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Publication Order of Park and Walker Action Thrillers Books

A Hell of a Spring Break (2023)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Mazatlan Showdown (2023)Description / Buy at Amazon
Bad Traffic (2023)Description / Buy at Amazon

Publication Order of Short Stories/Novellas

A Hell of a Spring Break (2023)Description / Buy at Amazon

Patrick Weill is a longtime professional translator and an award-winning author who lives in Mexico with his wife and children, four dogs, and a school of fish. You can visit his website to download a free short murder mystery, the prequel to his action thriller series.

The Park and Walker Action Thriller Series is a pulse-pounding collection of novels set in sunny San Diego, California, featuring police procedure, high-performance cars and motorcycles, gorgeous oceanfront locations, international intrigue, babes in bikinis, and two best friends with ruthless enemies who threaten to put a gory end to everything they hold dear!

Book 1: The Mazatlan Showdown

Jeff Walker is a champion surfer and beach lifeguard who witnesses a shooting on a yacht from his lifeguard tower one fateful morning. When he and fellow lifesaver Tony Park race out to the rescue, they find themselves thrust into a police investigation of an international smuggling operation.

Aided by a well-rounded cast of characters, Park and Walker strive to locate and apprehend the criminals, who are led by the same killer Walker’s been searching for since he first learned the truth about his father’s murder. Along the way, the duo faces betrayal and heartbreaking loss, but they also find love in a succession of edge-of-your-seat action scenes that set the stage for a long-running and riveting saga.

Book 2: Bad Traffic

Nayeli Sanchez is a Mexican girl on the verge of becoming a woman. With her father battling illness and the family facing a mountain of debt, she is desperate, making it easy for a gang of sex traffickers to trick her and take her over the border into the United States.

When her older brother Murci learns what’s happened, he swings a leg over his motorcycle and races into San Diego to rescue her. There he meets Harbor Police Detectives Tony Park and Jeff Walker.

This intricately woven tale pits Park, Walker, Murci, and a whole host of allies both old and new against two major criminal organizations. As they endeavor to rescue Nayeli and the rest of the human trafficking victims, a sturdy net of conflict and deceit tightens around them and culminates in a multi-chapter battle royale set in the crooks’ casino, which is rigged with bombs set to go off at any moment. Bad Traffic offers the reader a second dose of blazing-fast cars and brawny bikes, with treachery on both sides of the law. Grab your copy to take a thrill ride today!

Book Three: Double Threat (Expected in May of 2024)

The latest installment in The Park and Walker Action Thriller Series presents a unique challenge as Detectives Park and Walker separate. The former drives up to LA where he embarks on a deadly voyage, working with the FBI on a cruise ship to catch a serial killer. He and his fellow investigators are entangled in an Agatha-Christie-style murder mystery that gives new meaning to the phrase “rough seas.” Meanwhile, Detective Walker remains in sunny San Diego to train with the Harbor Police’s SWAT team and he works a case of his own involving political assassination, white supremacists, an old enemy, and a brutal gang of bikers. Park’s and Walker’s chapters alternate until their stories intertwine and take a shocking turn that you won’t want to miss. Are our two heroes the true double threat, or is it the twin forces of evil that they go up against? There’s only one way to find out!

Stay tuned for audiobook versions performed by the author and professional translations into Spanish and German.

(Thank you Patrick for writing this bio)

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