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Publication Order of Ministry Of SUITs Books

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Paul Gamble is a popular author from Ireland, who is famous for writing children’s books, humor, adventure, juvenile, and middle grade novels. He is particularly well known for writing The Ministry of SUITS series. Author Gamble was born and raised in Belfast. Along with spending time in developing his books and stories, Gamble works in the Department of Arts, Leisure, and Culture in Northern Ireland. His work in the civil service department involves working in a close range with a number of institutions all over Northern Ireland. Along with these two professions, author Gamble also writes for radio and television. He has been doing this job for the last 20 years and says that he finds it pretty satisfying and full of joy. In addition to this, he has even worked on a few topical humorous sketch shows with numerous stand up comedians and actors. Whenever author Gamble is not busy with his writing works or reading books, he can be seen attending musical shows at local venues or watching movies in theatres. The debut novel of author Gamble was released in July 2016 by the Macmillan Children’s US/ Feiwel & Friends publication. It was also released in September 2016 by the Little Island publication. Author Gamble has finished writing one more book in this series and is working towards the development of the third book of this series. Gamble says that he is occasionally involved in working with the dinosaurs. As far as his stint with the television & radio is concerned, he is said to have worked some of the most popular broadcasters such as the BBC and RTE.

As with his first book, Gamble says that it is half detective and half adventure story. The story of this book revolves around the life of a 12 year boy named Jack Pearse, who has an insatiable curiosity sense. When Jack senses that the kids in his school are vanishing one after the other, he begins an investigation. The case lands him in the world of pirates, who make plans against Jack’s country. In this new world, the dinosaurs still exist and unicorns have a some sinister motives. Jack Pearse finds a partner in Trudy, who he sees as his school’s most terrifying girl. The two work together and try to find out what is actually going on in the school. The unique skills of Trudy, the clipboards’ magical powers, and the ability of Jack to think quickly come in handy as Trudy and Jack make progress in the investigation. Shortly after, they become successful in putting the puzzle pieces together and catching the culprit. Author Gamble says that this book’s plot is based on notion that there is an altogether fantastic and more interesting world beneath the Earth’s surface. Gamble tried to create a world that would look real to the readers. To do so, he has related the crazy things to the real experiences of life. He says that the readers would find in the book what is the real use of turbines, why the Lion Tamers make use of chairs, and why the tankers get driven around with cross-bones and skull signs. And as a section of the storytelling, author Gamble wanted to set the story in a real location. This is the reason why author Gamble has described the hidden entrance of the investigative organization as the one which actually exists in Ulster Museum. As far as the chief characters, Jack Pearse and Trudy, are concerned, Gamble states that they are based on himself. He likes to describe himself as curious like Jack, and cool and dynamic like Trudy. And in a number of ways, Gamble wishes that he had been a kid like his main characters in his school.

The Ministry of SUITS series written by Paul Gamble is comprised of 3 books in total, which were released between the years 2016 and 2017. The third book of this series is expected to be published in the next year. The first book of the series is entitled ‘The Ministry of S.U.I.T.S’. It was released by the Fiewel and Friends publication in the year 2016. The primary characters of this book, as described by author Gamble, include Trudy Emerson and Jack Pearse. At the start of the book’s story, it is shown that some strange incidents are reported in the city of Belfast. These include the disappearance of kids from schools, sightings of pirates, and escaping of a bear from a museum that is causing destruction of life and property. Meanwhile, Jack Pearse and Trudy Emerson are new recruits of SUITS. Jack possesses the skill of logical thinking and curiosity of knowing things, while Trudy is seen as a dangerous girl in her school. The Ministry asks these two kids to work on the case of the missing children. The policies of the Ministry allow both of them to receive training in using The Speed. Also, they will have a complete access to the supplies of the Ministry. The people of Belfast lay their trust in the kids and hope that they succeed in discovering and foiling the villainous plot.

The next book of the series is called ‘The Monster’s Daughter’. It was published in the year 2017 by the Feiwel and Friends publishers. Once again, Jack and Trudy Emerson are depicted as the chief protagonists of the story. At the beginning of the story of the book, it is depicted that some more troubles begin to take place in Belfast. One of them includes the happening of strange things at the city’s aquarium. The other troubles in the Belfast city come in the form of giant crabs getting involved in jail breaks, and bath bombs destroying the bathrooms in the entire city. These bath bombs were previously considered harmless, but now they have started to create a havoc all around the city. Once again, the newly recruited investigators, Trudy Emerson & Jack Pearse, are ordered to carry out the investigation in this new case. They are armed with the latest and most advance training from the Ministry, as well as have access to its supplies. Just like in the previous case, the city’s people trust the kids to help them come out of the troubling situation this time also. They hope that the new recruits will foil the plans of the villains, and hunt them down and bring them to justice. However, while working on the case, Jack Pearse needs to be careful as he is trying to avoid the Tooth Fairy. If the Fairy gets its hands on him, he won’t be able to protect the city and Trudy Emerson will be left alone to do the job. The description of the story by author Gamble and his creation of unique characters was highly appreciated by the readers and critics. They praised his efforts and provided rave reviews for the book.

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