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The Pepper Thai Cookbook: Family Recipes from Everyone's Favorite Thai Mom (With: Garrett Snyder) (2021)Description / Buy at Amazon

Pepper Teigen
Pepper Teigen is a food and drinks author best known for The Pepper Thai Cookbook. Born in Thailand in the 1960s, this author enjoyed the best of the local cuisine.

Her mother sold food just outside her home, so she learned how to cook and source fresh produce from an early age. Teigen later moved to the US but still did everything possible to cook healthy Thai foods for her family.

She says that her daughter, celebrated supermodel Chrissy Teigen started appreciating these dishes the older she grew, and she is one of the people who pushed her to write this book.

Pepper Teigen lives in Los Angeles with her daughter Chrissy, son-in-law John Legend, and her two grandkids, Miles and Luna.

The Pepper Thai Cookbook
The Pepper Thai Cookbook comes with 80 Thai-ish recipes that are sure to make your mouth water. In this little cookbook, you will find easy-to-make yet delicious crispy and garlicky wings that the author makes for John’s football Sundays.

She has also included the ramen noodles and ground pork, scallions, and cabbage dish that she made for her daughter for years, and it remains her favorite to date.

Her grandkids’ favorites are also included in this bookmaking this a perfect choice if you are looking for recipes that suit the whole family.
There are no complex procedures to follow, and the explanations are so straightforward you will barely need to reference the book again once you try a dish out.

Aside from the recipes, the author also includes anecdotes about her family and experiences in Thailand and the US. Pepper spent her childhood in Korat, a city in the Isan region. This region is known the world over for its culinary history.

Pepper picked most of this culture growing up, and as the oldest amongst her siblings, she often helped her mom cook and sell food to local schools. When she moved to the US, pepper brought her experience with her and usually made Thai food even when she made a different meal for her American family.
Initially, shopping for fresh spices and ingredients was not easy. However, she worked with whatever was available and urged the grocery store close to her to stock some of the ingredients she needed.

One thing that you will love about these recipes is how playful they are. The author has modified some Thai classics to suit her family’s needs, and if the images are anything to go by, she has done them justice.

You will find a modified Fried Chicken Larb recipe and her version of the Pad Thai Brussels Sprouts.

It is fantastic that the cookbook doesn’t only come with a list of ingredients with little descriptions on how to make these dishes. The author explains all the details and highlights those special ingredients she uses to give her dishes an edge.

You will also love discovering a lot about the author, her family, and her life in Thailand and America.
Pepper says that she had a hard time coming up with the right measurements for her ingredients. Like any great cook, she uses her eyes to tell how much of each ingredient is necessary.

However, she took time to try different amounts until she was sure that the amounts highlighted in the recipes would produce the best results.
There is still room for home chefs to customize the recipe to match their needs. Since most of the dishes come with a few ingredients, it is easy to identify the ones you can change to get the results that you are looking for.

It’s lovely how the author incorporates humor into her recipes, and this will make you want to try them more. If you love cookbooks that you can easily incorporate into your routine, this book is perfect.

There are enough mouth-watering recipes to try whenever you are in the mood for something tasty and sensational.

The Pepper Thai Cookbook is made with home chefs who find cookbooks too intimidating in mind. The recipes are simple and easy to follow, and all ingredients are readily available.

If you have never thought that some shredded cabbage and carrots can be turned into a mock-papaya salad, this book will show you that this kind of magic is possible, and you can also achieve it following a few simple steps.

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