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Publication Order of Paul Janson Books

The Janson Directive (By: Robert Ludlum) (2002)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Janson Command (2012)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Janson Option (2014)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Janson Equation (By: Douglas Corleone) (2015)Description / Buy at Amazon

Publication Order of Standalone Novels

Fire and Ice (1996)Description / Buy at Amazon
Red Sky at Morning (2000)Description / Buy at Amazon
Buried at Sea (2002)Description / Buy at Amazon
Sea Hunter (2003)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Ripple Effect (2004)Description / Buy at Amazon

Paul Garrison is an American novelist best known for writing a series of detective thrillers under the names Justin Scott, J.S. Blazer, and Alexander Cole. As Paul Garrison, he is a critically acclaimed author of several freestanding sea stories that have gone on to become very popular. He has also written a thriller series that is derived from one of Robert Ludlum’s most popular of characters, Paul Janson. The grandson of a seafaring grandfather, his father had brought him up on the seafaring tales of the family patriarch. His grandfather had spent most of his adult life wandering the South Seas in the old-fashioned square-rigged sailing ships. As such, Garrison’s novels are about women and men who sail the seas on modern vessels such as express liners, tugboats, attack submarines, mega yachts, high tech catamarans, and sailing boats. As Justin Scott, he has written several detective mysteries including the Newbury, Connecticut set novels the Ben Abbott mysteries and three freestanding novels A Pride of Royals, The Normandie, and The Shipkiller. He has also collaborated with Clive Cussler the detective mystery writer, to author the Isaac Bell detective adventure series that fast became a fan favorite He has twice made the shortlist for the Mystery Writers of America Edgar Award as Justin Scott and J.S. Blazer. Professionally, he is a member of the Adams Round Table, The Players, and the Authors League. He lives with his wife the filmmaker Amber Edwards in Connecticut.

Paul Garrison was brought up in a literary family, as both his father and mother were writers. Leslie Scott his father was the author of over 250 Westerns and countless reams of poetry that he wrote under tens of pseudonyms. Lily K. Scott his mother was a writer of short stories, romances, and novels, while Alison Scott Skelton his sister is a well-known author, married to writer husband C.L. Skelton. Even though writing ran in his blood, Scott did not get into writing until much later in life. Before venturing into a professional writing career, he worked as editor of an engineering journal, bar tender of a Hell’s kitchen saloon, builder of beach houses on Fire Island, and a driver of trucks and boats. But given his Master and Bachelors in American History, he was not long in the odd jobs, and he was soon writing his first novel. He turned out four novels in his first year, but only managed to sell the third to a literary agent. With his agent stalling him on publishing his next title, he changed publishers and adopted the pen name J.S. Blazer. His writing was so good that the Mystery Writers of America nominated him for Best First Mystery Novel for “Deal Me Out” as J.S. Blazer and “Many Happy Returns” as Justin Scott. Several mysteries later, he decided to venture out of his genre and went into sea stories and thrillers writing series such as the Ben Abbott mysteries as Justin Scott. After getting a yen to do new things, he would adopt the name Paul Garrison and churn out “Fire and Ice” that was so popular that it spawned four more titles in the sea stories series.

Paul Garrison’s Paul Janson series of novels are a series of action and suspense novels based on the Paul Janson character from the novels of world-renowned author, Robert Ludlum. Paul Garrison takes the legacy of Robert Ludlum to write the spine tingling Paul Janson series of novels that have thrilled audiences just like the old master did. The Paul Janson series have the compelling scenarios with thrilling exploits, intriguing characters, and intense encounters that we have come to associate with Paul Garrison. Paul Janson the lead character in the series is an outstanding character, who together with his associates keeps the reader entertained as they travel in private jets, battle in murky waters, and live in the most dangerous of situations. Paul Janson’s background story is provided in bits and pieces throughout the course of the series, giving the reader the chance to understand the character’s history and his special abilities. Janson had once been a government assassin charged with taking out some of the United States’ most dangerous targets. He had been one of the best at his job and had earned the name “The Machine” for his efficient and methodical performances. The series of novels always tend to end in a highly satisfying conclusion that will leave you pining for the next one.

“The Janson Directive”, the first novel in the series by Paul Garrison opens to the kidnapping of Peter Novak, a billionaire, philanthropist, international financier, and Nobel Laureate committed to using his wealth to spread democracy around the globe. He has been taken by a terrorist who is known as the Caliph, and is being held in what is deemed by many as an impregnable fortress. The terrorist will execute the man in a few days, and is refusing to negotiate terms. Enter Paul Janson, one of the most effective American agents who has been beating the odds for years. The operative sets up one of the most daring of missions, but the operation goes haywire and now Janson is in the cross hairs of the very government he has worked for, for years. Jessica Kincaid, one of Consular Operations most lethal of agents with an uncanny ability to counter and anticipate every move he makes, is now on his trail. To get out alive, he needs to outrun a conspiracy running out of control by creating his own conspiracy.

“The Jason Command” opens to Paul Janson as a man reformed after getting out of intelligence. He is now working with Jessica Kincaid to help rehabilitate and create new lives for agents disaffected with the covert world. The retired agents also serve as Janson’s support network when he occasionally takes up assignments as an independent contractor. Given his expertise and wealth of experience, he is often called upon to assist in resolving international crises, though he has a strict policy of only taking jobs that are for the greater good. Regardless of whether the assignment is hunting down sadistic moneylenders funding barbaric civil wars, protecting a West African government official from militant thugs intent on silencing him for speaking for human rights, or rescuing a doctor from Somali pirate, Janson is guided by a strict set of rules. His three rules are no casualties of assailants not trying to kill them, no civilian casualties, and no torture. It is a tough ask for someone in his line of work, which is full of brutal dictators, deep-sea marauders, ruthless warlords and canny intelligence agents. But his biggest task is trying to determine if he is always fighting for the right side.

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