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Publication Order of Pepper Martin Books

Don of the Dead (2006)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Chick and the Dead (2007)Description / Buy at Amazon
Tombs of Endearment (2007)Description / Buy at Amazon
Night of the Loving Dead (2008)Description / Buy at Amazon
Dead Man Talking (2009)Description / Buy at Amazon
Tomb with a View (2010)Description / Buy at Amazon
A Hard Day's Fright (2011)Description / Buy at Amazon
Wild Wild Death (2012)Description / Buy at Amazon
Supernatural Born Killers (2012)Description / Buy at Amazon
Graveyard Shift (2017)Description / Buy at Amazon

If you are an admirer of a good old mystery , you will surely love Pepper Martin. She is the main character in Casey Daniels’ paranormal mystery series comprising of nine books. She has been described as a beautiful, smart and chic lady. The series portrays Pepper Martin as a rich kid with no need to work. She lived-off of her dad’s (a surgeon) and fiance’s wealth. Until one day, her dad was convicted for committing fraud and her fiance ran away, abandoning her. Pepper tries to get a hold of her situation by working at the only job she could get; a tour guide at a cemetery. Things look okay for a while until one day in a freakish turn of events, she hits her head on a headstone. Pepper later discovers that the accident left her with an ability to communicate with the dead! She wakes up to find that she could hear voices coming from the dark, only it wasn’t coming from the dark! Even in her wildest dreams she hadn’t imagined that she would be able to see the dead. Her life is turned around as she chats up with the dead who have their own demands from her. Read these books and experience how a once rich girl with a luxurious lifestyle turns into a medium/psychic solving mysteries to help the dead. Join her in a series of quests to help the dead and get rid of them for good. Here is a brief overview of each part:-(#1) Don of the Dead ; This is the first book of the paranormal mystery series featuring Penny Morgan. Details of Penny’s perfect and posh life before the bizarre accident are mentioned in this book. As you read through this book you can see the transformation of Penny. How a once unemployed kid is forced to work while dealing with the heartbreak caused by her fiance’s abandonment. Her first ghost is of a Mafia don (Gus Scarpetti), who joins her tour group one day. Penny thinks that she is loosing it as she knew that Gus was gunned down years ago. What would he demand from Penny? Will she be able to fulfill his wishes? If not, what happens to her? Find out in this exciting and nerve thrilling book.
(#2) The Chick and the Dead ; Penny needs her peace and quite, but it is getting harder to attain with her ability. The ghost never shut up and it is driving Penny crazy. This time she is approached by the ghost of a deceased writer named Didi Bowman. This poodle skirt wearing ghost from the beyond demands justice for herself. She complains that her sister (Merilee) stole her book and took all the credit for it. Penny needs to earn something to pay for herself so she decided to take up a job as Merilee’s assistant. While on the job she decides to snoop around a little and dig up their family tree. What will she find? Will she be able to bring Didi to justice? Read this novel to join Penny in yet another adventure. Join her as goes back and forth in her romantic ventures.
(#3) Tombs of Endearment ; Penny finds herself face to face with an old rock legend, Damon Curtis who died before she was even born. She is initially taken over by his boyish charms and still moving lyrics. But as she finds out that Damon wants her help in capturing his murderer. The rock legend blames his former band mate, Vinnie Pallucci for his death and wants him to pay for his actions. How will Penny help this rock star? Will she be able to gather enough evidence against him? Find out in this thrilling plot filled with twists and turns you wouldn’t be expecting!

(#4) Night of the Loving Dead ; Life is getting boring for Penny. Her paranormal adventures have made social and professional life boring. As she faces boredom on a daily basis, Penny meets an apparition named Madeline. Madeline used to work with Dr Dan Callahan who’s life was now in great danger. Pepper is forced to help her as Dr Dan once saved Pepper’s life. Read this book with a romantic plot, filled with suspense and featuring the ugliness of obsessive love twisting fates.

(#5) Dead Man Talking ; Pepper is now a well experienced paranormal mystery detective. This time she has to help restoration of the cemetery she works at. But wait, there is more to the plot. The owner of the cemetery has decided to make this restoration a reality TV show called Cemetery Survivors. All contestants compete with each other to restore the cemetery, this show is covered by the local PBS channel. To add more twists to Penny’s life, ghost of a convict (Jefferson Lamar) appears demanding her to help him clear his name. He was convicted for the murder of a girl. Penny hesitates as she fears that this might be her final case!

(#6) Tomb with a view ; Pepper is asked to with the organization of a commemoration to James A. Garfield. She is teamed up with a super annoying Garfield-fanatic Marjorie Klinker. Pepper does not agree with this newly formed partnership and wishes her (Marjorie) to be dead. Soon enough someone kills Marjorie leaving behind everyone in shock. Join Pepper in her mission to uncover the secrets behind Marjorie’s death and her nerve gripping interaction with the former president!
(#7) A Hard Day’s Fright ; In this book Pepper uncovers the secrets from the golden era of our beloved band ‘The Beatles. The year 1966, a young girl named Lucy attends ‘The Beatles’ concert. She kissed Paul at the end of the concert and leaves for home. Only mystery is, why she never made it home? What happened on the way home? Find your answers as the tour guide and accidental PI, Penny searches for clues to the decades old anomaly.
(#8) Wild Wild Death ; Pepper is broke and jobless with an ever troubling case of talking ghosts. This book features Pepper’s journey to New Mexico to help her kidnapped friend, Dan. She is accompanied by a ghost of a Native American who is excited to visit the land of his ancestors. Pepper is attacked as she stumbles upon the trail of a clever murderer who is so far careful in committing crimes.Read this suspense pilling story with living and dead characters.
(#9) Supernatural Born Killers ; Pepper’s life takes a huge leap forward as she gets her old job back with a promotion. She is the new relations manager of the cemetery. She is busy planning a annual party, she needs new sponsors for the cemetery. Her problems however increase as a murdered ghost creates anomalies everywhere, leaving a trail of bodies. Once again Pepper finds her free time being put to use for paranormal reasons. To her wildest surprise, Pepper finds out that the ghost is her cop-boyfriend’s (Quinn) ex-partner (Jack Haggarty). She rushes to Quinn for help but he refuses to acknowledge her ability to talk with the dead. Bodies are piling every second as Pepper tries to convince her boyfriend that she is not a phony.
The character of Pepper:-The author, Casey Daniels has successfully portrayed a cute, sharp and smart character of Pepper Martin. Through the books a clear transformation of the lead can be observed. Rising from the ashes of a rich kid depending on her father and fiance for her amenities, Pepper rises a new self dependent woman with courage to take risks. She leaves no page/stone un-turned in her quest of finding answers. The plot is perfected with a blend of paranormal with suspense, drama, thriller and occasional romance. Fighting life’s battles and killing her demons, Pepper is the perfect character to fit this genre of story. The reader can easily relate to the characters in this book (specially Pepper) which is how this book hooks a reader so easily.
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  1. Wendy Singh: 2 years ago

    I had a hard time getting through the first two chapters of the first book, not anything to do with the writing or the story it was just me getting into the book without interruptions… I am on the third book and love Pepper and the series she’s a hoot who’s character has grown and become even more sassier…Love the characters and the stories in each book.. what a great story teller you are.


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