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Publication Order of Pelican Bay Books

Locked in Silence (2017)Description / Buy at Amazon
Sanctuary Found (2018)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Truth Within (2018)Description / Buy at Amazon
More Than Enough (2022)Description / Buy at Amazon
Chasing Secrets (2023)Description / Buy at Amazon

Pelican Bay Series

Offering plenty of romance and heartbreak, American author Sloane Kennedy is well-known for her engaging and thrilling romance. Crafting fun and entertaining stories that really capture the attention of the readers, she combines tension, suspense, and passion to thrilling effect. This approach to writing has definitely managed to engage countless readers from around the world, really setting her in a league of her own. Featuring strong leading characters, she has made herself a household name for many around the world, finding popularity and success worldwide.

Over the course of her literary career Sloane Kennedy has produced a large quantity of novels that have really resonated. Many of her books have been series, as she’s produced franchises that have ensured readers return for more time and time again. Creating long-lasting series she has established characters and arcs that have left a real impact on audiences from all over far and wide. Whether it’s romance or thriller, she always manages to excel, building a real sense of momentum throughout each of her stories.

A series that she’s particularly well-regarded for is that of her Pelican Bay series of novels, as they exemplify some of the best Sloane Kennedy has to offer. With over five books in the series so far and counting, there’s always lots more room to continue expanding on her series indefinitely. Each book in the series is set in the location of Pelican Bay, with an entirely stand-alone romance novel and a self-contained narrative. Many of the characters are featured crossing over into each of the novels, although they can be read on their own as stand-alone titles.

Characters are a key element of this particular series, as it’s the people that inhabit Pelican Bay that really drives the stories forwards. Even though they can be read on their own, they do offer a lot for returning fans, with ongoing arcs and narratives to become invested in. There’s a lot more potential for the series to carry on into the future as well, with more books set for release on the horizon.

Locked In Silence

Setting up the ‘Pelican Bay’ series of novels, this is the first in the series, with it introducing the world for the first time. Released initially in 2017 on the 19th of September, the series itself takes place in Minnesota, with the fictional town of Pelican Bay being located there. This book focuses on the lead characters of Nolan Grainger and Dallas Kent, following their story for the duration of the novel.

Believing he’s left his small home-town in the rear-view mirror, Nolan Grainger has to return ten years later back to Pelican Bay. As a successful concert violinist, his wealthy benefactor and lover decide to take him down after feeling he’s gotten too high, and Nolan heads back home after hearing his father has had a stroke. Using his money to save the family losing their home, he must then turn to one man he’d hoped he’d never have to turn to again. Will they both be able to overcome the past, can Nolan move on with his life, and what shall become of them as they’re locked in silence?

The world-building here is exemplary, as it establishes the fantastic premise and setting, really laying the groundwork for the books to come. Introducing readers to the town of Pelican Bay, it invites them lose themselves essentially within its rich and highly varied world. Building a real ambiance as well, it feels wholly immersive, paving the way for a series that is set to be quite different and unique.

As a character, Nolan Grainger is the ideal protagonist for setting up this series too, as the reader really cares about what happens to him. Looking at his love-life and the men he meets, it’s a heartfelt story that definitely delivers on every single level, right to the final page. The secondary characters are also well developed, with much of the cast set to be returning in future books that are to follow.

Sanctuary Found

This would arrive in 2018 on the 25th of February, and it would be the second book in the ‘Pelican Bay’ series of novels. Following on from the first it would provide another stand-alone and self-contained romance that can easily read on its own, but provides plenty to enjoy for those reading in order as well. Published by Sloane Kennedy herself, it would arrive on the Kindle format, and pave the way for ‘The Truth Within’ to follow later that year, and then ‘More Than Enough’ in 2022 and ‘Chasing Secrets.’

Returning home to help his brother with his wildlife sanctuary, Maddox Kent wants to mend the rift between them both. At thirty-two-years of age, Maddox’s once stellar military career has suddenly been cut short, and now he must return to Pelican Bay, and that’s when twenty-one-year old Isaac turns up with his own younger brother in tow. The two of them share a bond and chemistry that seems to be building between them both, as they enjoy each other’s company. Will they both find what they’re looking for, can they put the past behind them, and how will life fare with their sanctuary found?

Another perfect inclusion to the series, making for a great second novel, really capturing the essence of the first and what made it work. The characters are once again pitch perfect too, with strong voices, making for an engaging premise for the duration of the novel. When it deals with tougher themes it manages them with sensitivity and care, as it’s an all-round well-written romance book.

The Pelican Bay Series

It’s a romance series that knows exactly what it is and precisely what it’s doing, and that is to entertain the reader. Having fun with the format, it constantly takes it in new and exciting directions, constantly providing further twists and turns. Readers are constantly guessing as to what’s coming next, continually turning the page for more, as it makes for addictive reading throughout. There’s a strong sense of personality underlying each of the stories as well, giving them a message, ensuring they’ll endure for a long time yet.

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