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Publication Order of Patriots Books

Sons of Liberty (1992)Description / Buy at Amazon
Rebel Guns (1992)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Turncoat (1992)Description / Buy at Amazon
Life and Liberty (1993)Description / Buy at Amazon
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Patriots is a series of historical fiction books written by James Reasoner under the pseudonym Adam Rutledge. The series features Daniel Reed and his teenage brother, Quincy during the American Revolution. Rutledge began publication of Patriots series in 1992 when Sons of Liberty was published. The series lasted six novels concluding in 1994 when Stars and Stripes was published.

Sons of Liberty

In the British colonies of North America, there emerged a gang of brave and women who fought for a free and independent nation. Their legacy lives on today, as do their names and we proudly know them as patriots. The year is 1773 we meet a twenty-year-old Daniel Reed from Virginia commencing his studies at Harvard with dreams of becoming a prominent lawyer. Daniel, his younger brother Quincy and their cousin Elliot Markham find themselves entangled in the stirrings of the uprising as British Colonist grow more and more enraged with the various British acts taking place.

The question now becomes whether to support the British rule in colonizing America or side with the rebels who would eventually become known as the Sons of Liberty and the Patriots. The American War of Independence also known as American Revolutionary War was a global war that arose as a conflict between Great Britain and the 13 colonies. After a growing political and philosophical differences affected the relationship between Great Britain and its 13 colonies, Patriots protests again taxation resulted in boycotts.

Sons of Liberty is a debut novel in a six-part series that covers the American Revolutionary War and takes the readers from 1773 all the way back to through the start of the battles at Concord and Lexington. What drives the plot of this narrative is the political situation. However, the story is more about the respective characters and how they get to reach to each other and the events they come up against.

Rebel Guns

Rebel Guns, the second novel in Patriots series by Adama Rutledge picks up immediately after the first novel after the opening salvos of American war at Lexington and Concord. The story is narrated from the point of views of the three main characters as in the first book, most notably Quincy and Daniel Reed. At the request of the Committee of Safety, Daniel and his brother depart the Boston Area headed for the Green Mountain Boys and Col. Ethan Allen to join them to take Fort Ticonderoga and also secure Lake Champlain Area.

Fort Ticonderoga acted as a key point of access both to Hudson River Valley and Canada during the Indian and French war. On 10th May 1775, Benedict Arnold of Massachusetts joined Green Mountain Boys and Ethan Allen in a dawn attack on the fort, capturing the British Garrison. Even though it was a small scale confrontation, the Battle of Fort Ticonderoga was the initial American victory during the Revolutionary War that gave Continental Army the much-needed weapons to be used in the future battles. Indeed, the fictional characters in this book played vital roles in this battle.

However, these are not the only Rebel Guns secured from the British in the novel. Clandestine missions by characters from the debut novel as well as the new ones, now deeply rooted in a network of spies, results in the capturing of highly prized war weapons and ammunition from a private ship in the Atlantic as well. Therefore the British cause is deeply hurt, and the American efforts are high rewards in one fell swoop. Even though Patriots books are all wartime action books, Rebel Guns, and others in the series are mostly about the characters themselves, their efforts at war, their lives and the attempts to achieve their personal goals.

The Turncoat

The Turncoat is the third book in the Patriots series by James Reasoner writing under the pen name Adam Rutledge. The novel picks up right after the events in the second book Rebel Guns. The two brothers, Daniel and Quincy, spilled up to undertake two separate assignments. Quincy and Murdoch Buchanan escort a group of refugees headed for Ohio River valley and find themselves entangled in the efforts of the British colonists to recruit the Mohawk Indian tribe and their cause.
On the other hand, Daniel makes his way to Charleston area and becomes part of the battle between Bunker Hill and Breeds Hill. Finally, we get to witness the start of George Washington’s spy network as the informer within the Committee of Safety is uncovered.

Patriots books continue to offer an adventurous take on the American Revolutionary War by treating the reader to likable and engaging characters who are caught up in the struggle for independence.

Life and Liberty

The fourth novel in Patriots series is set during the autumn of 1775, continuing the several plot lines from the previous books. However, during this time, the large events of the Revolutionary war take a backseat at the expense to the action of the respective characters. With only a few mentions of the growing American spy network and the fact that the British colonists are nearing the decision to flee from Boston and allow the Sons of Liberty to reclaim it.

The action kicks off when Daniel is attacked and left for dead while his girlfriend who is also a spy is abducted and taken to Boston. Meanwhile, Daniel’s younger brother continues his westward travel with the frontiersman into Pennsylvania facing the threats of Indian attacks, the threat of budding romance and a wayward and violent preacher. The main plot line of this book deals with the rising criminal element that is ever present in wartime activities, and this time taking the form of Liberty Legion, a group of “fake” patriots who are actively exhorting the famous Tories of Boston.

Cannon’s Call

Cannon’s Call continues the story of brother’s Daniel and Quincy Reed and their increasing circle of friends and their fellow patriots in the struggle for independence during the American revolutionary war. The novel covers the time from Autumn of 1775 through to the Spring of 1776 and follows the journey of transporting the cannons from Ticonderoga to Boston under extreme weather conditions to begin the bombardment of Boston which will ultimately force the British to flee the city. In addition to the historical figures featured in the previous books, Cannon’s Call introduces others such as John Paul Jones and Henry Knox.

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