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Publication Order of The Casebook of Harriet George Books

The Dinosaur Hunters (2018)Description / Buy at Amazon
A Spy in the Deep (2018)Description / Buy at Amazon

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Shadow of a Dead God (2020)Description / Buy at Amazon
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Legacy of a Hated God (2023)Description / Buy at Amazon

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Secrets of the Dragon Tomb (2016)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Emperor of Mars (2017)Description / Buy at Amazon

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At the Gates and Other Stories: Sixteen Tales of Magic and Wonder (2020)Description / Buy at Amazon

Patrick Samphire is a famous author of the science fiction, fantasy, and children’s genre. He was born and brought up in Bristol, The United Kingdom. The first novel written by him was released in 2016 and he is expected to publish his second novel in the next few months. Author Samphire’s first book is an appalling and exciting adventure story best suitable for the middle grade readers. Samphire says that he has been writing stories since the age of 14. Initially, he used to do it as a means to avoid sitting through the boring English lessons at his school. But later, he started enjoying it and also started taking writing seriously. Author Samphire was totally convinced that by the time he would reach 18 years of age, he would become very famous. But, nothing happened as he had expected. It was only later in his life that he was able to pen some stories in the form of standalone books and achieve the status of a noteworthy novelist. As of now, author Samphire resides in Wales, where his house is surrounded by beautiful scenery and mountains. He is happily married and lives with his beautiful wife named Stephanie Burgis, who is also a fabulous writer, their 2 sons, and their pet dogs and cats. Whenever he is not busy with his writing works, he uses the time to design ebooks and websites.

Author Samphire has lived in a number of countries like Austria, Zambia, England, and Guyana. Overall, he has released around 20 short stories. Samphire believes that he has many remarkable and astonishing talents and writing is just one of them. He used to live in Zambia along with his two brothers and parents till the age of nine. Author Samphire had a very fantastic teacher of English. She used to allow him and his friend to sit in the hallway to write their first short story together while the rest of the students used to sit in the class and learn punctuation, spelling, and grammar. The teacher even told him that she will help him get the story published if it turns out to be a good one. However, the short story did not get published even to this day. Later in the life, author Samphire enrolled himself at the Essex University and studied physics. He obtained a PhD in the subject of theoretical physics. After that, he got involved in teaching physics at a school in Guyana and also edited journals of science in Bristol. For a short period of time, Samphire was also indulged in building websites for the Leeds University. Currently, he spends most of his free time interacting with his fans on social networking sites answering to their queries and giving out information on the latest happenings in his writing career.

The first book in the Secrets of Dragon Tomb novel series written by Patrick Samphire is entitled ‘Secrets of the Dragon Tomb’. This novel was released by the Henry Holt publication in the year 2016. Author Samphire has set the story of this book on Mars at the time of the year 1816 and has described the main characters as Edward Sullivan and Sir Titus Dane. At the start of the story, it is shown that the Mars during 1816 is full of deadly danger, strange machines of clockwork, and high society people. Edward Sullivan is introduced as a 12 year old boy who wishes to turn into a spy. Edward is highly inspired from reading about the brave spies in his favorite spy magazine known as Thrilling Martian Tales. But, he seems to be too busy in keeping his family away from disaster. However, it seems that everything is going to go through a change. It is believed that the great tombs of dragon in the north hide the excellent technology of Ancient Mars. A villainous archaeologist named Sir Titus is determined to acquire one of the tombs by illegal means. In doing so, Sir Titus kidnaps abducts Edward Sullivan’s parents after which Edward, his mysterious cousin, and his sisters set off to rescue his parents across the wilderness of Mars. During the course of journey, they come across obstacles from Sir Dane’s hungry pterodactyls and minions. As they defeat them in battle, they face more danger in the form of the fearsome hunting machines of the Martian technology. It is only after overcoming these deadly machines that they will be able to rescue the parents of Edward Sullivan and also uncover the dragon tomb secrets. Overall, the novel appears to be a classic story of adventure, humor, fun, and heart. It consists of stunning illustrations given by Jeremy Holmes. Author Samphire continued with the thrilling adventures in the next book of the series. Also, he wrote a novella describing the events on Mars and the rise of Martian technology before the start of the series. The excellent adventure descriptions by author Samphire helped the book to become extremely successful.

Another popular book written in the series is called as ‘The Emperor of Mars’. It is expected to be published in 2017 by the Henry Colt and Company publishers. Once again, author Samphire has described the main character Edward Sullivan. He is joined by several other important characters such as Lady Harleston and Putty. At the beginning of this novel, author Samphire has stated that the story is comprised of a sinister plot with a spy from France and a vanished Martian. Edward Sullivan arrives in the Tharsis City and thinks that life is going to be easy. However, he is forced to change his belief about the living in this new city after realizing what the city really has for him. He comes across a thief who escapes from the townhouse of Lady Harleston. Following this, Edward gets stuck in a chain of events involving a terrible scheme. The events also put the entire Mars in a great danger. Afterwards, Edward Sullivan is seen fighting off deadly sea serpents and battling against a small group of heavily armored thugs. While doing so, he tries to unravel a mystery that seems highly impossible to the best of the spies. In the meantime, a war is declared by Putty on the new governess. And for the first time in Putty’s life, it appears that she is going to lose the war. Edward is in a dilemma over whom he should trust and whom he should not. He wonders whether he will be able to take the right decisions in the wars to come and whether his decisions are going to put his family and the whole of the planet in danger.

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