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Publication Order of Parker Chase Books

A Patriot's Betrayal (2012)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Crowns Vengeance (2012)Description / Buy at Amazon
Dark Tides Rising (2014)Description / Buy at Amazon
A Republic of Shadows (2016)Description / Buy at Amazon
A Hollow Throne (2019)Description / Buy at Amazon
A Tsar's Gold (2020)Description / Buy at Amazon

The name ‘Parker Chase’ refers to a series of novels written by Andrew Clawson. Parker Chase is also the name of the series’ protagonist.

+The Story

The Parker Chase books are international thrillers with a historical element to them. It could be argued that Dan Brown’s Da Vinci Code set a precedent when it was first published. Dan Brown showed fans and authors alike the success that could be mined from interlacing history with conspiracy to produce tales of an adventurous nature.

Since Dan Brown hit it big, many an author has tried to follow in his footsteps, creating tales that use historical figures, events, and artifacts to impact the present. It could be argued that Andrew Clawson is just another author following the Dan Brown train.

The Parker Chase books are very reminiscent of the Dan Brown novels. You have a regular guy with experience in a particular aspect of history who keeps stumbling upon entities hell bent on using that aspect of the past to change the present or even the future.

It then usually falls on Parker Chase’ shoulders to follow a series of clues hidden in plain sight until he finds the culprit and puts a stop to a plan that would have devastated modern civilization. And most of the time, Parker works behind the scenes, his heroic actions going unnoticed.

It has been argued that Andrew Clawson’s books are closer to the National Treasure movies featuring Nicholas Cage than they are to the Dan Brown novels. After all, Brown’s books tend to be a little quiet and almost philosophical in their exploration of the past.

And those books do explore the past, with Dan Brown typically providing his opinion about a particular historical event and its relation to the goings on of the present.

Andrew Clawson’s Parker Chase Series emphasizes the action and adventure over everything else. The historical aspects are just tools through which Andrew’s protagonists can undertake adventures.

When this series first kicks off, Parker Chase is an ordinary man. Since leaving his days as a heroic football player in college behind, Parker has become a financial consultant and a relatively successful one.

Parker thinks that life is fairly predictable. And that would have been true if his uncle hadn’t died. Parker finds a cryptic letter from the dead man that makes him the target of a nefarious billionaire. To survive the assault on his personal life, Parker looks to ex-girlfriend Erika for help.

Erika is the perfect person to help Parker. The mess following Parker around seems to have a historical element to it, and Erika is a historical scholar. Together, the two begin to unravel a centuries old mystery related to the founding fathers of the United States.

This particular adventure leaves Parker’s life changed forever. Now he knows that there is more to his country and the world than meets the eye. And when danger comes calling again, which it does, Parker Chase is ready for it.

There’s always another enemy around the corner, a secret society that thinks it has the power to bring America’s democracy to the ground, a sect looking to weaken the governing structures of the world. It isn’t always Parker’s job to stop these things. He isn’t necessarily the best man for the job.

One might say that he is always in the wrong place at the wrong time, and he is always willing to step in when the bad guys start mobilizing. Sometimes, it’s Erika coming to Parker’s aid, helping him out of an impossible jam.

Other times, Erika’s work puts her in danger. She will come across a map of considerable intrigue or start digging in places that should be left alone, and as the heat starts to rise, Erika must look to her Ex-boyfriend for help, a man whose means increase as the series progresses.

+The Author

Andrew Clawson is a native of Pennsylvania. The author isn’t particularly well-known. The author’s novels do not exactly stand out among the plethora of history-themed international thrillers on the market today.

However, Andrew has a flare to his storytelling that has allowed him to garner quite the impressive fan base. Besides the Parker Chase series, Andrew has written the Reed Kimble books. They tell the story of a hunter in Tanzania who must face off against a criminal enterprise threatening the wild.

Andrew prides himself as both a teacher and an author. Certainly, he enjoys entertaining his readers and getting a rise out of them with his thrilling tales. But Andrew also hopes to teach his audience about the subject matter of each one of his novels.

Andrew is never satisfied until he has accomplished both of these tasks.

+A Patriot’s Betrayal

Parker Chase never wanted any trouble. The financial consultant just wanted to bury his uncle and then move on with his life. But then a cryptic letter from the deceased man came into his possession and Parker realized that a robbery gone wrong had nothing to do with his uncle’s passing.

Now Parker is on the run. He can only guess that the men chasing him had something to do with his uncle’s death. He doesn’t know who they are or what they want but he is determined to find out. Joining him on his quest is an ex-girlfriend that understands history like no one else.

She just might have what it takes to help him figure out the motives of the shadowy organization that is after him. The secrets Parker and Erika uncover lead all the way back to the Founding Fathers of the United States. Now Parker must evade the police and the CIA in his efforts to unravel a sinister conspiracy.

+The Crown’s Revenge

Professor Erika Carr thought she had left all her adventuring behind when her escapades with Parker Chase ended. When she makes a monumental discovery amongst Alexander Hamilton’s documents, she quickly realizes that there is more adventure to be had.

Erika’s find, an intelligence report from Paul Revere, suggests that there is a conspiracy to extinguish America’s independence. Erika joins forces with Parker Chase as they begin sniffing out clues to uncover the machinations of an international syndicate with terrible plans for the United States.

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