2020)Description / Buy at Amazon

Parish Orphans of Devon
A parish orphan of Devon is a series of romance books by USA Today bestselling author of romance and historical fiction. It’s a series where characters fall for each in the most unexpected situations. The characters are running away in a quest for freedom and independence.
The Matrimonial Advertisement

This is the debut novel in parish orphans of Devon series. The story introduces us to Helena Reynolds, the heroine in the book. Helena answers an advertisement for a gentleman who is searching for a wife. Justin Thornhill, a retired soldier in India, is living a lonely life in Devon. Justin needs a wife who will be able to keep her company, manage his household, and keep his bed warm.
Helena feels that she has been betrayed by the people she thought would protect her. Her uncle wants to grab the property she owns even if it means killing her to get what he wants.

She turns out, not the type of woman he expected. She is too beautiful, young, and gentle. He wonders why such a lady would be interested in marrying a harsh and a bad-tempered ex-soldier with emotional and physical scars.

Helena, on the other hand, out of desperation, answers the advertisement to have someone who will be kind and keep her safe. She does not mind travelling from London to a remote village if that’s what will keep her safe. Why does she want to safe? She turns out to have run to the right man since Justin was a kind, protective, and caring, handsome man despite his tragic past and the secrets he holds.

Justin was raised as an orphan and had many tragedies that revolved into being arrested, mistreated, and scarred in prison for over two decades. However, this does not bar him from taking Helena to be under his protection. After his release, he decides to go live a quiet life in a remote village. Even in the past, Justin has been caring for the people in his life, and he is ever willing to sacrifice for the people he loves.

Justin approaches his bride with tenderness and makes sure she is comfortable as they build their friendship. They slowly get together as they learn about each other. Even though the two had a traumatic past life, they try to work together to overcome it. They build their relationship by trusting each other and admiration. Justin’s kindness and Helena’s resilience and strength made it easy to get along.

Unfortunately, things go bad in the mid-way of their love. They shift their focus, and romance is no longer a primary thing, and they are both forced to go back to London if they are willing to save their marriage. Justin will have to protect Helena from getting into the hands of the people planning to harm her.
Their marriage was meant not to be a pure business, but things turn out the opposite. Will they reveal their past relationships with one another? Will the marriage be a success?

The author vividly describes the setting of the remote village. The Greyfriar’s Abbey, with its stories, adds some mystery in the bookmaking it more exciting. The characters are well developed on this mystery that keeps the reader twisted, wondering what will happen next.

The author draws to our attention about the lives of women living in Victorian England, how they were denied freedom and treated like objects. Matthews uses Helena’s character to address topics like women’s rights, unfair laws, marriage, abuse, and violence against women. She also incorporates some historical events, for instance, the incident in India to integrate the book.

The story blends mystery and romance to make an intriguing plot. The author uses actions and words to show how the two are falling for each other.
A Modest independence

A Modest Independence is the second book in Parish Orphans of Devon series. The story introduces Jenny Holloway, who was featured in the matrimonial advertisement as a secondary character. She was Helena’s companion, where he meets Tom Finchley, a lawyer, and the hero in this second book.
According to the Matrimonial Advertisement, Jenny’s task was to protect Helena from his selfish uncle. Tom is Justin’s friend and does anything possible to make sure that his relationship with Helena is a success. Helena gives Jenny 5000 pounds as a token of appreciation for her excellent work. She plans to use the token to get freedom and independence and escape the constraints of life in London.

Jenny wants to travels to India to find out what happened to Giles, Helena’s brother. Giles is believed to have been killed but wanted to know the truth of what happened since sometimes she thought that he is still alive. She feels that she can wake up one day and start her journey to India without the company of anyone. Tom decides to hire two British –national Indians to accompany Jenny and him.

Both tom and jenny had common goals of getting freedom and starting their lives anew. Even though tom has some weaknesses, he turns out to be a hero. He is willing to allow Jenny to chase her dreams even when he is aware that it will leave him heartbroken.

Jenny gets modest independence but later realizes that she is lonely and has no one to experience the adventures with. She wants to explore the world far from Victorian England, where she had so many restrictions. She is afraid of trusting people because of how her family has been treating her. She loves Tom so much, and she knows that they can get married and remain with her freedom and independence.

Mimi Matthews blends romance, adventure, and charm as she describes the characters in this novel. There is great dialogue and interaction of the characters, which makes the story more fascinating and thrilling.

Tom and jenny are brilliant heartwarming, and their romance keeps you turning pages. The chemistry between them is loveable. Their journey through Europe and Egypt on their way to India is described vividly, showing the hardships of means of transport and the beauty of the places.

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