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Publication Order of Miss Silver Books

Grey Mask (1928)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Case is Closed (1937)Description / Buy at Amazon
Lonesome Road (1939)Description / Buy at Amazon
Danger Point / In the Balance (1941)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Chinese Shawl (1943)Description / Buy at Amazon
Miss Silver Deals with Death / Miss Silver Intervenes (1943)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Clock Strikes Twelve (1944)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Key (1944)Description / Buy at Amazon
She Came Back / The Traveller Returns (1945)Description / Buy at Amazon
Pilgrim's Rest / Dark Threat (1946)Description / Buy at Amazon
Latter End (1947)Description / Buy at Amazon
Wicked Uncle / Spotlight (1947)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Case of William Smith (1948)Description / Buy at Amazon
Eternity Ring (1948)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Catherine Wheel (1949)Description / Buy at Amazon
Miss Silver Comes to Stay (1949)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Bradling Collection / Mr Bradling's Collection (1950)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Ivory Dagger (1950)Description / Buy at Amazon
Through The Wall (1950)Description / Buy at Amazon
'Anna, Where Are You?' / Death at Deep End (1951)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Watersplash (1951)Description / Buy at Amazon
Ladies' Bane (1952)Description / Buy at Amazon
Out of the Past (1953)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Silent Pool (1953)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Vanishing Point (1953)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Benevent Treasure (1954)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Gazebo / The Summerhouse (1955)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Listening Eye (1955)Description / Buy at Amazon
Poison in the Pen (1955)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Fingerprint (1956)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Alington Inheritance (1958)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Girl in the Cellar (1961)Description / Buy at Amazon

Publication Order of Benbow Smith Books

Publication Order of Ernest Lamb Books

The Blind Side (1939)Description / Buy at Amazon
Who Pays the Piper? (1940)Description / Buy at Amazon
Pursuit of a Parcel (1942)Description / Buy at Amazon

Publication Order of Frank Garrett Books

Publication Order of Standalone Novels

A Marriage Under the Terror (1910)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Fire Within (1913)Description / Buy at Amazon
Queen Anne is Dead (1915)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Astonishing Adventure of Jane Smith (1923)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Annam Jewel (1924)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Red Lacquer Case (1924)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Black Cabinet (1925)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Dower House Mystery (1925)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Amazing Chance (1926)Description / Buy at Amazon
Hue and Cry (1927)Description / Buy at Amazon
Anne Belinda (1927)Description / Buy at Amazon
Will o' the Wisp (1928)Description / Buy at Amazon
Kingdom Lost (1930)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Coldstone (1930)Description / Buy at Amazon
Beggar's Choice (1930)Description / Buy at Amazon
Red Shadow / Red Danger (1932)Description / Buy at Amazon
Nothing Venture (1932)Description / Buy at Amazon
Outrageous Fortune / Seven Green Stones (1933)Description / Buy at Amazon
Touch and Go / Devil in the Dark (1934)Description / Buy at Amazon
Fear by Night (1934)Description / Buy at Amazon
Red Stefan (1935)Description / Buy at Amazon
Blindfold (1935)Description / Buy at Amazon
Hole and Corner (1936)Description / Buy at Amazon
Run! (1938)Description / Buy at Amazon
Mr. Zero (1938)Description / Buy at Amazon
Unlawful Occasions / Weekend with Death (1941)Description / Buy at Amazon
Silence in Court (1945)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Devil's Wind (2009)Description / Buy at Amazon

Patricia Wentworth is Dora Amy Elles’ pen name, she was a British crime author. She is best known for writing about Miss Maude Silver. She was born on November 10, 1877 in Mussoorie, Uttarakhand, India. Wentworth died on January 28, 1961 when she was 82 years old.

She was educated, first privately, and would later attend Blackheath High School for Girls in London.

With her first husband, George F. Dillon, she had one daughter. When the couple got married, she became a stepmother to the two sons that Dillon had. One of these sons died during World War I in Somme. She would settle in Camberley, Surrey after Dillon died in the year 1906. She married again, to another George (this time to George Oliver Turnbull) in the year 1920. She had another daughter with her second husband.

“A Marriage Under the Terror” (which is her debut novel) won a Melrose prize in the year 1910.

She wrote the “Miss Silver” series, the “Frank Garrett” series, the “Benbow Smith” series, the “Ernest Lamb” series, and some stand alone novels. The final novel that she had published was called “The Girl in the Cellar”, and was the 32nd novel starring Miss Maude Silver. It was released the same year that she died.

“Grey Mask” is the first novel in the “Miss Silver” series and was released in the year 1928. Charles was left at the altar by Margaret and finds out that she was caught up in a brutal kidnapping plot that was put together by an evil figure that wore a grey mask.

He turns to Miss Silver to find out the odd truth about Margaret’s involvement and the terrifying person behind the grey mask.

Readers found themselves loving Miss Silver in this one, as she is an incredible female lead detective in the story. Fans of the novel enjoyed reading this, especially because of Wentworth’s writing and its fast pace. Readers felt themselves not liking the fact that they had reached the end of a book for the first time that they could remember with this one. Some liked the book and cannot wait to dig into more of these books.

“The Case is Closed” is the second novel in the “Miss Silver” series and was released in the year 1937. The Everton murder was closed a long time ago. The killer was charged with killing his uncle and served one year of his sentence so far. But has he really?

The case against Geoffrey Grey was pretty convincing, but his wife believes that he is innocent. So does Hilary, her young cousin. She decides to solve the murder by herself.

She is almost killed herself and in desperation, turns to her ex-fiance to help her. He asks Miss Silver to help solve the case, which she is able to do in her own style.

Here is an interesting and well plotted mystery that made some have a hard time putting down for very long. Fans of the novel like the way that things become muddled and dangerous before Miss Silver comes into help out. This series is made more about the other characters, not Miss Silver, as she only helps them out with their problems. This has an engaging story to it that plays out beautifully and keeps you hooked throughout the story.

“Lonesome Road” is the third novel in the “Miss Silver” series and was released in the year 1939. Gorgeous Rachel Treherne has to rewrite her will each and every year and figure out who is going to inherit her dead father’s huge estate. This year, things are different, because someone really seems to want her dead.

An anonymous note turns up and says that she has had the money for long enough. There are two venomous snakes in her bed, some poisoned chocolates, and a suspicious fire all make the very same point to her. It makes her take a look at those who are around her. Mabel (her sister, an invalid), Richard (Rachel’s fiance), Cosmo Firth (her cousin), Caroline (who is innocent looking), and Louisa (her companion). Even the stranger that had a link to her father’s past. Getting Miss Silver to help seems like the only way she will be able to live through all of this.

These serve as a refreshing change of pace from the modern set of mystery novels that are coming out these days. It is simply about a woman that uses her intelligence to help those who find themselves in a jam. Fans of the novel felt that even though this one breaks the tradition of Miss Silver appearing later in the story, it works here for this one. Some liked that these books have aged really well, and that Wentworth was pretty forward thinking considering the book was published in the late thirties.

“Danger Point” is the fourth novel in the “Miss Silver” series and was released in the year 1941. Miss Maud Silver tries to save a young girl from her deadly husband. She can hardly get through one case before another calls her attention. She is heading on back to London when a terrible jerk causes the train to throw a young woman into the compartment she is in. She is a beautiful woman in shock, and her name is Lisle Jerningham, she has just gotten married and has money. This may just get her killed.

She left her home in quite a rush when she heard an ominous conversation taking place through the bushes. The man she just married, was married once before; that woman died in an accident, and it provided the man with enough money to save his family’s home. He is broke once again, and might be trying to put together another mishap. She has survived one attempt that was made on her life, but Miss Silver has to help her if she wants to make it through the one that is coming.

Some liked that even though customs and people’s roles were different, motives for murder and crime are the same as today. Fans like the exciting story and well written to the point that some forget all of the other things that surround them as they read one of these books.

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