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Pawsitively Organic Mystery Books In Order

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Publication Order of Pawsitively Organic Mysteries Books

Kneading to Die (2013)Description / Buy at Amazon
A Biscuit, a Casket (2014)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Icing on the Corpse (2015)Description / Buy at Amazon
Murder Most Finicky (2015)Description / Buy at Amazon
Custom Baked Murder (2016)Description / Buy at Amazon
Purring Around the Christmas Tree (2017)Description / Buy at Amazon
Murder, She Meowed (2019)Description / Buy at Amazon

Kristan decided to leave Hartford Connecticut. This was after the unfair downsize in the job that she held as a PR. The job was paying highly but had high pressures too. She had to take a breather and move to a different direction as far as her life was concerned in Pawsitively Organic Mystery.

Kristan always knew she was home after arriving at her Victorian in Frog edge home which she newly purchased. The town itself was too small in that everyone knew the kind of business you are operating.

Her boyfriend always disagreed with her so he pressured her get a different job before any regrets. The boyfriend had to commute in order to see her thus he was not happy about it. She always had her protests but the boyfriend constantly arranged interviews for her.

Stan then was in a fix after she visited the vet Maine coon nutty. The vet was found dead and her body was sprinkled with kibble. For the fact that Stan was the one who found the body, she automatically became a suspect in that murder.

The small town people always had the notion of blaming the outsiders. Stan found it hard to know who to trust in her seeking to clear herself in Kneading to die’. As the case was unfolding, Stan childhood friend Nikki Manning was also under suspicion. He was the owner of the business Pet’s Last Chance.

Nikki however was in a position to deliver some of the information concerning the deceased and vets death motive. Kristan is involved in the baking of pet’s healthy treats. They are mainly made from scratch just like is in the case for people cookies the only difference that can be seen is lack of additives that is in most cases found in dog and cat food.

Below explains Biography on characters involved in Pawsitively Organic Mystery.

Stan Connor: she was in corporate relations. This was at Irving Vance Financial Hartford, conn and she really loved her life there. She spent most of the time preparing speeches, travelling, feasting on fancy dinners and cocktails from San Francisco to Manhattan.

She did this since she was the primary spokesperson and she really enjoyed large expense account. She continued doing this till the time she became the scapegoat after the company president hit the press in a manner that was considered unflattering.

The president however was able to emerge unscathed from the scandal. Stan’s career on the other hand went into flames in few seconds and that’s when she became unemployed.

By losing her identity Stan made a surprise move. She gave up her condo that was in West Hartford and then moved to Hopeville small town. Her boyfriend Richard Ruse was also among the people that were surprised. Hopeville is so small that all the people know each other they are all common neighbors. Stan settled nicely with the people in Hopeville despite her affinity for stiletto heels and designer labels.

Nutty the Maine Coon: Nutty was one of the people who visited Stan condo complex three years ago, he was dragged by his sensational tail to the ground and his fur was all ratty.

In most cases when Stan went outside, Nutty was always in the little ball that was always sad and was in the common area. Every time Stan went to investigate and was getting dark, he was still there. He decided to give her a sad little meow when lifting his head.

She never had plans of keeping him when she took him to the vet. The vet on the other side thought that a car hit him. He had a sprained leg and a sore back. Stan decided to take him home. They then agreed to give it a try for nights and find out how they liked each other.

At that point Stan picked cat food for Nutty. He instead turned his nose at it and cried at the window for the next two days. That’s when Stan remembered a recipe from her Gram’s. They decided to bake from scratch the cat treats which made the neighborhood cats to go nuts. He decided to give her a sad little meow when lifting his head.

It was at that night that she also cobbled some ingredients together and was able to bake peanut butter together with the spelt treats. She then extended her warm serve to her new friend who was in all that time in the kitchen watching carefully full of interest as she did the mixing and used cookie cutter to create shapes of hearts.

He almost ate the whole bunch as he went nuts for them. At that particular night he made sure he didn’t cry at the window but made sure he snugged in bed with Stan. At that particular time she thought and felt Nutty would make a good name for him. The two have been together from that moment.

Izzy sweet: this is one person that bonded with Isabella immediately. She happened to be the owner of coffee shop, gourmet chocolate and the Izzy sweet. Izzy is new to town and she managed to buy Greasy Diner after the owner died.

She took the shop and immediately transformed it to a sweet shop that is considered to be high end and among the things that they serve in the shop is flavored coffee.

Char and Raymond Mackey: They own Gift shop, an alpaca farm and Alpaca Haven Bed and breakfast. Char happens to be bringing a part of New Orleans in all that she touches despite displaced from the southern belle. Raymond on the other hand is a handyman that is always willing to do volunteering jobs. This is one of the traits that makes him unique.

Nikkie Manning: This has been one of the Stan’s friends since they were young. Nikki is also an animal advocate and runs a business by the name Pets’ Last chance. This is a transport and rescue organization and is hell bent to find the perfect dog for Stan.

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