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Patricia Wolf is a mystery and thriller novelist that is best known for the “DS Walker Thriller” series of novels. Before she published her debut novel she worked as a journalist for more than fifteen years.
During her time as a journalist, she regularly contributed to prestigious magazines that include “The Telegraph,” “The Guardian,” “The Independent,” and the “Financial Times” among many others.
At some point, she worked for “Monocle” magazine as a correspondent from Lisbon and for the Independent as a design columnist,

During her time there, she coved all manner of subjects from politics, design, culture, art, human interest, and political pieces from all over the world.

In 2021, Patricia Wolf was announced the winner of the “Nine Dots Prize,” which included $100,000 in prize money too. As part of the deal, she was also granted a book deal by Cambridge University of Press.
She published “Outback” her debut novel and the first of the “DS Walker Thriller” series in 2022. The work would soon enough be nominated for the New Blood Dagger CWA John Creasey.

As for her inspiration, she has said that it came from her childhood growing up in Mount Isaa, a small mining town in northwest Queensland which is deep in the Australian outback.
In fact, anyone with knowledge or eagle eyes may have noticed that she makes a few references to her hometown in the debut work of fiction.

Even though she would, later on, leave Australia following graduation from university and become a journalist, she still loves the wide horizons, indigo sky, and rugged beauty of the outback.

This is why even though she now makes her home in Berlin, Germany, she has said that the outback will always be her home. In 2019, just before the lockdowns due to COVID-19, she spent a few months in Queensland on a four-week road trip.
It was from this trip driving and spending days and nights surrounded by the rugged harshness and beauty of the outback that she found the inspiration for the “DI Lucas Walker” stories.

“Outback” is the first novel of the “DS Walker Thriller” series by Patricia Wolf that captures the harshness and unremitting drought and heat, the dichotomy of life in the outback, and the close camaraderie between townsfolk and neighbors.
At the opening of the novel. Detective Sergeant Lucas Walker is in northwest Queensland at the home of his grandmother.

This is where he grew up and has now come back to spend a few days of his compassionate leave with his grandmother who is dying of cancer.

However, Chief Inspector Rutherford who heads the Federal Police of Australia’s organized crime unit calls with an assignment for him.

He is to work with the local police to look into the case of Rita Guerra and Berndt Meyer who are two young German backpackers that had gone missing.

They had disappeared in the neighborhood while heading to a remote cattle station where they had been offered jobs. Initially, Walker doubts that his supervisor is only interested in him helping with an investigation into a missing persons case.
However, he decides he will take the job just so that he can get something to do even though he does not expect so much from it. But once he starts the investigation, he suddenly starts thinking that there is much more to the story than his boss had let on.

Patricia Wolf’s novel “Paradise” continues to follow the life and times of DS Sergeant Lucas Walker who is recovering from injuries he got while dealing with a killer about three months earlier.
He has finally been allowed to go back to work but has been warned not to take up work that would be too taxing.

As a visiting lecturer for a serious crime and drugs training program for police officers in Queensland, he is sent to Queensland Gold Coast-based Surfer’s Paradise on a temporary basis.
Soon enough, he is made a deputy and requested to help in the investigation of a gang-style murder of Matt Monroe, a notorious drug dealer.

It transpires that Stefan Markovich the organized crime kingpin and the detective sergeant’s sworn nemesis has now set up shop on the Gold Coast.

He still has a lot of resentment against Walker who destroyed one of his most profitable criminal enterprises. In the meantime, Walker finds himself working on a major investigation into a home invasion on Macintosh Island that turned out fatal.
The invaders brutally murdered Siobhan Owen who is a mother and wife while seriously injuring Gabby her daughter. His investigations soon indicate a link between David Owen Siobhan’s husband and the investigation.

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  1. Pam S: 1 week ago

    Loved Outback and just started Paradise. I am hoping this is the beginning of a long series.

  2. Frances: 2 months ago

    Borrowed audio books of Outback and Paradise from library. I thoroughly enjoyed them and hope that there will be more in the series.

  3. Linda smith: 5 months ago

    Just finished outback. Great read. Thank you. Can’t wait for the next one. Hope paradise comes out .


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