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Motherland Fatherland Homelandsexuals (2014)Description / Buy at Amazon

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American Journal(2018)Description / Buy at Amazon
Reel Verse: Poems about the Movies(2019)Description / Buy at Amazon
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Patricia Lockwood is a non-fiction writer. She has written a memoir about experiences of her life, among other literal pieces. Apart from book writing, Lockwood is an accomplished poet who has written thought-provoking poems in the past. While she covers the most serious issues in her books, she’s able to drive her point home humorously. Her poetic tone is evident through her writing as she weaves her stories and sentences in a way that only a poet can achieve.
Priest Daddy

Priest Daddy is a memoir that highlights Patricia Lockwood’s childhood into adulthood. Patricia’s childhood was unusual in many ways. For one, Patricia grew in an unfortunate waste-riddled part of the American Midwest. Her mother spoke in a strange language and kept of warning about a looming danger, and her father was a man who not only loved guns, but he went through a religious conversion and became a catholic priest.

At 30 years of age, Patricia moves back to her parents’ house with her husband in tow. A medical procedure had exhausted all the money they had, and the couple had no choice but to live with a family filled with simmering madness and the rituals of the Catholic Church. At home, Patricia will have to live with her parents and five siblings.

This memoir covers the nine months the author stays with her parents as she works to get on her feet. Patricia highlights the notable activities she engages in during this period and her interactions with the rest of the family. The situation is quite interesting because Patricia and her husband consider themselves atheists, and now they have to live with a catholic priest.

Aside from documenting her life during the stay with her parents, Patricia also reminisces about her youth and the days she spent with a mother she did not understand and a father who worked as a catholic priest in an era when priests could not have a wife and children. She tells what it feels like to attend an anti-abortion rally at the age of four and travel with a mother who is afraid to cover herself with sexually-tainted comforters offered in motels.

Patricia’s poetic tone comes to life in this memoir, and she paints a perfect picture of what living with her parents at thirty feels like. Her siblings are portrayed lovingly despite their strange behaviors. The mother, just like all other mothers, is real and loving to all her children. Father Lockwood is not your average priest because aside from taking the Lord earnestly, he is also jamming on his guitar while wearing little, if any, clothes. She also highlights how it feels to fall in love on the internet and select the cream liquors with the highest amount of alcohol, among other details.

Do you want to read a memoir that sounds like a sitcom? Priest Daddy is a wonderful choice. You get to meet Patricia Lockwood as she takes you through her life growing up and some of the challenges that she has encountered along the way. The stories are told in a fun way, and it is refreshing to see a family that is there for one of their own when a life-threatening event occurs.

Motherland Fatherland Homelandsexuals

Motherland Fatherland Homelandsexuals is a collection of poems that feature classical erudition, postmodern reality, and an outlook into an uncertain future and strange times ahead. In the quest for a newborn Gary, the author looks at the fading of the once-popular name. While the present doesn’t have a lot to offer where the name Gary is concerned, the poem shows that there is hope in the future. After all, most things become exotic when they go completely out of style. The RAPE JOKE is a thought-provoking piece that paints a picture of the rots in society, while the list of Cross-Dressing Soldiers delves into the world of PTSD and associated complications. Motherland Fatherland Homelandsexuals contains 31 poems. The short 66 pages book will blow your mind.

Patricia’s poems are precise, but they also go around the point where necessary. The pieces are gripping and at the same time, bewildering. This book contains both classical and postmodernist poetry. All the lines in the poems fit like a puzzle creating witty pieces that cover both humorous and weighty issues.
Notable themes include national identity, sex, and collusion of nature. All the poems from RAPE JOKE to Lizard Vagina highlights Lockwood’s prowess in writing. Some of these poems will want to make you laugh and cry at the same time. Others will make you reflect on current issues and the present world we are living in while others will give a glimpse of what the future holds. Issues like PTSD are discussed, and the poems highlight some of the feelings people have about such matters but have no words to voice them.

It is easy to see that Patricia is a talented writer with a funny bone. Her writing is bold and bizarre in a refreshing way that is not common with contemporary poetry. Through some of the poems, the author allows herself to be vulnerable, so readers also get to read how she feels about specific problems in our society. While the poems touch of issues that some people may not resonate with, the writing style and depth of these pieces are captivating enough to poems’ enthusiasts.

Do you want to read thought-provoking poems compiled in a single book? This Lockwood creation is ideal. The poems come with enough humor to keep you glued to every page and enough information on current issues to make you want to take immediate action. These poems will also make you reflect on the future and think of the ways you can make a change and make the world a better place. The sex theme will give you a peek of how different people think about sex. This collection is a great piece you can either enjoy in a single sitting or savor for a few weeks.

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