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Publication Order of Paskagnkee Books

The Paskagankee is a series of novels based on the mystery and thriller genres and written by the New York Times and USA Today bestselling author from Massachusetts, United States, Allen Leverone. The series consists of three books, the first two of which were published in the year 2012 and the third one in 2013. Paskagangee is the name of a village in Maine, where the plots of the series are set. It is quite a haunted place and full of murders along with other criminal activities. Author Allen Leverone released the first book of the series under the same title ‘Paskagankee’, It was published by StoneGate Ink in a Kindle edition comprising of 360 pages. The novel opens up with the depiction of the Paskagankee village as an isolated, vulnerable and remote place. The village witnesses a series of brutal killings throughout the novel. It seems that a spirit has come out of tragedy has reawakened after hundreds of years old massacre to take revenge. In order to stop the spirit from killing innocent people and saving their own town, three different and distinct people are required to race against time and the personal demons of their own and come together. The novel starts with a haunting tag line welcoming the visitors to the village of Paskagankee and frightens them with a fatal visit.

Over a hundred years ago, a tragedy had occurred in Paskagankee in which the a young woman and her small baby were killed as a result of the rift between the English missionaries and the native people of the village, the Abnake. It is believed that the spirit of the woman has awakened after hundred years to take revenge of the death of her baby and herself. During the present time, Mike McMahon is appointed as the new sheriff of the village of Paskagankee. Mike is also suffering from his personal demons from his haunting past and hopes to escape from it after coming to the small village town of Paskagankee. Soon, a number of murders take place in the village in a brutal manner, which leads Mike to get involved with Sharon Dupont, a subordinate with rookie nature. Sharon is also under the load of her own personal demons and strives to escape from them. The two join hands with a Kenneth Dye, a college professor. Kenneth lives his life under regrets from his past and spends most of his time in a solitary and drunk condition. Kenneth is forced to live in his miserable condition because he is ridiculed and shunned by the people of the village for publishing a book based on the life, legends and myths of the Abnake tribe, by doing years of research.

Although the alliance of these three persons seems to be unlikely, they are still needed to do so in order to get over the haunting spirit. They are also required to keep their differences and benefits aside and work in unison in order to fight against the evil. The novel was a fantastic one because of the unique writing style of the author as well as the way the way he had created the characters and atmosphere of the plot. It was full of right notes at all places and came up very well as a supernatural horror story set in a an old fashioned yet elegant style. The main characters of Sharon Dupont and Mike McMahon draw themselves very well throughout the novel. The readers get to feel their presence with such believability and sense. Also the character of professor dye stands out in its role as a ridiculed and shunned person. The story of the novel develops with a steady pace with the hard and fast frights and dripping atmosphere. The description of the bloody scenes by Allen Leverone also adds to the dread and tension of the story. The book is an excellent fun to read for all those who like to read horror stories. Even the twists and turns at the end seem quite thrilling. The book ends with a preview of the upcoming novel of the series, which promises to continue the frightening description of the village of Paskagankee.

The second novel of the series was released under the title ‘Revenant’ in the year 2012 by the Bottom Books. This novel too is set in the isolated village of Paskagankee, Maine. The plot of the novel opens up with the description of a sacred artifact of Navajo, which is believed to have dangerous and shocking powers. A con man is determined to stop at nothing to fulfill his goals and probably acquire the powerful artifact. The village of Paskagankee had just come out of the years old curse and brutal killings with the attempts of sheriff Mike McMahon and patrol officer, Sharon Dupont. However, the recovery of the village does not last for long as it is about to witness a new curse. A billionaire software engineer named Brett Parker visits Paskagankee to take a look at the progress of his new summer retreat. On the other hand, the sacred and powerful Navajo artifact goes in the possession of Max Acton, who is a murderer, a sociopath and a cult leader from Arizona.

The Navajo artifact, which was hidden for a long time has the ability to awaken the dead people and Acton will not think twice to explore its powers. He decides to plot a kidnap and murder of Parker in order to obtain the new software design developed by him for the defense department of the U.S. Army. Acton wishes to sell the software to rival countries and earn millions of dollars. He is relieved to know the fact that he does not have to do anything except reanimating a dead to kill for him. The Revenant seems to be very angry and ready to kill in an unstoppable manner. The plot of the novel leads to a point where the village of Paskagankee becomes the battleground for the dead and living people to fight, once again. The Revenant in the novel is described as an animated corpse or a visible ghost and looks more like a zombie rather than a ghost. Author Allen Leverone’s storytelling and plot development were very well appreciated by the readers all over the world. They even praised Allen for penning down this excellent novel series with a touch of romance between the horror plots. He received great motivation from the praise of his fellow authors who like his style of writing very much. The success of the novels helped Allen to establish himself as a noteworthy writer of the thriller and mystery genres.

Allan Leverone who is famous for his thrilling writing comes with an yet another horror beauty “Paskagankee”, This series comes in three installment, The first installment is titled as Paskagankee , “Paskaganekee” is a small town Located in maine. The plot begins by the series of murders taking place in the town and because of these murders the town is now termed as the Haunted town. Author has described each murder with such brutality that even a regular crime story reader will be thrilled

The story revolves around the center character Mike McMohan who is the newly appointed Chief of police in Paskagankee, Maine. Mike with the help of another officer tries to solve the murder cases happening in the town, The crime rate in the town is at the peak and does not seem to decrease , The story keeps the reader at the toes since murders happening in the town does not look like the action of a human but a super natural force.
The people of Paskagankee are induced with the fear because of the recent murders and also because of the the way they are murdered . Author has portrayed a very intense personality of Mike who has faced many hardships in his life. From a reader perspective once you start reading the book you can not leave it with out completing it. Apart from Mike Mcmohan there are two more interesting characters in the novel one being Sharaon dupont who is patrol officer and then we have kenneth a college professor who prefers to stay alone and is in a drunken state most of the time . All three have a haunted past who come together to fight against the murders happening in the town. The legendary story of a women and her baby being killed by the town people over 100 years ago takes the reader to a higher level of curiosity

A reader can witness the murders like never before and presence of the super natural powers makes the story line up more interesting, Allan is gifted in terms of crime story writing and that could be felt once you read this book


The second installment of Paskagankee series is “Revenant”, The literal meaning of revenant is return of bad spirit from the grave in order to scare the living ones and the author justifies the title with a sensational story. The story revolves around the Sacred articraft of Navajo which has the ability to bring back the death people from the grave,The other vital characters apart from Mike Mcmohan and Sharon dupont are Max Action and Brett Parker.
Brett Parker is a rich Software engineer who has come on a visit to Paskangankee and has designed a software for the defense department of USA, Where as the Max Action is psycho murderer who wants to steal Sacred Articraft in order to murder Brett Parker so that he could steal the software designed by him and sell it to the other country at a higher price. The Author has narrated the characters very well and is successful in carrying the readers along with him through out the story , just like the first edition even in this brutally has been well narrated. If you are under the impression that horror story can not have romance in it then you are mistaken , the way Allan brings the romance in the horror pack story is incredible .The plot of the story could be termed as good but the development of plot is marvelous. The pace of the story is neither too fast nor slow and reader never feels that the story is being dragged. Allan is able to keep the reader interesting with the every page reader turns.


The third installment of Paskagankee series is “WELLSPRING”, While earlier two editions were released in 2012 the third one was released in 2013. The Paskagankee town is in trouble again and the Plot begins when Dan Melton a contractor by profession gets the shock of his life when he discovers two corpses hidden under a secret chamber and a living naked person, Dan Immediately gives a call to the police and informs them about the incident ,Sharon dupont the patrol officer arrives at the crime scene but by that time she arrives the contractor had already vanished and nobody had a clue where he went, with in a very short span of time one of the Paskagankee’s resident is found dead and panic increases when the second murder takes place shortly . The story becomes interesting when the newly appointed chief of police Pete Kendall meets recently retired Mike Mcmohan for his guidance.

Allan has proved his brilliance yet again with this book, Brutality and suspense has been beautifully balanced, If a reader has not read any of the earlier installment of this series they still can enjoy this installment with ease. The personality of each character could be understood very well and the reader would be able to connect themselves with them. There are quite a few book based on super natural stories but nothing beats this one. This is the last installment of the series and the best one as well, After reading the first two installment you may think that Allan would not be able to meet your expectations but guess what he not only meets them but beats them as well.

Conclusion :

All three installment of this series starting from Paskagankee to Wellsrping by Allan Leverone will give the you best experience of your life , After reading this novel the reader feels like he is a part of the Paskagankee town and Mike Mcmohan is their friend, This tri series is a combined pack of Horror, crime, romance and at the top of it is the super natural powers. even though its a series of books but still each book could be read independently and be understood. This is a highly recommended book series if you are a person with a horror taste, to a very great extent Allan Leverone has been able to surpass the wildest imagination of his readers.

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