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Patrick Edwards
Patrick Edwards was born and grew up in Chicago and attended Augustana College in Illinois, majoring in business studies, and minored in amateur libation studies.

Patrick is a lifelong nerd, especially for science fiction related stories. He had the lightsaber, the Klingon language tapes, the addiction to watching Picard and his friends each week. While at boarding school, he even had a shelf that was filled with Star Wars tie-in novels.

What he likes even more than that is the intrinsic transportative effect of all books. A good read can be a real help when you are half a world from your family while at boarding school. The older he got, the less genre seemed to really matter to him. Then he found writers like Harkaway and Mitchell, who did away with such things altogether.

That’s what he likes about speculative fiction, it throws the rule book in the trash and tells all the stories it wants without any regard for any of the rules of form. In that way, it is not a genre whatsoever, because it is Saruman of the man colours and then none.

Patrick feels that writing is just something that he is supposed to be doing. Since he was a kid, he has had an interest in creative things (writing and art, etc.). He began going to college with an intent to major in literature and art. Patrick was even able to convince a freshman professor to allow him to pen a short story for his final essay, rather than the research paper that he had assigned.

Somewhere along the way, however, he got it stuck in his mind that it would be a lot more realistic and reasonable to go into business. So that is just what he did. But through a lot of his twenties, he never felt entirely together. He felt more like himself once he got back into writing.

Patrick’s first story was a comic he wrote in the fifth grade that he says was a shameless knockoff of Wolverine.

While writing “Space Tripping”, it took him about fifteen months from the day he penned the first line to the day he wrote “The End” on his first draft. When he finished it, he was actually on his honeymoon. Since his wife sleeps in, and he is an early riser, he had a few of those ‘picturesque writing scenarios’ to write some of the story in.

For “Echo Cycle”, the inspiration came from the city of Rome. Patrick has loved history since childhood and he is a repeat visitor, and it is his favorite city and he would happily live there.

When working on a project, he will find items in history or the news that are memorable and quirky and then build around them.

“Ruin’s Wake”, his first book, was inspired by stories of South Koreans floating their mobile phones that were attached to party balloons right over the DMZ in the hopes that somebody would locate them and connect them with a wider world. He was excited by mass communication and information being a force for good, at the time but has since grown a bit more cynical about it.

For “Ruin’s Wake”, some of his influences included New Wave authors like Herbert and Ballard, especially for setting. Iain Banks wrote some of the best characters in all of sci-fi, he says, and his work provided a lot of inspiration for him.

Should history or the news fail, there is always good ol’ wish fulfilment. The idea of taking all that you know as a modern dude and being thrown into the past is enticing beyond all belief.

Patrick finds that he is an anytime and anywhere kind of writer. The types of picturesque writing scenarios where there is a quiet room, three hours all to yourself, and a cup of coffee just don’t happen for him. He found early on that if he just wrote under the “ideal” circumstances, he would never finish the book. It is likely that he wrote at least half of “Space Trapping” on his phone. He would have about fifteen to twenty minutes, pound out some sentences in an email to himself. Later on, he would piece everything together and then clean all of it up.

“Space Tripping” was one of the top three winners in the Nerdist Space Opera Contest.

Patrick’s debut novel, called “Ruin’s Wake”, was released in the year 2019. His work is from the science fiction genre.

“Ruin’s Wake” is the first stand alone novel and was released in the year 2019. One older soldier in exile goes off on a desperate journey to locate his dying son. One female scientist finds a mysterious tech that reveals her whole world is much more fragile than she once believed. One young woman that is trapped in an abusive marriage with one government official discovers hope in an illicit love.

The novel is set in a world ruled by the totalitarian government, where all history has gotten erased and individual identity gets replaced by the machinations of the state.

“Echo Cycle” is the second stand alone novel and was released in the year 2020. The year is 68 CE. Young Winston Monk, while he flees from disaster, wakes up to find himself stuck in the past, imprisoned by Emperor Nero, a madman. The Roman civilization he idolized is far from civilized, and his escape from a barbaric home has led him somewhere much more dangerous.

The year is 2070 CE. While the European Union crumbled, Britain closed its borders, just believing they were much stronger all alone. After many decades of hardship, British envoy Lindon Banks joins one diplomatic team to rebuild bridges with the hypermodern European Confederacy. While in Rome, Banks finds his childhood friend that disappeared without any trace. Monk appears to have spent the previous two decades of living rough, however he tells a different story. A story of slavery, Caesars, and something much more sinister.

Monk’s mysterious emergence sparks up the tinderbox of diplomatic relations between the Confederacy and Britain, controlled by shadowy players with the links way back to the ancient world itself.

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