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Publication Order of Gil Cunningham Books

The Harper's Quine (2004)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Nicholas Feast (2005)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Merchant's Mark (2006)Description / Buy at Amazon
St Mungo's Robin (2007)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Rough Collier (2008)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Stolen Voice (2009)Description / Buy at Amazon
A Pig of Cold Poison (2010)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Counterfeit Madam (2011)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Fourth Crow (2012)Description / Buy at Amazon
The King's Corrodian (2013)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Lanimer Bride (2016)Description / Buy at Amazon

Publication Order of Anthologies

Dragons and Warrior Daughters(1989)Description / Buy at Amazon

Pat McIntosh, whose writing ambition dates back to her formative years, is a Scottish woman of letters. McIntosh, who specializes in historical mysteries and fantasy niches, was born and bred in the County of Lanark upon Scotland. She is a citizen of the United Kingdom. She studied at the University of Glasgow. McIntosh was domiciled in Glasgow for a considerable time but has since relocated to a coastal region in West Scotland.

After graduating from the university, she worked in various sectors and had several occupations. For instance, she has been a librarian. Secondly, she has served as a receptionist in a therapy facility. Third, she has taught subjects such as paleontology and geology. Lastly, she has been a lecturer at the England-based The Open University. She is currently a full-time writer.

Pat McIntosh is a voracious writer. However, when she is not writing, her pastime is cuddling cats. McIntosh, who has a string of series of books, anthologies, poetry, essays, and short stories under belt, has been writing since she was merely seven years old. On the context of the literary figures who inspired her, the subject is hazy and episodic. However, Pat McIntosh opines that she was possibly influenced by the late fellow Scottish author and autobiographer called Angus MacVicar.

Section on Books
Pat McIntosh garnered literary fame hard on the heels of publishing his anthologies way back in the mid-1970s. Even then the series which McIntosh penned are the most notable ones in her bibliography, especially the Gilbert Cunningham series. Perhaps the most notable aspect of the main character in the said series is his almost faithful resemblance to Pat McIntosh’s real-life. This is because the main character was, just like its creator, born and bred in Lankarshire. The character, which is also domiciled in the same place, schooled at the University of Glasgow where McIntosh also studied at.

There are about eight editions of the first book in the Gilbert Cunningham series. The first edition was initially published in January 2004, titled The Harper’s Quine; the book, and generally the whole series, is shelved under the mystery, historical fiction, crime fiction, medieval, and cultural genres.

The other early book in a series published by Pat McIntosh is entitled The Nicholas Feast. This is the second in the Gilbert Cunningham series. There are around seven editions of this book. The earliest edition was originally published in June 2005. Gilbert Cunningham is the featured protagonist in these two books–and the series in general.

Meet protagonist Gilbert Cunningham. He lived in the medieval times. To labor the point, he is a native and resident of Lankarshire. Cunningham, who is a trained lawyer and somewhat detective, is an alumnus of the University of Glasgow. Cunningham hails from an aristocratic background wherein he was the youngest male child in their family. Unfortunately for him, he has a sad family history. His two older siblings alongside his biological father, all of them combatants, were killed in action; the relatives died while fighting in a battle wherein the unpopular and inefficient James III of Scotland was fighting James IV who would later on ascend to the monarchy. With no one else to stand up for their family, their land was confiscated following his brothers and father’s deaths.

Protagonist Gilbert Cunningham, who pursued notarial studies at the university, has a job at an archdiocese-affiliated court wherein his uncle, called David Cunningham, is a high-profile judge. Cunningham, who is looking forward to practicing priesthood, is compassionate, liberal, and very intelligent. To assist Gilbert Cunningham achieve his priesthood dream, David Cunningham promises to secure the nephew a benefice (means a perpetual church appointment, especially as either rectors or vicars).

The first book in the Gilbert Cunningham series, The Harper’s Quine, is set in the backdrop of Glasgow and Isle of Bute, both in Scotland. Lawyer Cunningham chances upon the corpse of a youthful female whom he met at a dance previously. The victim is the estranged spouse of a heartless nobleman. The murder incident is within David Cunningham’s dominion, prompting him to mandate Gilbert start sleuthing. Gilbert is assisted by an architect who is overseeing a construction in the cathedral; by and by, Gilbert falls for the mason’s attractive daughter and she becomes his bride.

The second book in the series authored by Pat McIntosh, The Nicholas Feast, is set in Glasgow upon Scotland. It is set in the early 1490s. Gilbert Cunningham, who is an old boy of the University of Glasgow, has just returned to his alma mater to take part in the institution’s yearly Nicholas Feast wherein theatrical plays and merrymaking are common. The turning point of the plot is the death of a teenage actor during the festival. Assisted by his bride-to-be and using his experience, Gilbert Cunningham delves into the murder.

Best Pat McIntosh Books
The best three books authored by Pat McIntosh are The Harper’s Quine, Nicholas Feast, and The Merchant’s Mark. The first two books have already been discussed. The Merchant’s Mask is the third book in the Gilbert Cunningham series. It was initially published in 2006. Hereby, protagonist Gilbert Cunningham and associate-cum-businessman called Augie Morison place an order for books but are mailed the head of a person alongside jewels instead. Morison is fingered, sued, and sentenced for the murder wherein the victim’s head has been disfigured severely. Morison reaches out to Morison for assistance. Prompted, Cunningham starts sleuthing, seeking to unravel the identity of the deceased and the motive. The murder trail points to James IV’s court.

Other Book Series You May Like
These book series resonates on the same frequency as Pat McIntosh’s Gilbert Cunningham series as her readers found out. The first one is the Burren Mysteries authored by Cora Harrison. This features protagonist Mara, an Ireland judge-cum-lawgiver appointee of Thomond King Donn O’Brien in the 1600s. The second one is called Joliffe the Player penned by Margaret Frazer. The protagonist, Joliffe, is a notable figure in an England-based theater group during the fifteenth century. The third one is titled Dido Kent Mystery series authored by Anna Dean; this is a historical mystery set in the backdrop of the 18th century England.

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