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Publication Order of The Keltiad Books

Blackmantle (1997)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Deer's Cry (1998)Description / Buy at Amazon
Tales of Spiral Castle (2014)Description / Buy at Amazon

Publication Order of The Tales of Aeron Books

The Copper Crown (1984)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Throne of Scone (1986)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Silver Branch (1988)Description / Buy at Amazon

Publication Order of The Tales of Arthur Books

The Hawk's Gray Feather (1990)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Oak Above the Kings (1995)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Hedge of Mist (1996)Description / Buy at Amazon

Publication Order of Memoirs

Strange Days (1992)Description / Buy at Amazon
Rock Chick (2013)Description / Buy at Amazon
Light Our Fire: My Wedding to Jim Morrison (2014)Description / Buy at Amazon

Patricia Kennealy-Morrison is an author of science fiction and fantasy novels as well as nonfiction and rock criticism. She has also had her work published in periodicals and anthologies.

This writer was born on March 4, 1946. She may have been born in Brooklyn but she grew up in Long Island. She would attend another university before deciding to transfer to what was then known as Harpur College. She graduated the college with her degree in 1967 in English literature.

She then chose to move again so that she could take the chance to work at Macmillan Publishing as a lexicographer and then eventually their editorial assistant. She was an early female rock critic and a writer at first for Jazz and Pop, a magazine, and then became its editor-in-chief before leaving in 1971. While working at the magazine, she had a big interview when she sat down with the lead singer of The Doors, Jim Morrison.

Once her work duties were done, the two of them started their own correspondence. The two started out as friends but their relationship evolved to that of lovers. She would go on to marry Morrison in a handfasting ceremony in the Celtic Pagan tradition in June of 1970.

The author and the rock star would be married before multiple witness, including a minister. The two also agreed to sign a document that would declare them wed. Even though handfasting, like similar ceremonies, may not be legal unless the proper paperwork is filed through the state, she changed her name legally later on to be Morrison.

For his part, Morrison would address his poems and various letters to his spouse as either Patricia Morrison or his wife. She would also publish her own memoir which focused on the years that they spent together. The memoir is called Strange Days. She also chose to discuss their relationship a little in Rock Wives.

She has also worked as a copywriter in advertising, gotten 2 Cilo nominations, and belongs to various Celtic interest groups. She also happens to belong to Mensa. Patricia would also go on and serve as an adviser on The Doors, the movie by Oliver Stone. She even had her own cameo in the movie, playing a small part as a high priestess that ends up marrying the characters of Jim and Patricia.

Although she participated in the movie, she did have interviews afterwards and even in print was critical about the way that her husband was portrayed and also didn’t like the way that she and other characters inspired by real people were portrayed. She said that the fiction of the director did not have the same resemblance to people that she knew in the past or events that they had gone through in their lives. Her character is a Wicca Priestess in the movie as well, even though Morrison does not identify as Wiccan but is instead a pagan.

The author had an interesting experience in 2000. The baseball team the Mets borrowed a lyric from a Doors song. The “mojo risin'” term soon became the main thing cried by the team and before the playoffs, they invited the author to come and attend a game in that honor. She attended the pre-playoffs game, met all of their players, and generally had a great time, even becoming a fan of the team in the process.

Patricia Kennealy-Morrison is the creator and the author of the Keltiad series of fiction. This fictional series of novels kicked off for the first time in 1984. That is when the debut novel in the series, titled The Copper Crown, was released for readers to have the chance to enjoy. Two years later, the second book in the series came out. The Silver Branch is the third book in the series and it was released in 1988.

The Copper Crown is the first novel in the Keltiad series by Patricia Kennealy-Morrison. If you are looking for a great fantasy book to enjoy, then check out this book and follow it up with the two other awesome books in this series!

What will happen when Keltia meets with the planet known as Earth? Will various empires of the stars meet their end and fall? When lore turned into legend on the ancient Earth, it was then that it was clear to see that magic’s powers had waned. So it was that the Kelts fled the entire planet, along with their allies, heading for a freedom that they believed that they could find in the distant realms of stars.

That was what they hoped for, but is it the truth? The Kelts had no idea that the stars too could also be home to some dangerous enemies. Now, some millennia later, the Keltia worlds are maintaining a truce with two different empires. The uneasy agreement also happens to be with two of their greatest enemies, the Phalanx and the Imperium.

At the beginning of Aeron’s reign, the queen and mistress of the Kelts’ high magic, a ship from Earth was able to make contact. The children had long since fled, but it was possible. At the same time, Keltia and Earth and trying to form alliances as the shadow of war approaches.

Enemy star fleets are mobilizing, and the final war is approaching. If it hits, it will be devastating. Can they head it off, or will they have to take this enormous battle on? Read this book to find out!

Check out the second novel in the Keltiad series if you loved the first and pick up a copy for yourself!

In “Scone”, meet Aeron, who is the queen of the Keltic people. She joined them on their way to the stars, hoping to find King Arthur’s fabled 13 treasures. They were said to be hidden for his descendants for 1500 years. Searching for them will take her into deep space to the center of the stronghold of the enemy.

Now the queen must summon her courage and the magic necessary to survive while all of Keltia is getting ready for a war that can be won– if she returns from her quest triumphant. Can she do it? Pick up this book to find out!

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  1. Sharon Stromley: 2 years ago

    I devoured the Keltia trio. Truth be told, and I am sure I am not alone, I much preferred PMK’s
    worlds to this one. It is my understanding Ms.
    Morrison had written at least three more of her
    Keltia series and I am not alone in wishing they
    could be published. I am 75 years old so if the
    possibility exists for the publishing of the next
    books to be published, please, do it quickly.
    For giving us the worlds of Keltia I shall always
    be grateful. The mind that created Keltia was a
    great one peopled with a rich and incredibly
    amazing universe and i will forever be grateful
    for Ms. Morrison’s ability to bring so many of
    her readers into her world. She will be missed
    as will herr gifts. She was larger than life!


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