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Publication Order of Peacemaker Books

The Peacemaker is a series of nine books, written by authors John Harvey and Angus Wells, under the combination pen name, William S. Brady. This series is an all time classic western pulp fiction, written from 1981 to 1984 and is highly recommended reading material to anyone who loves cowboys and Indians (but especially cowboys!) The series is set in the time just after the civil war took place in America. The main character, John T. McLain, decides to move towards the town of Garrison in Texas to find himself some peace of mind after the war. He meets companions, namely Bloody Bill Anderson, Butcher Harvey and Josey Wales. The books tell of their adventures and all take place in this small, dry and dusty place.

John McLain has been described as a man ready to kill to keep the peace.’ He doesn’t take kindly to trouble and doesn’t deal well with nonsense matters. The civil war taught him a thing or two about the world and more importantly, how to kill to protect that which he holds dear to him. He will let nothing get in the way of himself and maintaining peace for the innocents in the town of Garrison, which never had a lawman to begin with in the series. A very serious and action oriented main character, John McLain is the iconic western symbol for cowboys everywhere. His character begins in the first book as not having much of a depth, but as the series goes on, he develops more of an identity as a keeper of the peace in Garrison. McLain was always somewhat a mysterious loner throughout the series, even though he does meet companions on the way in his many struggles and adventures. He is more the type of character to get the job done by himself. A western vigilante, he keeps the series moving at an exciting pace with his epic determination and sense of justice. He would fight to “the depths of hell” if it would mean securing his vision of peace.

The books themselves stick to traditional western fiction style writing. They are incredibly fast-paced, full of non-stop action and confrontations, with just that little pinch of romance to keep one on one’s toes. Each book features a prologue that contains a juicy recapping of the previous book in the series, so it’s not so important to read the series chronologically from beginning to end to know what’s going on. The series develops all the characters as it progresses and by the end one is very familiar with McLain and the town he serves to protect to maintain sanctuary for all. The authors who wrote this book were known as the Piccadilly Cowboys’ and this series is actually one of their more violent and graphic western works, giving much more details during combat scenes of the books. Some of the books do also contain adult themes and content, such as the bad guys raping one of the towns women Mary Koch, in book four Lynch Law’. As an interesting side note, all the characters in the series have names based off the author’s names (John Harvey and Angus Wales) and suggests the authors’ desires to be in on the action!

In Comanche!’ the first book, arriving to Garrison is not so easy for John McLain. After following a trail of a guerrilla rebel group from the war, he is stopped on the way in to Garrison by a band of Indians who stole his horse and forced him into a bloody struggle with the Comanche. He uncovers more about the rebel group and defends the town against Indian threats and raids in an upheaval that was far more violent than the war he had just emerged from. He fights to get the peace he is seeking for, to live out his dream life in non-violence and in the end, just like any good western, good always triumphs over evil – but will it be able to stay that way? It is clearly shown in the books to follow that this is not the case however…

In the third book, Whiplash’, McLain’s efforts to enforce peace are completely thwarted by a gang of dangerous renegades, leaded by Zac Moffat. This team of infamous scoundrels will stop at nothing to get what they want by force and cold-blooded murder. The town by then has nobody else to turn to to protect themselves, except this new and mysterious settler, John McLain. Armed with his trusty Colt’s Dragoons pistols and sharp carbine, John must defeat this band of callous criminals. Their leader Moffat, whip in hand and little disregard for human life is one of the most daunting opponent’s McLain has yet to face, in a bloody confrontation that could well put our hero’s dreams to rest.

In the Fifth book Bloodrun’, the town of Garrison experiences growth and gets in a stagecoach, connecting it to other towns in the area. One can only imagine the interest that this brought about, the great burst of economy and introduction of gold to Garrison, but at the same time, the troubles that followed on too. McLain is once again called upon by the townsfolk to help save their economy as bandits and a few Comanche are attacking the stagecoach, their only source of trade with outside towns. You can bet he saves the day, after many different sides attempt to carry out plans to attach the riches traveling along the stagecoach. This book reaches it’s climax in bloody confrontation, in which there will only be one victor to claim the commerce of the town.

The series continued to expand with the town and to show the adventures of McLain and how he perpetually keeps the peace. Full of intrigue, action, morality issues, bold decisions, mysterious criminal acts, mature content and a huge emphasis on justice, Peacemaker involves all the best elements of a good western series and makes for many fans out there, a very compelling read.western series are the best series that you wont be able to miss.The series will always make you happy when you feel down.McLAIN will always makes you happy and happy to the series.

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