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Sara's Promise (1999)Description / Buy at Amazon
From the Heart (2000)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Lady's Proposal (2001)Description / Buy at Amazon
A Gentleman's Bargain (2001)Description / Buy at Amazon
Whispers in the Stars (2002)Description / Buy at Amazon
A Stylish Marriage (2002)Description / Buy at Amazon
Diamond in the Rough (2002)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Alliance (2007)Description / Buy at Amazon

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My Dashing Groom(2002)Description / Buy at Amazon

Patricia Waddell is an American author of historical romance books famous known for her True series, He Said series, and a collection of standalone novels. She writes for the joy of escaping her daily realities, the same reason she thinks most readers pick up a book. Patricia was born and raised in the Mid-West, where the natives still hold on to the old-fashioned values. After graduating from the University of Cincinnati, she worked as a professional accountant besides her writing career as a romantic fiction author. Patricia is a resident of Florida, where she lives with her husband, Philip.

He Said Yes is the first novel in He Said series, first published in 2003. Marshall Bedford, the Marquis of Waltham, finds himself growing restless as he accompanies his younger sister Winnifred during her debut London season. In search of a way to alleviate his boredom, he contemplates having a mistress. He is on the brink of discreetly consulting his friends for suitable candidates when, quite unexpectedly, he encounters a striking shop girl while strolling along Bond Street.

Evelyn Dennsworth distinguishes herself from the typical shop girls of London. Her poised demeanor, graceful bearing, and refined manners suggest a deeper level of education and sophistication. Unbeknownst to many, she is also a vicar’s daughter, laboring diligently on Bond Street to amass the funds required to establish her dress shop.

Evelyn’s aspirations face an abrupt disruption when she becomes unjustly accused by one of her employer’s patronesses of stealing. She is forcibly arrested. However, Marshall, who has spent the past few hours contemplating her as a potential mistress, steps in heroically and rescues her.
He Said Yes offers an immensely enjoyable reading experience. Unlike many other historical romances, it doesn’t attempt to be more than it is. No convoluted subplots or enigmatic villains are to be vanquished before reaching the conclusion. Instead, it delivers a heartwarming and poignant historical romance with a captivating narrative around class distinctions. The characters are well-crafted and endearing, and their love story is extraordinary.

What sets this tale apart is its innovative approach to the lord-mistress dynamic. The relationship between Marshall and Evelyn doesn’t begin as a mere transaction; instead, it originates with a rescue that blossoms into a genuine friendship founded on mutual understanding. Their connection deepens into a passionate romance, avoiding the normal clichés often associated with virginity in historical romance novels. Their story unfolds with simplicity and authenticity, culminating in the expected yet profoundly satisfying conclusion.

He Said Now is the third novel in the He Said series by Patricia Waddell. William Fitch Minstead, the sixth Earl of Ackerman, has just received startling news: he fathered a daughter before going to war. To complicate matters further, Miss Hilary Compton, the messenger of this news, mistakenly believes him to be a philandering scoundrel who has neglected their child. In a determined tone, she demands that he take responsibility for his actions.

Before deciding what to do next, particularly to confirm the girl’s true lineage, Fitch decides to journey to Nottingham and meet the child. A single glance at little Lizzie confirms his paternity, and Fitch is resolute in rectifying the unwitting wrong he has committed. However, much to Hilary’s astonishment and Lizzie’s delight, he proposes an unexpected arrangement: marriage. Fitch suggests that he and Hilary wed so that he can legally adopt his daughter, sparing her the consequences of illegitimacy.

Of course, Fitch sets terms that the marriage would be more than the usual union of convenience. He expects Hilary to be his wife in every sense, including accepting his responsibilities as a parent.

This historical romance diverges from the typical narrative path. While it follows the familiar trajectory of two individuals falling in love and eventually finding their happily ever after, it introduces the complexity of a love child into the mix. Little Lizzie, undeniably endearing as all young characters in romance novels tend to be, appears to have been strategically woven into the story to bring the lead couple together and unveil a significant secret at the end, ensuring the required happy ending.

Fitch stands out as the least rakish among the Duke of Morland’s protégés, bearing the scars of a difficult past shaped by the Crimea War and its aftermath. He appears resigned to drowning his memories in alcohol, even after the marriage. However, he hadn’t anticipated the curiosity of his wife, Hilary. It never crossed his mind to confide in her about his war experiences or why he isolates himself in his library to brood.

This dark secret adds depth to both the story and its central characters. The silent battle between Fitch and Hilary, with his determination to push her away and her unwavering resolve to uncover the cause of his brooding, creates a rift that nearly destroys their trust and marriage. This conflict sets this story apart, making it more realistic and emotionally resonant than the typical romance novel.

Published in 2002, A Stylish Marriage is a standalone novel and the story of Regina Van Buren. She defies the expectations of the Merriam Falls society matrons, who disapprove of her running a boardinghouse, citing it as an unsuitable endeavor for a young, unmarried woman. She has a different vision that revolves around advancing women’s rights. However, her attempts to engage Jonathan Parker, a wealthy textile mill owner who has rented a room for his foreman, in discussions about this cause prove futile. He comes across as excessively arrogant and patronizing. Regina resolves that their relationship will remain strictly business until a serendipitous glimpse through her stargazing telescope unveils an unexpected side of the darkly handsome businessman.

Although far from enthusiastic about listening to Regina’s suffrage movement lectures, Jonathan is willing to tolerate them if it means she’ll consider his courtship. Regina possesses the qualities he seeks in a bride: intelligence, spirit, and beauty. A betrothal to a prosperous businessman promises a more refined life than the lonely nights spent in a dilapidated boardinghouse. Nevertheless, as Regina’s independent streak threatens to disrupt Jonathan’s meticulously organized existence, he suspects that even a stylish marriage lacks warmth without love.

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