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Publication Order of Pax Arcana Books

The Pax Arcana series is a series of urban fantasy books written by one of the best known American novelists named Elliot James. This series consists of a total of 5 books and 7 short stories, which were published between the years 2013 and 2016. The fifth novel is expected to be published sometime in the year 2017. In this interesting series, author James has described the main protagonist in the form of the character of John Charming. In order to give a detailed description of John Charming’s character, author James has all those former stories which feature Prince Charming in the central role. He has said the Prince Charmings tend to slay the monsters, and chase their female love interests. Sometimes, they also get turned into something else. With the help of the stories mentioned in this urban fantasy series, author James has tried to say that all those characters from the older stories who keep wandering in the forests as confused and maimed after being cursed or jacked by a beastie are John Charming’s ancestors. The stories continue to show that John Charming carries forward his ancestral tradition by messing with all those things from which he is advised to stay away. In doing so, John Charming feels very proud. During one such activity, he goes to the extent of messing with the werewolves. Initially, he does not think this case would turn very rough on him somewhere down the line. Continuing with John Charming story, author James has described him as residing in a world where the magicking and the humankind are prevented from coming in each other’s way because of a glamor that is called as Pax Arcana.

There exists a secret order in John Charming’s world, which is comprised of knights resembling those from the modern eras. These knights are known as the Knights Templar and are mostly involved in keeping the humankind protected from the magickind. Even John Charming has been described as one such knight by author James. But, his knighthood remains only for a certain period of time, after which something happens to him and he gets changed into something else. After changing, he takes the shape of the creature that the knights usually hunt. Even he used to hunt such creatures when he used to be a knight. Now, due to the unwanted change, John Charming is forced to be on the run all the time and keep himself hidden in all those places’ shadows where he used to walk without any fear. Also, he keeps changing his identity continuously so as to prevent himself from getting recognized by the knights. John Charming even decides to live off the grid and do whatever it takes to ensure his safety. According to author James, all the plots that he has shown in the series are simple to read and straightforward. There aren’t many twists and turns in the any of the stories. The stories often follow Conan the Barbarian’s route and revolve around John’s adventures in which he journeys through the dark magic filled world. In most of the stories, John Charming is seen setting the wrong things to right and protecting the innocent people. The series features some of the most intriguing events and game changing characters that tend to have a deep impact on the mind of the readers. Among the interesting characters introduced in the series other than John Charming are Sig Norresdotter and a few others. The overall series is full of numerous sequences of fighting, screaming, kissing, as well as many other exciting stuff.

An earlier book written by author James in the Pax Arcana series is titled as ‘Fearless’, which was published in 2015 by the Orbit publishers. Author James has set this book in the New York City and Tatum in New York, United States. The story depicts John Charming as trying to protect the virgins in the city, which includes a 19 year old named Kevin Kichida. At the beginning, it is shown that someone is trying to kill Kevin Kichida and this person who lives somewhere else is believed to be equipped with numerous magical predators. The only relief for Kevin Kichida is that he lives in a place where the newly appointed sheriff is Ted Cahill, an old friend of John Charming. After some time, numerous attacks begin to take place on Kevin Kichida and all of them seem to follow a specific pattern. John and Ted try to follow the leads on those patterns. The more they try to get closer to the magical predators, the deeper they seem to stick in a maze full of family secrets, supernatural threats, as well as some age old betrayals. When John Charming begins to learn about the whole matter, he comes to know that Kevin Kichida is not just a victim of the predators, but a sacrifice that is long due at their hands. He also realizes that all the leads that he was following before were only meant to divert their attention from the most important thing.

Another interesting book written by Elliot James in this series of urban fantasy novels was released under the title ‘In Shining Armor’. The book was originally published by Orbit publication in the year 2016. Author James has described the important characters in this book other than John Charming as a small baby named Constance as well as several others. At the start of the intriguing plot, it is shown that someone abducts the last living descendant of the Knights Templar’s Grandmaster. Due to this, the situation does not look good as the knights seemed to be extremely angry because of the kidnapping. However, things tend to become even worse when it is learned that a baby holds the key to a tenuous agreement between the knights and a large pack of werewolves to form an alliance. But the baby named Constance is the descendant who gets kidnapped. Now, the werewolves and knights tend to be at the throat of each other while searching for baby Constance. The kidnapper seems to be in a lot of trouble because he did not count on the fact that Constance is also John Charming’s goddaughter. Now, he will not stop at anything to find Constance and make the kidnapper pay for his mistake. Even though John does not have any experience as a parent, but he is about to show how mean he can become when someone tries to harm his family.

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