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Publication Order of Perfectly Imperfect Books

Perfectly Imperfect (Series by Neva Altaj)
Neva Altaj writes the “Perfectly Imperfect” series of dark mafia romance novels. Each book in the series features a different couple and can be read on its own, but for maximum enjoyment, follow the recommended reading order.

“Painted Scars” is the first novel in the “Perfectly Imperfect” series and was released in 2022. Seductive, charming, and captivating. Not to mention a cold blooded killer. However Nina still married the Pakhan of the Russian Bratva anyway. She was forced to, since it was part of the deal. Now, she is faking marital bliss. While she trembles with fear. And she cannot wait to get out of the clutches of such a ruthless man.

Roman gets anything that he desires. And he wants this perfectly imperfect manipulator. The way she is able to deceive anybody into believing she is crazy in love with him. She does not know it just yet. But he is not going to let her go. The deal has been called off.

This is a full length novel with several open door steamy scenes, a guaranteed Happily Ever After, and no cheating.

“Broken Whispers” is the second novel in the “Perfectly Imperfect” series and was released in 2022. The Russian and Italian mafias are fighting a war, a brutal one. Both sides are ruthless, unforgiving, and relentless. But then, the choice is made to merge their worlds, a marriage between the two sides. The most beautiful woman of the Italian mafia, and the Bratva’s most feared monster. Mikhail has loved her from afar for so long now, and he finally gets to have her as his own. But is she going to just run away when she realizes who he truly is?

Bianca would do anything, anything at all for her sister. Even marry into Bratva in order to keep her safe. She was expected a cold hearted and vicious savage, but she is really in for a surprise. This frightening and scarred man is everything that she’s ever wanted.

Now it’s up to her to break down his walls, and destroy all of the barriers between them with broken whispers.

“Hidden Truths” is the third novel in the “Perfectly Imperfect” series and was released in 2022. Bratva is Sergei’s home, his sanctuary from the past. The one and only place where a killing machine such as himself belongs. Sometimes, his demons will come rushing back at him, and he’ll feel totally out of control and full of rage, close to completely losing himself.

Until this injured and broken woman stumbles onto his path, awakening Sergei’s own protective instincts, and sending his demons to sleep. Keeping her as a prisoner is his only option. Because if she should leave, his darkness is going to resurface, and there won’t be any escaping it this time around.

Escape is all that Angelina was able to do, just to wind up in the hands of some crazed murderer. Now, she is fighting to keep away from her enemies, and attempting to not fall for a guy she should not want. However what is going to happen when they both reveal their hidden truths?

“Ruined Secrets” is the fourth novel in the “Perfectly Imperfect” series and was released in 2022. Longing, Isabella’s been wanting him for most of her life. Since the day that he saved her from drowning when she was just a child. However he has never once noticed her. Never even given her a second thought. To him, Isabella is only a child, and now, he has been ordered to marry her. Luca does not want her, not in his bed or in his heart. However everything is allowed in love and war. And she is ready to do whatever it takes. Even lie to a guy that does not remember his own past.

Luca believes she is just as cunning as she is beautiful. His young wife masterfully guides him through La Cosa Nostra waters, and makes sure that nobody suspects that he has had zero memory since the accident. Now he finds himself falling for a woman that he doesn’t even remember. The woman that has been lying to him since the moment he opened up his eyes. And he intends on unraveling her secrets.

“Stolen Touches” is the fifth novel in the “Perfectly Imperfect” series and was released in 2022. Milene knows the rules, but never follows them. She moved into this man’s city, his domain without getting approval first. Now, it is time she paid the price. Marry the calculating and cold Don of La Cosa Nostra, the man that many have never even seen, or could recognize, and become bound the mafia forever. However when Salvatore comes to collect Milene, she realizes they’ve met before.

Nothing amazes Salvatore anymore. He’s just seen and done far too much. Up until her. She is this anomaly. Living in poverty in HIS city, without his approval. Salvatore is drawn to her in such ways that he never imagined possible. She intrigues and ignites him, and he wants more than stolen touches, he wants it all. And whatever Salvatore Ajello wants, he takes.

“Fractured Souls” is the sixth novel in the “Perfectly Imperfect” series and was released in 2023. Asya cannot go back to her family. She is not worthy of them. Could never be one of them again. The sister they love, know, and remember does not exist anymore. Until he showed up. The one that took her in, healed her from her demons, scars, fears. Piecing her back together one piece at a time.

Pavel does not get close to people, and he certainly does not need anybody. Until her. Now she is all he wants and all that he needs. The selfish bastard inside of him wants to steal Asya away, and keep her all to himself. However she no longer needs him, so he will have to let her go. Let her soar, not just break the wings which help her fly. She is not his to keep, to have, and to love. Will he be able to teach his fracture soul in order to survive without her?

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