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The One You Love (2011)Description / Buy at Amazon
The One You Fear (2012)Description / Buy at Amazon
The One You Trust (2013)Description / Buy at Amazon

Publication Order of Emma Holden Non-Fiction Books

Emma Holden and Me: The Story Behind the Bestselling Suspense Mystery Trilogy (2014)Description / Buy at Amazon

Publication Order of DCI Paul Cullen Books

Publication Order of Standalone Novels

Someone to Save You (2011)Description / Buy at Amazon
For Your Own Protection (2017)Description / Buy at Amazon

Publication Order of Short Stories/Novellas

Be Careful What You Hear (2014)Description / Buy at Amazon

Paul Pilkington is United Kingdom best-selling author of suspense mystery novels. He is famously known for his fast-paced mysteries and thrillers full of twists and turns, suspense and cliffhangers. He is the author of Emma Holden trilogy and the first novel in the trilogy; The One You Love published in 2011 was listed as the number in the Bookseller Fiction Heatseekers Chart. The second book in the trilogy, The One You Fear was named as one of the best Kindle Books of 2013 and the final installment The One You Trust was released in 2014.

The One You Love

In The One, You Love we are introduced to Emma Holden, the lead character of this fascinating mystery. Her nightmare has just begun as her fiancé disappears leaving the butchered and bloodied body of his brother in the apartment in London. Moreover, if that is not enough trouble for her, someone starts stalking her and watching every move that she makes. On the other hand, her family is also hiding a very dark secret; a secret that threatens everything that Emma holds dearly. Racing against time, Emma must find out the truth if she really wants to see the man she loves alive again.

The One You Love is entertaining and well paced suspense mystery that is full of twists and turns. Emma’s attempts to find out the truth about her fiancé and her own family as well as suspenseful and according to the authors plotting means that the answers are kept hidden till the last pages of the novel.

There are lots of intrigues and action as Emma moves around searching for the man she loves most. The story is neatly crafted as the author has created different plot strands and also generated lots of questions for the readers to attempt to answer and also solve the mystery before Emma does.

Emma Holden is an engaging heroine. The author has created an excellent lead character that is easy to feel empathy for; she is also a believable character in action packed role. Over the course of this fascinating story, Emma’s abilities are tested, and she is also tested how far she can go when it comes to love.

The One You Fear

The second novel in Emma Holden Trilogy is set near London. Emma is finally back with her fiancé Dan Carlton who had been kidnapped in the previous book. He was abducted on the night before their wedding and Emma had no idea where her lover was. Now that he has been rescued, they are off on vacation to try to get their lives back to normal. However, they soon discover that they are being stalked and followed and Emma is sure that the stalker must be Stephen Myers. How will they prove that the man following them is indeed Stephen Myers? What will happen especially when they find out that two people are stalking them? What do the people know that Emma needs to know?

Someone To Save You

In Someone to Save You, Paul Pilkington delivers a complex and gripping psycho-thriller, an intriguing suspense that will leave your head spinning.

As the story opens, a girl comes running to Sam Becker, a cardio thoracic surgeon based in London on a trip to celebrate his sisters birthday. The little girl claims that she needs help. Sam follows her and sees a car parked next to a railroad. The car appears to be locked, and there are two children in the back seat, and on the driver’s seat is a woman handcuffed to the steering wheel. What could be the problem? Sam wonders.

Sam tries speaking to the woman pleading with her not to kill her two children as anyone can see that she is trying to commit suicide. He picks a stone and starts hammering the car window in an attempt to save the children and their mother as well.

Suddenly Sam blacks out and the next moment he wakes up he finds himself in the hospital and his wife questioning him why he was at the crash scene? He tries to explain that a little girl needed help and that is exactly what he was trying to do.

He was driving back home from a family event, his sisters birthday. She had died at a tender age, and it was her 13th birthday anniversary.

In the aftermath of this entertaining drama, Sam is hailed as a hero by the press, however according to the investigating police, things seem not to add up, and Allison, the little girl who came seeking Sam’s help, is missing.

It is then revealed that Sam’s sister was sexually assaulted and then murdered. This is a tragedy that taunts him to the present day- his good friend Marcus was sent to prison for Sam sister murder.

Soon, Sam finds himself entangled in a conspiracy theory and organized crime that puts his life in not only danger but also the lives of those he loves most.

To complicate things further Marcus, the man responsible for his sister’s death is out of prison, and he is hoping to reconcile and clear his name as well. Marcus never provided any explanation and also claimed that he was innocent despite the fact that there was overwhelming evidence against him.

It is also revealed that Sam’s dead sister had gone on a camping trip in North Wales where she was brutally murdered. Her body was found covered in Marcus DNA but the weapon of the crime was never found, and for months Marcus had written to Sam about his innocence.

Sam is finally forced t confront his dark past, however as the layers of deceit are pulled off, will he be able to trust anyone around him? Who could be this person terrorizing them by sending texts and emails? Who would record audios and torture him using his dead sister’s name? Sam must discover the whole truth before it is too late for him.

Someone to Save You is an intriguing, twisted and a psycho crime mystery that will keep you in suspense to the very end. You will find yourself trying to put the secrets, pieces, and lies together to identify how they connect with Cathy’s killing.

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