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Publication Order of The Patrick Bowers Files Books

Publication Order of The Bowers Files: The New York Years Books

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American author Steven James has written over a dozen novels with many more planned as he’s built himself a highly reputable career from the genre. Creating stories filled with suspense, intrigue and tension, he is a true master of his craft, having gained a degree from university in creatively communicating, as he now travels worldwide teaching his skills to others. Not only that, but he has also started to write for teenagers as well, having just embarked on his Blur trilogy, which is also set within the same genre. No stranger to non-fiction either, he’s also managed to produce a number of titles within the area of fantasy and drama too. Continuing to write from his home in Tennessee to this day, he also speaks and tutors intensively as well. One particular series he has produced to much acclaim is his Patrick Bowersseries which has been running for some time now.

The Patrick Bowers series itself focuses upon the exploits of its eponymous protagonist, an FBI agent who’s truly a force to be reckoned with, as he comes up against the forces of terrorism within the 21st century. Using his extensive set of skills and talents that are known only to a select few, he must neutralize the enemy and keep the world safe for another day, putting his life on the line in the process. Special Agent Patrick Bowers comes up against a number of different enemies too, such as arsonists and serial killers too, as he deals with them overcoming all the psychological trials and tribulations along the way. With over eight books in the series so far and counting, they’ve been running since 2007 when the first one, The Pawn, was published in September on the 1st garnering much critical and commercial success upon its release. Brought out in both paper-book and eBook formats, his series grows from strength-to-strength, as he gains more and more followers everyday.

The Pawn

Originally published in 2007 on the first of September, this was to be the book that introduced Special Agent Patrick Bowers of the FBI to the public at large, as he undertakes his initial major case. Establishing both him and his character, it sets the overall tone for the world he is to inhabit giving the readers a clear idea of what to expect in the forthcoming novels, building upon his overall arc. Providing him with his first assignment as well, it sees him undertake a major case, thus allowing his audience to see him in action and really discover what he’s all about.

On the trail of a killer, Special Agent Patrick Bowers of the FBI has always been able to capture his target and bring the criminal to justice, but it appears that this time he just may have met his match. Heading over to North Carolina it is up to him to solve the case of ‘The Illusionist’, a serial killer who is on the loose there and will stop at nothing until this chilling adventure comes to a climax. Now involved in a deadly game of cat and mouse, Patrick Bowers must deal with the enemy using all the skills he has at his disposal and keep the citizens of America safe once more. Will he be able capture the killer in time, or will he strike again? Can he get away keeping himself out of harms way in the process? Just who is The Illusionist and what is his long-term game as he comes up against the pawn?

The Rook

Following on directly from the first, this sequel works upon the events of the previous novel continuing the exploits of FBI Special Agent Patrick Bowers. Initially released in July, 2008, it managed to revisit much of what made the first work, bringing him into a whole new world of danger unlike anything he’s ever come up against before. Building upon the themes and narrative arcs of the original, it’s already well established which, therefore, allows its audience to immediately immerse themselves in this darkly toned world of his. Feeding off many of the tropes of the genre, it works to create suspense and drama as never before, providing an entirely new sense of suspense.

Diving back into his own past, FBI Special Agent Patrick Bowers must this time go back to discover what the military have been hiding, a mysterious secret so dark that they’ll stop at nothing to protect it. When fires start to turn up in the area of San Diego it appears that there’s an arsonist on the loose and, not only that, they have a device most deadly with them too. Now Bowers must do all it takes to protect himself and those he cares about and stop this enemy, despite the insurmountable odds being against him. Can he find the killer in time before he threatens another life, or his own? What are the military hiding and how does it affect the case in hand? Just how will things turn out when dealing with the rook?

The Patrick Bowers Files Series

As the series builds even more upon the career of Patrick Bowers, it appears that this series wont be stopping anytime soon, as there’s plenty more planned upon the horizon for the FBI Special Agent. Visiting conferences and talks both nationally and internationally, Steven James has been broadening the appeal for this character for many years, an appeal which looks set to continue growing. Gaining awards and popularity, it’s managed to receive a huge amount of critical and commercial success throughout the years. With a hugely visceral and suspense filled narrative, it manages to keep its readers upon the edges of their seat, just wondering what’s going to come next. A clear eye for detail as well, it’s a series that’s managed to expertly capture its world and the inhabitants within, along with all the intricacies of their in-depth psychological characterizations. This is trend that looks set to continue on into the foreseeable future, as James renowned novels carry on entertaining and enthralling readers of all ages worldwide to this day and beyond.

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