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Penny Dee is an author of contemporary romance books featuring bikers, rockstars, and hockey players. For this reason, her stories are full of suspense, chemistry, and sexual heat. She is married to an Australian hottie she met on a blind date.

Jack is the first book in Penny Dee’s contemporary romance series King of Mayhem MC Tennessee. The story features a 40-year-old MC president, Jack Dillinger, and Bronte Vale as the main characters, and it’s told from a dual point of view of the two main characters.

Five years ago, Jack lost his brother to a bullet meant for him, and in the aftermath, Jack vowed to pursue anyone with a connection to his brother’s death. Fast forward, we meet Cooper’s best friend Bronte as she arrives at Jack’s home without any notification as she’s haunted by the ghosts from her past. Someone is secretly stalking her, and Bronte is scared for her life. As texts, messages, and emails continue to threaten Bronte’s life, Jack struggles with his feelings for her. What builds up from this point is a slow-burn romance, a true relationship between Jack and Bronte, and a potential fallout as the stalker is determined to do whatever it takes to put her down.

Penny Dee did a fantastic job creating a contemporary romance novel that feels true and real to the heart. Our heroine Bronte Vale has been in love with Jack for as long as she can remember having spent her childhood with Jack’s brother and the MC. On the other hand, Jack is grieving his brother’s death and finds the 15-year age gap between him and Bronte somehow awkward. Returning to college, Bronte knows too well that it’s time for her to move on, but the stalker continues to make her life a living hell, forcing her to face the only man that calls to her heart.

The relationship between Jack and Bronte is what we call an age-gap romance. This is because Jack struggles between his heart and mind. His heart wants Bronte, but he can’t get his sense of the fact that their relationship is awkward. All the members of the MC see that there is something between the two main characters, but Jack always pushes back whenever he thinks about the woman his heart has fallen in love with. However, Bronte is determined to prove to the man she loves that their love is worth it, but one misstep by Jack pushes her out of his life. The sex scenes in this novel are out of this world, intimate, erotic, passionate, and intense.

The author also introduces the readers to a wide range of secondary characters, most of whom are members of the MC Tennessee. We also meet Jack’s half-sister Faith and some of Bronte’s friends, such as Riley, Sebastian, and a cop named Johnson. Overall, Jack is a tale of revenge, betrayal, power struggle, family, relationship, loss, and love. The premise is both edgy and tragic, but the romance is provocative, seductive, and filled with lively and energetic characters.

The Devil’s Den is a standalone novel by Penny Dee, published in 2023. The story is told from the dual perspectives of Nico and Bella. It’s a story of the second chance relationship between Bella and Nico. Nico seeks retribution from the person responsible for his mother’s murder, explicitly naming Bella Isle Ciccula. The result is a planned marriage and a forced closeness relationship, both of which Bella tries to escape. What follows is the rekindling of Bella and Nico’s romance and relationship and the fallout from another family’s struggle for power in New York City that targets our main characters.

Nico and Bella’s love is based on second chances. Bella and Nico were childhood sweethearts who continued to be together as adults. However, treachery has a price, and our marriage was ripped apart due to our fathers’ actions. When they reconnected years later, their initial love had been replaced by animosity, with each person blaming one another for everything that had gone wrong. The sexual encounters are passionate, personal, and seductive.

Vincent Isle Ciccula, the father of Bella, their sister Arianna, their dad Gio De Kysa, Nico’s PA Anastacia, and Nico’s ex-girlfriend Amelie La Trobe are all presented.

THE DEVIL’S DEN is a well-known tale of authority and control, betrayal and retaliation, love and loss, and acceptance and forgiveness. The plot moves quickly and is dark, gritty, and dramatic. The novel’s world-building aspect is thorough, the romance is intriguing, and the characters are strong, hurt, and resolute.

The third book in Penny Dee’s adult contemporary THE KINGS OF MAYHEM MC TENNESSEE erotic. This is the story of exotic dancer Rory Jones Murphy and Sargent at Arms Ares Salvatore. A standalone reading of ARES is not tricky. Where appropriate, any important details from earlier storylines are disclosed.

WARNING: For more sensitive readers, there may be triggers, given the nature of the story’s concept.

ARES follows Rory Jones as she travels to Flintlock, Tennessee, in pursuit of our story’s main character. It is told from two first-person viewpoints (Rory and Ares), using present-day events and past recollections. Ares’ notoriety is well known to Rory, and she is interested in hiring him for his murderous abilities. Our protagonist suffered nine years in prison for a crime he did not commit. As a result, Ares was hired as an assassin until the Kings of Mayhem accepted him as one of their own.

However, Ares’ history has caught up with our protagonist, and someone is seeking revenge on our protagonist. Although the heart loves what the intellect knows is bad, Rory wasn’t expecting to fall for the guy they nickname “Ares, the Giant.” In the meantime, a psychopath kills people in the name of the “seven deadly sins,” and the murders are happening too often. What follows is the development of Rory and Ares’ connection and growing romance, as well as the possibility for conflict if the truth is discovered and our main characters become the target of a murderer.

Rory Jones seeks retribution for the death of a loved one, but falling in love with Ares wasn’t ever on her agenda. Ares becomes attracted to Rory like a moth to a flame right away, but he has doubts that Rory is speaking the truth, and as a result, he finds it difficult to let go of his feelings for her.

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