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Publication Order of Pathfinder Books

Pathfinder is a completed series of fantasy books by an American author of nonfiction, fantasy, poetry and science fiction books Orson Scott. The series is best known for its unique fusion of the themes of historical fiction and science fiction. One major aspect of the Pathfinder series is its complex but well detailed time travel rules.

Pathfinder series follows the adventures of a man named Rigg, a not knowing colonist of a planet known as Garden. He possesses the ability to see physical traces of living things or paths through time. Upon its release, the Pathfinder series was positively received, and readers acclaimed it for its detailed, fast-paced action and the complex power games that characterize much of Orson Scott’s work. Orson Scott Card began his Pathfinder series in 2010 when Pathfinder, the first in the series was published. The series concluded in 2014 when Visitors, the third and last in the series was published.


Pathfinder is the first book in The Pathfinder Series. It introduces us to Rigg, a thirteen-year-old boy that is well trained when it comes to keeping secrets. He has a strange talent where he can see what is contained in people’s past but the only person that is aware of this is his father. He, however, cannot see the history of his father, but things take a different turn when the father passes on.

He gets to uncover so much that it almost breaks him upon looking into his father’s past. His father left a wish in which he instructed Rigg to find his sister. The journey becomes a nightmare as he uncovers a lot about his ability from the sense that he can even change what happened in the past among many other things that he was hidden from by his father. His father had taught him many things but little did he know that he would require this to go through this journey. The story also introduces Ram, who can travel through time using a ship as he searches for a home.

Rigg also does find himself in the middle of a political heat between people who want to be ruled by the female monarch and those that want to be governed by the male which has given rise to a revolution in the land. The journey is adventurous as he travels through a time where he also gets to join Ram with his team of expendables and whose mission is to ensure the survival of human race. The story uses complex features and elements to come up with a quality, original and fun to read the piece. Scot has created the elements of mystery, adventure and fun in this story which are sufficient to get a grip of the reader’s attention.


Ruins is the second book in The Pathfinder Series. The group comprising Rigg, Umbo, and Param are still soldiering on with their quest. They cross over to a world that seems complicated for him to see into the past and the horrors that await them there. A new issue comes up where trusting Vadesh, the human-shaped machine and even worse each other becomes difficult. However, they have no alternative but to work together to go past the barriers on their path
Rigg and company have by now learned to make use of their gifts, and this is seen from the way they go past the dangers that come their way as they continue with their expedition. The story is about their return to fix their mistakes, and in the course of all this, they find themselves even creating more problems that they had not thought of previously. Trust, lies, and truth from the book as the narration go on about these three individuals. They learn about acting and making decisions even when the positivity of the same is not something trust since they know that if they do not make the decision and act, a terrible thing will happen to their world. This puts them on a mission to do all they can to stop this from happening.

The author has developed a unique story taking the reader into another level of imagination bringing in the aspect of time travel. As you follow up with the characters, the events, and situations, they are in almost feel real and also creates curiosity to know what happens next. Another aspect that makes it fun is the way Orson mixes science with fantasy in a very creative manner.


Visitors is the third book in The Pathfinder Series. Riggs powers are put to tests so that he can bring the war to an end and prevent the collapse of their world. Many problems solving, question answering and finding of lost stuff do occur in this book.

The primary role that the group has is to ensure that by all means, Garden is not destroyed. This mission takes them back and forward into time as they try to prevent the destruction of the Garden. At the same time, they will have to deal with the dire consequences of developing their doubles plus other risks associated with time travel. While on this course, they are trying to find explanations to their abilities and the things that come their way. The story heightens as the adventure unveils more for the trio introducing new characters along that add to the fun, mystery, and adventure brought out in this story. Tough decisions have to be made all geared towards stopping the colonization of their world. Going through hardships as they also learn to see and solve things from a different perspective. The journey through time gets to teach the trio a lot, and they approach the end, many things do happen and more so from the decisions that they have made.

The author has put characters who are well described and well to connect to. He makes the concept of time travel almost seem real in the actual world as he passes the reader through the story of these characters. The wrapping of things is one that will make you want more of this book as the characters harmonize their differences to find a solution to the issue they have at hand.

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