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Publication Order of Paul Chavasse Books

The Bormann Testament / The Testament of Caspar Schultz (1962)Description / Buy at Amazon
Year of the Tiger (1963)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Keys of Hell (1965)Description / Buy at Amazon
Midnight Never Comes (1966)Description / Buy at Amazon
Dark Side of the Street (1967)Description / Buy at Amazon
A Fine Night for Dying (1979)Description / Buy at Amazon

The thriller & espionage books domain would be incomplete without the mention of and Paul Chavasse, the exotic and educated cold war spy in the 60’s. The decade where the subject of espionage dominated the super power equations and the genre of top selling popular fictional books that catapulted the popular Bond series in the popularity & prominence. The popularity of the thriller genre in those days encouraged other thriller literature writers to paint espionage stories that would keep the promise of thrill for generations of the readers. Many of the characters from this” me too” phenomenon went on to become extremely popular and one such series of books was that of Jack Higgins with the character of British spy Paul Chavasse.

Paul Chavasse, a blunt, and hard protagonist, of Testament, is described as an academic who helps a friend to escape the communist terrain of Czechoslovakia. It is here he gets noticed by the “Bureau” the British Espionage agency’s boss Mallory. There is a brief character built for Paul Chavasse’s dwellings where one comes to know that Paul’s mother is a British lady. An elusive character of Paul Chavasse is painted as a romantic yet cynical individual. A son of a Parisian lawyer father who was killed in 1940, which forced Paul and mother to travel through Dunkirk.

The thriller series with the character of Paul Chavasse by Jack Higgins is a treat to the thriller book readers. The book series from Jack Higgins with Paul Chavasse character dive deep into the dark world of espionage and secrecy game, yet there is ample British humor that is stylish & earthy.

The book “The Keys of Hell” describes a Chavasse’s ability to speak multiple languages in rather comical tone. The book compares Paul’s ability to speak multiple languages to be more than the hot dinners one may have had.

The Chief of Bureau Mallory is larger than life character who has been over the most top and British to the core. The book describes bureau chief’s private secretary as Jean Frazer, who is shapely and attractive woman our character Paul Chavasse enjoys admiring. The books describe this admiration by Paul that She was putting on a plain white coloured blouse and also tweed skirt with deceptively simple cut that molded her round hips. His eyes persued her by approvingly while she walked across the room towards her deskas she sat down.” (Quote from the book” The Keys Of Hell)

However, while Paul enjoys the good things in life like the shapely character in front of him, he is still not a womanizer. He is appreciative of Jean more as a friend. The series depicts Paul as a loner, an outsider and almost isolated with a streak of perfection. He always gets his job done in larger than life complex situations. A mix of style in the backdrop of human frailty.

THE BORMANN TESTAMENT: Traveling through Nazi’s Narrative

One of the books in the series that was published in 1962 where the special agent Paul Chavasse is about to go on a long due vacation when he is stopped and is required to report to the duty. Paul Chavasse instantly recognizes that he is being called in an emergency where the situation has already soured, and he needs to act and rectify the same to get the desired political goal result. The thriller is set in the Hitler’s Nazi era where Martin Bormann a Third Reich’s influential member disappears at the end of World War II. A rare moment in the history. The character of Bormann has all the Nazi secrets documented in a manuscript. The secrets of now in hiding former Nazis. The manuscript is a ticking bomb about to explode. Those in power who will be affected by such explosive exposures have a keen interest in ensuring that the manuscript is never comes into the public domain. Paul Chavasse, the British spy, must not ensure that the manuscript is located and safely saved along with Martin Bormann.

Higgins does a stylish job with this book “Bormann Testament”. The suave agent Paul Chavasse was supposed to meet a contact in Germany to get hold of the manuscript. He works on this project with a team of Israeli agents. The clock keeps ticking on the reader’s mind when the special agent comes under Nazi underground situation.

The book is difficult to keep down and manages to pump up the adrenaline with each turning page. The loosely built plot begins to tighten the strings doing complete justice to the thrill quest of the reader.


Another 1963 masterpiece by Jack Higgins.

A story of a scientist who has been held under house arrest in Tibet has the formula for victory in the space race of the cold war of 1962. Now the problem is he is a prisoner is the Chinese territory of Tibet. Higgin’s “Year of Tiger” book plants Paul Chavasse, the tough Spy in tougher terrain of Tibet. His success on the mission can retard Soviet’s journey to the moon and help the western block to win the race to the moon. However, to achieve this, Paul Chavasse needs to locate Dr. Karl Hoffner, the scientist who is under house arrest in Tibet. The plot is a myriad of Soviet agents, Chinese occupiers, and deceiving locals. The character of Paul Chavasse has a hard task in an equally difficult terrain that spreads across one hundred rugged miles. Paul needs to not only locate and free Hoffner but also needs to travel a long journey to freedom with the scientist. It is a fine balance that would dictate West’s success in the space race over the Soviets.

Higgins brings in a lighter tone thriller book with a plot that races reader through a flashback mode. The plot is interesting and keeps the reader glued to the story. The book was rewritten in 1996 and published again with the same title.

Jack Higgins book series with the old era spy Paul Chavasse is narratives that have political ploy stories rich with desires of ambition, domination and secrecy. It has political plots where warring nation’s conflict territories vary from underground to outer space. The stories where suave loner Paul Chavasse of British origin connecting the dots, fighting the political pawns for the human & national good.

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