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Publication Order of William Constable Spy Books

State of Treason (2019)Hardcover  Paperback  Kindle
A Necessary Killing (2019)Hardcover  Paperback  Kindle
The Queen's Devil (2020)Hardcover  Paperback  Kindle

He was born in Oak Park, Illinois. He was born in Oak Park Hospital and lived with his family in River Grove, a town next to it. When he was just over a year old, his family moved. His family moved four times before the time he was eleven, all to places located in the Chicago area.

Unfortunately, Paul’s father would pass away after they moved to their fourth new place, a south Chicago townhouse. The townhouse was located across the street from what was then known as the Chicago Skyway, where the author would count trucks. However, he stopped once his father passed away. The time was November of 1962, and he was nine years old. It happened a year previous to John F. Kennedy’s assassination, an event that he still associates with the death of his father. Soon the Cuban missile crisis would occur, and the beginning of a new era.

After that, the family moved to a suburb called Evanston, located north of the city of Chicago. There she found employment as a teacher for the third grade. She would later work as an ‘adjustment teacher’, something like a counselor, in the Chicago school system. As a result, Paul was frequently around teachers growing up.

Paul would get into theater for a bit as an extra in eighth grade for Don Quixote. The production starred Peter Strauss, who would go on to other projects. However, Peter got ill and through a shuffling of the understudies Paul was bumped up from an extra to the role of playing the second mule skinner, which came with lines.

He says from there he was hooked by theater. He began acting, singing, and even had a short story published at his local high school in Evanston. He would attend the Boston University School of Fine Arts, studying acting. He then decided that he would transfer to Los Angeles and attend Occidental College. He graduated Phi Beta Kappa and magna cum laude with his A.B. in the subject of Anglo-American literature. He also would place in a short story contest before graduation, winning $20 and his first time being paid for writing.

After that he lived in West Hollywood, teaching English for six years. At the time he was in a rock band, writing for a weekly newspaper. He started writing for the alternative paper after he won a short story contest. He got a check for a hundred dollars. They also asked Paul if he would continue writing for them in the form of being a journalist and not a fiction writer.

He would later answer a Los Angeles Times ad that wanted writers. Even though Paul believed it was probably too good to be true, he took a chance anyway. The gig was writing articles for a homework encyclopedia, and Paul was asked if he wanted to write a book. It would end up being a biography of the right fielder for the Pittsburgh Pirates, Roberto Clemente. It was titled Pride of Puerto Rico and the book would be a best seller.

Since then, Walker has published a number of books. Some are for adults and a large amount are for intermediate as well as young adult readers. He has written books on Greek love poems, books on history, and more. He has had them honored by a variety of places, including the American Library Association, the Children’s Book Council, American Folklore Society, Arkansas Library Association, National Council for the Social Studies, and more. He has also written fiction, notably the William Constable Spy series.

Walker belongs to American Mensa, the Authors Guild, and the Epilepsy Foundation.

Paul Walker is the creator and the author of the William Constable Spy series. The fictional series started in 2019 with the publication of State of Treason. it was followed by the sequel, A Necessary Killing, and the third novel, The Queen’s Devil.

State of Treason is an action packed historical fictional novel from author Paul Walker. The story takes place in 1578 in London and involves everything from torture to conspiracy.

The power of Spain as well as the Catholic League’s increasing influence in France are all adding up to being a threat to Queen Elizabeth as well as the state she rules over. That is precisely why astrologer and physician William Constable is called to see Sir Francis Walsingham, spy master for the Queen.

William is given the task of helping John Foxe, a Puritan, to find out about a cabinet that has an astrological chart as well as a coded message. He must get to the bottom of the cabinet’s secrets, because the chart and message combined claim that the queen has an illegitimate child hidden that will be shown to the public and become an invasion’s focus.

William has to get to the bottom of who is plotting things. Meanwhile, he has no idea they suspect him as well. Even a connection Constable has to a mentor is examined. Constable is led into becoming a court physician and a spy too. Can he figure out what’s going on with the cipher and unravel schemes against the crown?

Whether he likes it or not, William’s drawn into a powerful game as a pawn where the consequences could be far reaching. What will happen? Read this book to find out!

A Necessary Killing is the second novel in the William Constable spy series of fictional novels from Paul Walker! The year is 1579, and William Constable has returned.

He’s now a spy as well as a physician, waiting in Plymouth to go to the New World by boat. The expedition is already suffering from complications, however. Captain Charles Wicken and William’s friend has been accused of murder. A merchant’s son is dead, but testimonies seem off.

William finds out that the Captain is an agent of Walsingham. So he finds evidence that the death and the Captain’s being named an agent could be a plan to hide an invasion plot backed up by Spain and Rome. Sailing is put off to examine the threat. Meanwhile, William is sent to St. Malo for some investigating.

The fleet and his love Helen wait for him while forces align to keep him from getting information to Plymouth. Avoiding agents, can William stop an invasion from happening and live to tell the tale? Read this book to find out!

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