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Publication Order of Sylvia & Willie Mystery Books

The Prairie Grass Murders (2007)Hardcover  Paperback  Kindle
The Desert Hedge Murders (2009)Hardcover  Paperback  Kindle

Publication Order of Standalone Novels

Dead Wrong (2014)Hardcover  Paperback  Kindle
Wishing Caswell Dead (2017)Hardcover  Paperback  Kindle

Publication Order of Anthologies

The Spoilt Quilt and Other Frontier Stories(2019)Hardcover  Paperback  Kindle

Pat Stoltey is the author of a series of award-winning detective mystery novels that have featuring amateur sleuths solving a range of crimes. Her novels have been winners of several awards including the Colorado Book Award in 2015 for the novel “Dead Wrong’. Her short story “Three Sisters of Ring Island” was included in the “Tales in Firelight and Shadow Anthology” in 2014. Stoltey spent much of her adult life as an accounts payable manager, before she got into writing in her retirement. Nonetheless, she has always had a love for books and still gets a real thrill; when she finds a good read for her tablet or kindle or just in the local library. Over the years she has lived in Florida, the South of France, Indiana and Oklahoma. She currently lives in Colorado with her husband and Katie Cat their kittie. She has four grown up children who live in California and Arizona. As a writer, she loves being part of the community and is a member of Sisters in Crime Colorado, Rocky Mountain Mystery Writers of America, Mystery Writers of America, and Northern Colorado Writers.

She has been writing from the time she was working as an accounts payable manager and accounting, though most of her work was done in bits and pieces. Moreover, she did not present much of her work for publishing, though she always hoped that she would one day get a novel published. She had always loved mysteries and grew up on the likes of Nancy Drew before she graduate to reading the likes of Ngaio Marsh, Agatha Christie and Erle Stanley Gardner, that were in her mother’s library. She first made an attempt at writing in the 1970s when she tried putting down her brothers experiences working in transportation. Her brother offered the technical jargon including the trucker jargon, the technical specifications of eighteen wheelers, and overall plot. She did the writing well enough to get a contract though it was only an audio book contract. Most of the novel was derived from her own experiences even as she did a little research on transport unions of the time. Her next attempt was a thriller in which her lead character was taken hostage by Middle Eastern terrorists in Lebanon. Stoltey was becoming better as she next wrote a reasonable novel with pulsating action in the streets of Beirut, followed by the aftereffects of incarceration for the prisoners. However, she still did not manage to get it published and the novel is still on her shelf to this day.

With her next novel, “The Prairie Grass Murders” she decided to set it in an environment she was more familiar with and with folks and characters that she knew well or could easily research. In her sequel “The Desert Hedge Murders” she moves the story to a new setting though she sticks with the same old familiar characters. With her “Dead Wrong” novel she goes through Denver and Florida through Fort Collins, a route she has traveled through many times making it easy to write the novel. In fact she based the novel on a check theft syndicate she had learned about when she was working for a company that had been victim to a similar ring. Her historical mystery novels are set in the East Central Illinois country side even as she researched to build on what she already knew from experience. Several of her mysteries feature mental illness with the Sylvia & Willie mysteries having characters that have PTSD. While Stoltey has never had a mental illness experience, she draws much of her narratives from people she knows that have mental conditions coupled with deep research into the subject. She then indulges her imagination and creativity to write thrilling adventure novels with legal, criminal and procedural turns.

“The Prairie Grass Murders” the first novel in the series introduces circuit court judge Sylvia Thorn who is sister to Willie Grisseljon, a man with psychiatric issues. She heads down to Sangamon City, where Willie, a Vietnam veteran is due for a psychiatric evaluation. Willie just discovered a body while he was holidaying and given that he has been documented as suffering from PTSD, he finds himself locked up for being delusional. When Sylvia gets him out, Willie wants to go back to the site before he can notify the sheriff. The two team up and their investigations soon unearth several clues that include uprooted stands of grass, Indian artifacts, and a tenant farmer, that could be critical in resolving the mystery of the murder. But as Sylvia investigates further, she finds herself in trouble when the lead suspects find her snooping around the old homestead. Hiding from the villains she overhears conspiracy to commit another murder and narrowly escapes death. They report to the sheriff who lets them leave for Florida. However, even as they are back home in Florida, Sylvia soon realizes that they are not safe. She digs up some new information from the legal database about a mysterious new neighbor that she believes will help law enforcement nab the killers. Everything now hinges on Willie’s intuitive skills to find connections between the clues they have unearthed.

“The Desert Hedge Murders” has an explosive start when Sylvia Thorn gets a call from her mother’s travel club saying a body had been found at their Nevada hotel room. The club members get down to investigating even as they are a motley crew of elderly women that have never investigated a case before. They keep Sylvia on her toes with their amazing skills until the Nevada detectives turn up to interview one of the members and find her missing. The Florida Flippers soon finds the body at the Lone Cactus Gold Mine, making Sylvia believe that someone in the group may have something to do with the murdered man in the hotel room after all. To add to the internal turmoil and confusion, the much younger and handsome FBI agent that she had met in Florida is onto the case. The clairvoyant Willie is soon roped into the investigation and is first to notice that his mother is not answering her phone. Abandoning his vacation and flying back home, he soon wishes that someone more experienced were in charge of the investigation. It becomes a jumbled mess of puzzles that Sylvia and Willie find hard to make sense of, forcing them to work with the FBI, the Mohave County Sheriff and the Florida Flippers.

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