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A Phoenix First Must Burn(2020)Description / Buy at Amazon
That Way Madness Lies: Fifteen of Shakespeare's Most Notable Works Reimagined(2021)Description / Buy at Amazon
Eternally Yours(2022)Description / Buy at Amazon

About Patrice Caldwell

The American writer Patrice Caldwell is fast becoming recognized as one of the leading authors within her field. Combining numerous different genres, including science-fiction and fantasy, she’s been a leading figure in the industry for some time now. Founding the ‘People of Color in Publishing’ grass-roots campaign, which she has been hugely influential in gaining a voice for herself and those similar to her. Respected by many throughout the industry, she’s now finding her own niche as a writer, gaining a large audience worldwide. This is something that’s seen many sing her praises around the world, garnering acclaim for her many different contributions.

Editing and curating work from other authors as well, she has a strong understanding of what talent looks like and where it lies. This means she also knows what works and what doesn’t when it comes to her own writing, creating compelling and interesting fiction of her own. Setting herself apart, she’s a distinctive writer with a lot to say, knowing exactly what it is that her audience is looking for, whilst also remaining true to herself. Immersing the reader in her world, she writes in a highly evocative and imaginative style, establishing a rich mood and ambiance. She clearly has a lot to say as well, with a strong opinion, as it’s something that definitely shines through in her work.

Her characters are also extremely well drawn, being wholly realistic and believable, written in a manner that clearly resonates. Speaking directly to the reader they manage to come across in an engaging manner, leaving the audience with a long lasting impression. Much of her audience have come to appreciate this direct approach of hers over time, whilst also allowing it to transport them. Her style is unique with her own distinctive approach to the genre, creating an idiosyncratic niche all of her own. There’s plenty more to come from Caldwell as well, as she’s not stopping any time soon, with a lot more planned on the horizon.

Early and Personal Life:

Born and raised in Arlington, Texas, in the United States, Patrice Caldwell was raised in Texas, as she would begin to develop a love of literature over time. This would evolve, as she’d read and write voraciously, constantly looking for new and exciting ideas to help inspire both her and her work. Taking many of these ideas from the world around her, she’d continually look for new and interesting ways with which to express herself. In time this would grow into the voice that she currently has today, becoming the writer and author that she’s now known as.

Constantly building upon her craft throughout her education, she’d create a unique and idiosyncratic profile quite unlike any other. Getting to the heart of some serious ideas with her subject matter, she’d come to largely use the genres of science-fiction and fantasy to help articulate herself as a creative. Working as an editor for some time too, she’d become adept in the many tropes and conventions of the genre, learning how to make it work for her. Currently still working to this day, she continues to put out work on regular basis, finding a place for herself and others like her within the publishing industry.
Writing Career:

Starting out with her first short-story being published in the collection ‘A Phoenix First Must Burn’ in 2020, she would release an anthology alongside numerous other writers. This compendium would focus on exploring the Black experience through the lens of fantasy and science-fiction, infusing the stories with plenty of magic. Editing the the collection herself, Caldwell would oversee the project, bringing them all together, giving a voice to new and interesting authors in the field. Quickly gaining a large audience, many would warm to her work, the storytelling was lauded as fresh and unique, bringing some diversity to the genre.

Not escaping the attention of the critics either, she’s received awards and acclaim for her various contributions to the field. This would include being featured on the publication Bustle’s ‘Lit List’, as well as being named a ‘Star Watch’ honoree by ‘Publisher’s Weekly’. Regarded as changing the face of literature, she’s become a highly respected presence in the literary industry, with a lot to say. She has a lot more planned in the pipeline as well, releasing her ‘That Way Madness Lies’ collection in 2021 and ‘Eternally Yours’ in 2022, and is definitely a writer to watch in the future.

A Phoenix First Must Burn

Initially brought out in 2020 on the 10th of March through the ‘Viking Books for Young Readers’ publishing label, this would be a collection of short-stories. Comprised of sixteen stories in total, it’s edited by Patrice Caldwell herself, as she also makes a contribution to it. With the goal of bringing together minority voices in the field of science-fiction and fantasy, it seeks to give them a platform allowing their talent to really shine. Caldwell would later bring out ‘That Way Madness Lies’ in 2021, and ‘Eternally Yours’ in 2022, and they were also both short-story collections which she edited and contributed to.
Filled with folk-tales and stories set within the realms of science-fiction and fantasy, these sixteen tales seek to transport the reader. Evoking the spirit of Beyoncé for a young teenage audience, they seek to inspire, with futuristic societies and far-off fantasy lands. Featuring themes of love and betrayal, there’s all sorts of colorful characters, including scientists, priests, witches, and rebels. All of these come together to create one intoxicating collection of magical stories, with true to life messages at the heart of them. As a showcase for all the authors work, each story is its own thing, whilst also simultaneously working as part of the collection as a whole too.

As entertaining as it is diverse, this collection really does have it all, with a number of different genre elements mixed in. Every story works on its own merits, making for one solid compendium of extremely talented science-fiction and fantasy authors. This was only the beginning for Patrice Caldwell, and it’s clear that she has a lot more to offer in the near future on the strength of these stories.

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