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And Then There Was One (2010)Description / Buy at Amazon
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What's Next . . . For You? (With: Robert Gussin) (2010)Description / Buy at Amazon

Patricia Gussin is a New York Times, USA Today bestselling author and a winner of the Florida Book Award, hailing from America. She likes to create stories based on the suspense, thriller, and mystery genres. Author Gussin is particularly famous for writing the Laura Nelson Mystery book series. In addition to writing her own independent novels, she has collaborated with her husband for writing fiction books on a few occasions. Author Gussin’s husband, Robert Gussin, is also a reputed author. Along with being a noteworthy author, Gussin is also a popular physician and an ex-pharmaceutical executive. She is a proud mother of 7 children. One of the bigger accomplishment of her writing career is becoming the Editor-in-Chief of the Ocenview Publishing. Currently, author Gussin resides in Longboat Key, Florida, The United States. She has another home located in East Hampton, New York. Author Gussin divides her time between her two homes along with her beloved husband and children. Patricia and Robert are the owners of several vineyards in New Zealand. They employ themselves in growing grapes in the vineyards during the specific seasons and make the harvests available for a popular winery brand called as the Villa Maria Estates Winery. Author Gussin was born in Grand Rapids, Michigan, and completed her graduation from the Aquinas College, State University of Wayne. She has also studied at the Columbia University’s Business School and has obtained an honorary degree from the Duquesne University. Before the beginning of her career in the field of writing, Gussin used to practice medicine. She even used to work in the medical research field as the vice president of a leading company dealing in healthcare products on a worldwide scale. Author Gussin’s first book had become a finalist in the category of the best first book by the ITW.

All the other books that followed later had become winners of the Florida State Book prize. In her debut book, Shadow of Death, author Gussin has mentioned the story of the chief protagonist named Laura Nelson. Laura has been described as a student of medicine living in Detroit. Laura Nelson witnesses the 1967 riots in Detroit and this social upheaval causes a great impact on her, both traumatically and personally. The book became such a huge success after its publication that it was chosen in the courses of contemporary urban history and sociology in two different universities. In her next book, Gussin has talked about failed relationships, mistakes, betrayal, and manipulation, once again featuring Laura Nelson in the lead role. The next book that follows in author Gussin’s writing career centers around ethics and values. It revolves around the lives of 6 siblings, who are about to get the inheritance of an enormous estate. Author Gussin says that she enjoys writing as much as she used to enjoy her medicinal career. Formerly, Gussin used to serve as the chairman of the Philadelphia University’s Sciences board. She was even the president of DIA. Throughout her career time, author Gussin has served on the advisory boards of a number of universities. Gussin also loves her other occupation of growing grapes. In her Marlborough vineyards, she grows Pinot Noir, Chardonnay, and Sauvignon Blanc grapes. As of today, author Gussin is working towards the development of the next book of her career. She likes to hear from her fans and takes interest in solving their queries. Gussin has maintained her personal website, through which she interacts with the readers and keeps them updated about the recent happenings of life and career.

The Laura Nelson series written by Patricia Gussin is comprised of a total of 4 books, which were released between the years 2006 and 2015. Each and every book of this mystery series features the lead character in the form of Laura Nelson. She is described as a medical student from Tampa, Florida, who goes on to become a thoracic surgeon. The first book of this series is entitled ‘Shadow of Death’. It was released by the Oceanview publishing in the year 2006. The setting of the book is done in Detroit, where Laura Nelson is shown studying as a medical student. At the start of the book’s story, it is shown that Laura Nelson finishes examining the first patient of her medical career as a student. The situation that she faces immediately after the examination forces her to take a quick decision, which makes her feel that her life is going to change forever. Laura thinks that she will face a great challenge in keeping her secret from coming out in the open. Later, a perceptive and persistent detective begins tracking all her activities. The detective begins taking a personal interest in all the eerie incidents that Laura Nelson gets involved in. Soon, Laura realizes that her secret is no more hidden and that she has landed herself in a web of deceit, treachery, and peril. Her condition becomes so bad that she is forced to put both her sanity and freedom at risk.

The next book of the series is called ‘Twisted Justice’. This book also features Laura Nelson in the role of the chief protagonist and is supported by some other interesting characters, including her husband named Steve and Kim. The Oceanview Publishing released the novel in 2007. Author Gussin has set the book’s story in Tampa Bay, Florida. At the beginning of the story of the book, it is depicted that Laura Nelson has achieved better things in life, which includes becoming a successful surgeon, marrying a handsome and prominent man named Steve, and becoming the mother of 5 beautiful children. Laura’s husband works as a TV news anchor at Tampa TV. However, Laura’s happy world begins to fall apart when she comes to know that Steve is having an affair with his sexy and gorgeous co-anchor named Kim. The steamy affair of Kim and Steve comes to an end when Kim gets murdered. And to make matters worse, Laura Nelson finds herself at the center of Kim’s murder mystery. Now, she is required to take some harsh steps quickly so as to preserve her freedom and her perfect life. Once again, she feels threatened by the closing in of deception, dark secrets, and lies, that keep haunting her every now and then. Laura reaches a point where she is about to lose her sanity. In no time, her perfectly satisfied life turns into a nightmare. Just like the initial novel of this thrilling series, this novel too offers pulse pounding suspense, a razor sharp plot, hot action sequences, and dangerous curves. Readers from all over the world loved the book and its unique story. They enjoyed it till the very end and appreciated author Gussin for her efforts in coming up with such a unique plot.

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