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The Paths Between Worlds (2019)Description / Buy at Amazon
A Memory of Mankind (2019)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Children of Tomorrow (With: Robert Greenberger) (2020)Description / Buy at Amazon

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Toward Yesterday (2011)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Darkening (2016)Description / Buy at Amazon

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Ancient Enemies(2016)Description / Buy at Amazon

Paul Anthony Jones is the esteemed author of the Extinction Point four-part series. Jones was born and in Cardiff in Wales. Although he has been writing for over 25 years, he has only delved in to the world of fiction in most recent years. He began his writing journey as a freelance copywriter; specialising in commercial work. He has also worked as newspaper reporter and short story writer, enabling him to pay particular attention to circumstantial detail and provide extensive visual descriptions. Jones is an avid reader of scientific journals. His experience in and passion for all things scientific has made its way into much of his fictional writing later on in his career.

Review of ‘Toward Yesterday’

Jones self-published, ‘Toward Yesterday’, his first novel on the 3rd of May 2011. The 242-page novel is a unique, yet counter-intuitive, addition to the post-apocalyptic genre. The plot is centred around a scientific experiment which catapults the main character, James Baston and the rest of the world 25 years in to the past. Meaning the elderly are now 25 years younger; those who have died over the last 25 years are now alive and those who were born within the 25 years do not exist yet. The novel begins with the main character, James Baston who is an award-winning author and in the process of writing his memoir on New Year’s Eve, when the worldwide mass time travel occurs. The idea of engaging with the past prior to the world’s brush with a 25-year old history is a natural, yet creative start to the novel.

James Baston is recruited by some of the scientists that caused the time travel to help prevent the world from spiralling in to upheaval. He is up against some powerful villains. Some of which include the head of the Church of Second Redemption, who desire to see everyone vanish in a bid to self-create a better world. Other characters in the novel involve a reincarnated murder victim, a dead priest and a six-year-old scientist. Throughout the novel, the readers understand the life lessons Jones tries to teach them. Paul Antony Jones tries to explain how intricately bound the lives of people can actually be. The unique science fiction novel successfully demonstrates how the study of science and technological innovation has become central to the world’s running, even when its inhabitants may not appreciate that fact.

Review of Extinction Point Series

Following the success of his first work comes ‘Extinction Point’, another post-apocalyptic novel which was published by the science fiction imprint for Amazon, 47North. Extinction Point forms the first part of a four-part series: Extinction point, Exodus, Revelations and Genesis. As Extinction Point is the first novel, it introduces Emily Baxter as a strong female lead. Baxter is a reporter which has just survived an alien attack featured red rain (resembling the red rain phenomena of 2011 in the Southern Indian State Kerala).

She is the only known survivor of the red rain that covered and obliterated the entire human race. In an effort to find any signs of human existence, Baxter successfully uses a scientific satellite to contact fellow survivors’ in Alaska. The novel then focuses on Baxter’s journey from New York to Alaska as she attempts to avoid a world now full of living corpses and stay alive. She picks up along the way, a new canine companion and a small family of refugees. With a new family counting on her, Baxter become even more determined throughout the series

By utilising the role of a reporter, very similar to his role in the past, Jones uses this novel to demonstrate how an everyday professional can be forced to battle for survival. The series continues with the second book titled ‘Extinction Point: Exodus’, the third being ‘Extinction Point: Revelation’ and fourth being ‘Extinction Point: Genesis’. Exodus was published on June 11th 2013 and is an express continuation of the first novel. Revelation, published in 2014, is the third novel and also follows the adventures of Emily Baxter but intensifies her battle for survival. Placing Baxter in the wilderness, Jones sees his lead character through to the brink of humanity’s desolation. The final novel Genesis, published by Amazon just last year, provides a new twist to the Emily’s story by incorporating the post human world’s first child. Through all this, Baxter remains a strong tool in the hand of her author and throughout Jones’ narrative. The series not only focuses on life beyond death, with a science fiction twist, but juxtaposes the two antonymous ideals of science and religion.

Award & Movie Adaptations

Unfortunately, none of his books have made it to the big screen just yet. However, bearing in mind that Jones has just completed his four-part series, and because he is a popular five-time published author, opportunities for a movie adaptation of his most recent series may be on the horizon. Paul Anthony Jones, has also not received any awards. However, his novels have proved very popular with a substantial number of sales and positive reviews. It may not be out of question to conceive of an award in years to follow.


Jones’ career as an author, which began with his first novel in 2011, has developed and shaped over the last five years. Throughout his career, the readers are made to think about the main characters as an extension of the author. By using his past professional job roles and experiences, Jones has proved successful at injecting himself in to his own narrative. Themes such as both religion and science run throughout his work and in some respects, his move from one city to another is replicated throughout his famous series.

Although Jones’ books have not been made in to movies and he is yet to be formally recognised for his work, many of his readers remain loyal to his voice and are expectant of more pieces in the future. Paul Anthony Jones has a big family and currently lives close to Las Vegas in Nevada with his wife, his four dogs and eight cats. Paul Antony Jones may not be writing any more but one thing is for sure – his books will cut through many generations to come.

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