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Peggy Sherman was born in Ohio and attended The Ohio State University. She lived in eastern Canada, New Mexico, and north Florida before she and her husband retired to the mountains of western North Carolina. They live with three much-loved dogs, two cats, and two chickens.

Peggy was an English major in college and worked as an editor for more than a decade before retirement. In addition to writing, she is an avid reader and enjoys a variety of craft projects. Writing fiction started out as a hobby, but she soon realized how creative the process is, and decided she wanted the finished product to be published and shared.


Annie Bingham was born in Lexington, Kentucky. After graduating from high school, she began working as a server in an upscale restaurant. After a few years at that job, she decided to save her money and go to college to prepare herself for a better career. She had enough saved when her boyfriend, Mark, stole the money and spent it on a new girlfriend. In a rage fueled in part by bourbon, Annie took his life while he slept. She then fled Lexington on a bus going across the country.

Charlotte Mannery was born into wealth and grew up surrounded by purebred horses on a large ranch in Virginia. She had an idyllic childhood, riding horses in much the way her school friends rode bicycles. When she was an adult working at a desk job, she received a letter informing her that she had come into a very large inheritance. She flew to Texas, home of her deceased benefactor, to finalize the process. Overwhelmed by family suddenly descending on her, she needed some time to adjust to her new situation. She boarded a bus in Amarillo, with no specific destination plan.

Annie and Charlotte met on the cross-country bus. They made the decision to get off the bus together in small-town Howe, Arizona. In Howe, they rented rooms in a large Victorian house owned by Mrs. Robinson. They found jobs, Charlotte at the local newspaper, Annie at a used bookstore. Their friendship deepened.

Meanwhile, Mark’s body was discovered in Annie’s apartment. A week’s time had passed since the murder, and they only got as far in their search for Annie as discovering she got on a bus traveling west across the country. The case began to get cold soon after it started.

Peter Burkholder was a journalist working in Phoenix. He was forced to leave that job and move to Howe to take care of his ailing parents. He found a job at the Howe newspaper and formed a friendship with Charlotte. Peter’s passion was true crime. He monitored cases throughout the country by way of podcasts, blogs, and online videos. When the Lexington police released photos of Annie and Mark to popular social media platforms, Peter recognized Charlotte’s friend, Annie, as the killer.

FBI agents Milo Cates and Damon Washington were alerted to Annie’s presence in Howe.

Annie finds herself once more having to escape to a new town in order to stay one step ahead of her pursuers.

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