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Publication Order of Paul Donovan Books

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Paul Donovan Series

Writing under a variety of different pen-names, including Tom Conway, Paul Valdez and Caroline Farr, one pseudonym that Alan Geoffrey Yates would become particularly well known for would be that of Carter Brown. Producing a large quantity of books during his lifetime, Yates was one of the most prolific authors of his generation, amassing around 200 books during his writing career. Creating detective fiction and thriller novels under his Carter Brown pen-name, he would come to produce a lot of work that is still much loved to this day.

Largely focusing on detective and pulp-noir novels, he would come to pioneer many of the tropes of the modern mystery and thriller genre series today. One series that would definitely be included within this specific category was that of his run of Paul Donovan books. Featuring the eponymous crime-fighter and international playboy, the books would see a seventies era Donovan deal with a number of different cases. Steeped in the style and tone of the time, they follow the many conventions of the genre, and really are a definite must for any fans of the genre and the period they’re set within.

Composed of four titles in total, the Paul Donovan series would run between the years of 1974 to 1979, making it very much a seventies series. Produced later on in Yates’ writing career, it manages to show a clear sense of progression for him as an author, taking his ideas and initial premise forwards. With each book being a stand-alone case file for the amateur crime-fighter to solve, it’s a series that can be picked up at any point. For fans of the author, it really helps establish who Yates was an author, along with how he came to develop the name of Carter Brown as a long-running brand.


Brought out for the mass-market in 1974, this would mark the first title in the Paul Donovan series of novels. Introducing the character for the first time, it would also set him up with his first mystery to solve, providing a stand-alone adventure for readers. There’s also plenty of foreshadowing of the books to follow as well, with a lot of the themes and ideas of the series firmly established too.

Set firmly in the world of pulp-noir, this is very much a seventies set series, with it taking from many of the spy and action thriller serials of the time. The character of Donovan himself is also definitely a product of his time, with a keen eye for women being one of his more typical tropes. Immersed heavily in this atmosphere and ambiance as well, it really evokes the era well, and is definitely one for fans of the genre.

Meeting Paul Donovan for the first time, it sees the crime-fighter extraordinaire, as he seeks justice, whilst also holding a soft spot for beautiful women. This being his main weak point, this time he must contend with Moira who comes looking for help, leading him to find himself immediately attracted to her. The only issue is that someone is taking pot-shots at him when they’re together and, if that wasn’t enough, but bodies have begun piling up. With assassins out to get Donovan, the same assassins that killed Moira’s brother, it seems that Donovan may have his work cut out for him this time. Will he manage to find who is out to kill him before it’s too late? Can he find justice for Moira and her now deceased brother? What will become of Donovan?

Donovan’s Day/Croupe Suzette

Originally published through the ‘Horwitz Group Books’ publishing label in 1975, this would mark the second title in the ‘Paul Donovan’ series of novels. Continuing on from the last book, it provides the next high-octane adventure and mystery to solve for crime-fighting playboy. Following on in much the same vein as the first, it provides more of the same, whilst also taking some twists and turns of its own along the way.

Again this is very much a product of the decade that it was set within, with it being released just one year after the first. Paul Donovan as a leading protagonist is further developed, taking his status as a playboy forwards, with Yates clearly having a lot of fun with the premise. The seventies ambiance is also still highly prevalent, with it almost becoming a character in of the series itself throughout.

Someone seems to be intent on sending Paul Donovan, international playboy and crime fighter, the grimacing heads of terrorists. Looking to find out who is doing this and fast, Donovan aims to get to the bottom of the mystery and learn the truth behind what’s really going on. Assembling a team, he sides with a wealthy brunette, along with with two attractive women and a hired muscle man, in order to take this new unseen foe down. The only problem is that he doesn’t know where to start or who he’s looking for exactly, but he must learn quickly, otherwise he could lose his own head. Will he find out what’s really going on, or will it be his head next? Why are they doing this to him? What will happen during Donovan’s day?

The Paul Donovan Series

For any long-term fans of the Carter Brown novels that Yates brought out, this really serves up classic fare from the author. Whilst it really is very much a product of the era in which it was released, it definitely provides a line of novels that paved the way for the genre as a whole. This is why it has become a classic staple for many aficionados of the format and style, with it providing a lot of insight into the history of noir style. With the seventies as its backdrop, it clearly reflects the fashions and trends of the time, and how they affected the pulp genre overall. Still finding fans and devotees to this day, there’s a legacy here that will be of interest to many hoping to find out more on the history of the modern pulp-noir thriller novel.

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