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Patrick Graham is a French-Canadian author of horror fiction novels. The author was born in Canada even though he would spend a significant chunk of his life in the United States and France.
Besides his writing the father of three is a business consultant who works with international conglomerates and also a training pilot. He is also very much interested in religious history.

Like many of his contemporaries, Graham has always been a reader and there is nothing he loves more than reading crime novels. He can often be found sitting back at home next to a log fire reading the likes of Ellsworth, John Grisham, Connelly and Pratt.
He published “The Gospel of Satan,” his debut novel in 2007 and now has more than nine titles across several series of novels. Patrick has said that he loves to write ferocious, witty and fat novels as those are just the type of novels he loves to read.
Graham was very successful out of the gate as his debut went on to sell more than 200, 000 copies and became a bestseller with more than a dozen translations across the globe. The novel would also win many awards including the 2007 Pris Maison de la Presse award.

Patrick Graham’s “Justice” introduces Dean Wilder, a man who always makes sure that justice prevails. At the opening of the novel the body of the daughter of a US senator is found at a local park. It seems that she was the victim of a brutal murder that has been blamed on a former professional basketball player.
Dean Wilder is a criminal defense lawyer determined to get to the bottom of the case. Moreover, there was no way he was going to say no to representing some crazy seeming ex NFL player that is just a heartbeat away from being criminally insane.
He does not have a conscience and when he takes the case he knows that he will have to be on the lookout for a ton of landmines. Crooked cops, politicians, psychologists and lawyers are pushing him to the edge.
Under all the pressure from the media, can Wilder be able to exonerate his client and find the killer before someone else dies. It is a witty and smart legal thriller that takes its readers on a wild ride of investigations and court room intrigues.

“Legal Testimony” by Patrick Graham is a classic crime thriller that still follows the life and times of Dean Wilder, the justice seeking attorney introduced in the debut.
In this outing, Alfred Winslow, a world renowned scientist is found murdered in Ryders Alley. The police believe that his biggest rival Mitchell Clayton is responsible and have taken him in and charged him with the murder.
Dean Wilder has always loved defending some interesting clients, especially anyone that no straight thinking lawyer will touch with a ten foot pole. Mitchell, his newest client has always been known as a free loving hippie who lives for making his world a better place even as he makes a profit.
But the real Mitchell is a smart and rich businessman with radical ideas and Wilder knows that there is always trouble to be found with a person as rich as his client. Clayton has fanatical supporters of his business and has built a cult-like following.
Any one of his huge throng of followers could have killed Alfred and with each step forward Wilder seems to run into even more troubled waters which just what loves.

Patrick Graham’s novel “The House of Justice” asks just how much pressure is needed to be applied before justice will fall. At the opening of the novel, the police are called to a remote location on the Hudson River, where a ten year old girl’s bones have been found.
A prominent politician has been accused of being responible for the murder. John Star is a dirty councilman about to be arrested for the murder when he gets a tiP off. He asks Dean Wilder for help and when he refuses because of his love for justice, he starts blackmailing him.
Wilder reluctantly takes the case knowing it would still provide some thrills as he has to deal with violent criminals, paid jurors and hackers all of whom will push his limits. The more he investigates, the more apparent it is that his client is guilty and that he has been paying people involved to beat the case.
But Dean Wilder is a cunning man and he will do anything for the sake of upholding justice. It is a witty and smart legal thriller with turns and twists you will never see coming.

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