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As an Irish woman, Patricia Gibney is proud of her country, the harsh weather patterns and her adorable three children. Her husband Aidan died, and she found peace and sanity in writing to keep her mind off the sorrow of life without a partner. Patricia is a writer and an artist; she started publishing a year ago. Her first series novel, Detective Lottie Parker was an instant hit. The initial book sold millions of copies and received thousand s of reviews on the main book sites, most notably on Amazon. Let s look at the overall review of all the books in this fantastic crime thriller series.

The Missing Ones #1 Detective Lottie Parker

As the first book in this series, Detective Lottie Parker struggles to keep her family intact following the sudden death of her husband. A sequence of assassinations takes place in a small town in Ireland. The housekeeper finds the body, and there are no witnesses. The Catholic Church links both the murderer and the victim. Detective Parker, her partner Boyd, and the entire crimes unit are called in to handle the case. It is a murky case, filled with horrendous revelations of neglect, child abuse and a host of unmentionable torture experienced by orphans in a children’s shelter.

Lottie has problems of her own. She is still grieving the loss of her husband who has been gone for three years now. It is a bit of a mess. She hasn’t fully recovered from the death of her husband, who died three years ago. With three kids to take care of and a demanding job, Lassie is almost at the end of her rope. She tries to put off her feelings with drowning pills and alcohol by numbing the pain. At the same time, Lassie yearns to be with a man, she is attracted to her partner Boyd, but cannot bring herself to let go of her late husband, Adam.

She is flawed but exceptionally charming and likable. Lottie’s work schedule does not allow her enough time to be with her kids; sometimes she lets them starve or fend for themselves. It’s an awful picture portrayed on a law enforcer. It contradicted the whole system and the case she was asked to lead. Lassie also doesn’t get along with her mother, displaying yet another emotional management flaw. The entire cast of characters seems to encompass around twisted individuals trying to fit in the society desperately.

The book had numerous twists that kept the reader hooked curious to find out more on the next chapters. Not as fast paced as most novels, the plot blended well into lassie’s systematic investigations. There are some uncensored and upsetting scenes, but that is what makes this book uniquely a gritty thriller.

The Stolen Girls #2 Detective Lottie Parker

The second installment of the Detective Parker series packs with a riveting plot. DI Parker returns to work the Irish Garda (police) following an extended leave of absence necessitated from the harrowing experiences in the first edition of this book series. She still struggles with alcohol, pills and her unmanageable teenagers. Lottie operates with minimum sleep and piles of external distractions, mainly her highly anxious teenage kids and a side case allegedly tied in with her primary task.

Lottie is edgy as the pressure piles up; she grows more hostile and aloof while making unprofessional decisions in her cases. Luckily, she has a reliable partner, Detective Mark Boyd, who keeps her grounded. The two cops have also advanced their feelings for one another. They are engaged in a casual relationship that greatly helps to strengthen their trust during work hours. Lottie’s task in Stolen Girls entails a complex set of murders and missing persons along with the deception. The cases tied to the events in Kosovo in 1999. The plot drags on in the initial chapters but picks up pretty well along the middle sections.

It keeps you in a tensed bubble due to the high level of suspense. A first class thriller I must say! If you fancy tight packed suspense crime stories, this is it. It’s disturbing, gory and outrageous. You must have a strong mental frame of mind to be able to read Patricia Gibney’s books. The characters also progress very well into the series, growing stronger and wiser.

The Lost Child #3 Detective Lottie Parker

Detective Parker and Boyd find the body of a senior woman murdered in her home. They immediately begin digging for clues of the assassination within the neighborhood and the people close to the senior woman. The late woman’s daughter goes missing too, and the two cops soon realize that the entire family could be in danger. Two days later, a house starts burning and more killings take place in the small town. Detective Parker uncovers a web of secrets and deceit as the case takes on an unpredictable turn. The murders point to a cold case investigated by her late father before he committed suicide.

With complications surrounding her father’s death, there is little knowledge to tie the dots with her current case. Is Lottie prepared to learn the truth? Deep; down, she knows her father’ death was wrongfully linked to his problems, and this particular case may open up clues as to what happened. As an unstable cop and an irresponsible mother, Lottie requires all the inner strength she can master to handle the outcome of her findings. She’s prepared to sacrifice her comfort and wholly immerse herself with investigating this case. What a compelling storyline. Well plotted, polished and transfixing.

Patricia Gibney has managed to deliver a modern day crime series enjoyed by the young and old in equal measure. She has skillfully written an excellent page-turner and highlighted the complicated lives of high-ranking women in stressful jobs and how kids get lost in their own wild if not closely monitored. There are great lessons to learn from the weaknesses exposed in Detective Lassie Partner. It also challenges the society to look out for unfortunate people hidden from the world-in this case, the suffering children in the shelters. What a disconcerting revelation!

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  1. Pamela Force: 4 months ago

    OOHHH my JUST started with “The Stolen Girls” aaaaaaamazing writer, LOVE the story got hooked right away…I want MORE!!!

  2. Andri: 12 months ago

    I love all you’re books sweetie ❤❤

  3. Angela Clark: 12 months ago

    Love all the books, I can’t get wait for the next boos.

  4. Susan brown: 1 year ago

    Love all twelve books can’t put them down .have you other books you have written and if u have whow do I get them

  5. Sonya Conn: 1 year ago

    Cannot get enough of Lottie and her team!
    We need more

  6. Karen Gray: 2 years ago

    I have enjoyed these books so very much and looking forward to any more.

  7. Yvonne Warner: 2 years ago

    We need to follow on what’s happening to Lottie and Boyd can’t leave it like that please let it be a happy ending for them

  8. Beverley Williams: 2 years ago

    Please could you tell me if Patricia gibney is bringing a book 11 out of DCI lottie Parker book series Thankyou

    • Graeme: 2 years ago

      No news currently on a new one but I expect she will.

      • Theresa Rooney.: 1 year ago

        How many books does Pamela Gibney publish per year. I look forward to reading them and I usually end up reading till early hours to finish the book as I have read every one. Just hoping she is carrying on with more Lottie Parker books as they always keep you in suspense till the end. Looking forward to the next one.


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