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Publication Order of Paula Maguire Books

The Lost (2013)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Dead Ground (2014)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Silent Dead (2015)Description / Buy at Amazon
Controlled Explosions (2015)Description / Buy at Amazon
A Savage Hunger (2016)Description / Buy at Amazon
Blood Tide (2017)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Killing House (2018)Description / Buy at Amazon

Claire McGowan is a renowned author who was born and raised in a small village which is located in Northern Ireland. After completing a degree in French and English from Oxford University, Claire McGowan relocated to London where she began serving in the charity sector. The Fall is Paula McGuire’s debut novel, which is followed by a book series which features Paula McGuire, a forensic pathologist. Paula McGuire also pens down books under the name Eva Wood.

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The Dead Ground is the second book in the Paula McGuire book series by Claire McGowan. As the second book in the Paula McGuire book series, Dead Ground picks up from where the first installment, The Lost had left off from. Paula McGuire is a forensic psychologist who resides in the small town of Ballyterrin, Northern Ireland. She lives in the small town with her father, who is an ex-police officer as well as the ghost of her dead mother. Paula McGuire works with the local police department, as they try to figure out mysteries together. Ever since she began working with the police, Paula McGuire and the team of detectives have never had to deal with cases that revolved around baby snatching. The small town of Ballyterrin is currently facing cases of baby snatching, where newborn babies are being snatched from the maternity ward.

However, things begin to change, when the first baby, who was snatched ins returned, alive and well. This incidence baffles the community, considering the effort that the snatcher placed when stealing the baby from the maternity ward. Nonetheless, it does not take long before another baby is snatched and this time around the entire community is on watch, wondering, whose baby will be next. A few days later, one of the community’s favorite doctors is killed in cold blood. The entire community is left in shock and disbelief. Paula on the other hand, has her secrets, that she is not willing to tell anyone. This, in turn, makes it exceedingly difficult for Paula to put her personal views aside so that she can focus on the investigation. To make matters worse, the killer might be aware of the secret that Paula has worked so hard to hide.

With this novel, there is a terrific sense of immediacy; the author transports the readers swiftly into the action, and it does not take long before the readers find themselves tramping around in the cold, bantering with the police colleagues and even knocking on doors as well. The history between Paula McGuire and her family, the police who work on both sides of the border and those who are extremely close to Paula McGuire, the protagonist are not only intriguing but also appear worthy of further exploration. The Silent Dead is the third book in the Paula McGuire book series. In this book, the exceedingly intelligent and heavy pregnant protagonist, Paula McGuire is back once again. The author, Claire McGowan brings a fresh novel of Northern Irish Crimes, with her courageous forensic psychologist. We not only get to see Paula McGuire solve crimes but also join the police force. The readers also get to empathize with Paula’s exceedingly complicated personal life.

The story that Claire McGowan presents in this book reminds the readers that there are usually consequences to acts of brutal violence. The main suspects in this book are the Mayday five, who are suspected to be the masterminds behind the bombings that not only claimed lives of innocent civilians bit also caused widespread mayhem. The famous five managed to outwit the court system and were set free. However, it does not take long before all the members of the gang are kidnapped. The members of the gang are not only tortured but are also murdered one by one. Will Paula McGuire and her colleagues be able to locate the mayday five so that they can save their lives in time? Thorough, the protagonist, Paula McGuire and a journalist, the readers get to find out about a community that is dealing with the aftermath of pain and violence. Slowly, the readers get to know about the victims of the bomb and the people who not only cared for them but also loved them as well.

With that said, Paula McGuire is an exceedingly likable character, who from time to time makes mistakes. The author, Claire McGowan, gives the readers so much to think about. The morality of the issue at hand is not a clear cut. Every member of the community knows that someone is connected to the string of murders taking place. The mayor of the town is somehow linked to the dark troubles, considering his background. The Lost is the first book in the Claire McGowan book series. In this book, the author introduces the readers to Paula McGuire, a forensic pathologist who has been sent to her hometown, located in Northern Ireland so that she can work on a case that involves a group of girls who are missing. Paula is also in the town to assist her father who has been sick for quite some time and also who happens to be a retired member of the RUC.

As the story progresses, it becomes evidently clear that Paula is a troubled character who is still recovering from an incidence that happened to her so many years ago. The author, Claire McGowan does not reveal what happened to Paula many years ago, something dark that the protagonist has never gotten over. As the story progresses, Paula’s character grows into an exceedingly likable character. With that said, The Lost is a multi-layered story of bitter memories, lost loved ones and uncovered truths. Throughout this novel is a background story of the tensions within Northern Ireland and the repercussions of the tensions. Despite being a dark tale, The Lost is not a depressing story. It is a story that has been well plotted with a sense of foreboding and well-drawn characters as well. There are several twists, turns, and red herrings as well. All of these aspects make an exceedingly great read. Paula is a character who loves to act on her impulsive nature and instincts as well, which many of the times, normally gets her in trouble.

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