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Publication Order of PAVAD: FBI - Prevention & Analysis of Violent Acts Division Books

PAVAD: FBI is a series of romantic suspense novels written by Calle J. Brookes. The books follow the exploits of the men and women of a special crimes division of the FBI.

+The Story

PAVAD stands for Prevention and Analysis of Violent Acts Division. A special directorate of the FBI, the PAVAD is the brainchild of Edward Dennis, designed to contend with a whole slew of modern crimes from kidnapping to extortion.

The PAVAD employes the most competent agents in the business, FBI operatives that have the capacity to deploy to any corner of the United States that might require their attention at a moment’s notice.

Located in St. Louis, it is within the headquarters of the Prevention and Analysis of Violent Acts Division that the drama of the PAVAD: FBI series plays out. The books are initially designed to mirror your average crime drama.

In fact, the PAVAD: FBI series has been compared to Criminal Minds, a long running drama series on television. Each new PAVAD: FBI book follows the exploits of a new protagonist as he or she contends with a significant crime.

The villain in question typically stands apart either in his intelligence or the demented nature of his crimes. Special emphasis is placed on the operative and his connection to the crime that has been perpetrated.

That personal angle, be it their connection to the victim or the similarity of the present case with a past trauma, drives the PAVAD agent in question to obsess, this resulting in a high stakes game that can only end with the protagonist dead or the criminal in chains.

The PAVAD: FBI books could be dismissed as generic suspense thrillers if it wasn’t for the romantic aspect that often develops between the protagonist at the heart of the case in question and the man or woman who either inhibits their work or accompanies them in their investigative efforts.

Often, it is a case of two operatives that are forced to work together and, along the way, fall in love. Calle J. Brookes, the author succeeds primarily in developing the relationship between her protagonists and generating the romantic spark that makes their interactions that much more dramatic.

Interestingly enough, as intense as the spark between Calle’s hero and heroine gets, the author rarely delivers in the arena of sex. These books tend to steer clear of the erotic aspect that plagues most romance novels.

And even the sex scenes that Calle delivers are mild, muted and limited in their quantity. But for most readers, that is a boon instead of a criticism because it makes the PAVAD: FBI series more accessible to younger readers for whom the contents of the typical romance novel might be unsuitable.

The PAVAD series differs from Calle’s popular paranormal novels primarily in the area of length. While the author’s Dardanos books, for instance, have been criticized for being too short, the PAVAD: FBI books tend to run on for much longer than is necessary, primarily because Calle drags the story out.

Those complaints are often forgotten in the wake of the praise that Calle attracts over the exciting story progression, character development and enticing writing she delivers in the PAVAD: FBI series.

According to Calle J. Brookes, the secret of her success in this arena can be imputed to her ability to create real characters. Despite the larger-than-life stories at play, the women in the PAVAD books are real.

They hurt and love and laugh like anyone else and that makes them that much easier to cheer for. Calle’s men are typical alpha makes with a soft center, but no one expected Calle to eliminate that particular trope.

After all, Alpha males are a staple of the romance genre.

The one problem that Calle has struggled to resolve in these books is her inability to balance the romance and crime drama storylines. The transition between intense romance and gritty crime drama isn’t always smooth.

+The Author

Calle J. Brookes is a successful self-published author that is responsible for the PAVAD: FBI series and the Dardanos books. The author describes herself as sophisticated, playful and fun.

Calle first picked up the writing habit when she was nine. By the time she was eleven, Calle had been struck by the romance bug. She stumbled upon a couple of Harlequin books that changed her life.

Before becoming a successful indie author, Calle worked as a journalist. However, the career path didn’t’ stick and Calle realized that she wouldn’t be happy until she produced her own stories.

The PAVAD: FBI books are special to Calle J. Brookes. The author loves crime dramas and the PAVAD books allow her to dip into that passion. Calle isn’t much of a planner. She prefers to let her characters lead her to their destined end.

Calle does keep a few story bibles on hand, notebooks filled with the biographies of her characters, not to mention the rules of the paranormal worlds she creates. Calle wasn’t too keen on keeping such detailed notes on her various series.

But after attempting to churn out books from more than one series at the same time and finding that she was mixing up her concepts and ideas, Calle was convinced to jot a few of her ideas down.


Doctor Georgia Dennis cannot wait to get out from under the authority of her Boss. Michael Hellbrook does not understand her. Georgia has no patience for criminals. As far as she’s concerned, those who prey on the weak deserve all the pain and punishment they garner.

Hellbrook isn’t as driven, and he seems to take offense with many of Georgia’s personal and professional decisions. So Georgia isn’t too pleased when she is forced to work with Hellbrook to hunt down a sociopath with a penchant for killing women who look like her.

But Georgia is willing to tough it out, even when sparks begin to fly between her and Hellbrook.


Special Agent Carrie Sparks shouldn’t have let herself get too close to the case. But the missing girl’s plight struck a chord in Carrie’s heart, and now she knows she won’t stop until she brings her home.

Unit Chief Sebastian Lorcan has had his sights on Carrie ever since she came to the PAVAD Division. And there was no doubt in his mind that he could trust her to deliver results when his friend’s daughter ran away.

But Lorcan quickly regrets the decision when he learns that someone out there is searching for Carrie and their intentions are not all that good.

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