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Publication Order of Perfectly Proper Paranormal Museum Books

The Perfectly Proper Paranormal Museum (2016)Description / Buy at Amazon
Pressed to Death (2017)Description / Buy at Amazon
Deja Moo (2018)Description / Buy at Amazon
Chocolate a la Murder (2019)Description / Buy at Amazon
Damsel in a Dress (2021)Description / Buy at Amazon
Going, Going, Dead (2022)Description / Buy at Amazon
Deadly Divination (2023)Description / Buy at Amazon
Dead End Donation (2023)Description / Buy at Amazon
Sins of the Sarcophagus (2023)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Cannoli Caper (2024)Description / Buy at Amazon

Kirsten Weiss is a suspense, paranormal, thriller and mystery author from California. Weiss spent more than a dozen years working in South East Asia and on the fringes of the former USSR before returning to the United States. Her experiences in the far flung corners of Asia are what spared her interest in mythology and mysticism and how they impact how we live in the modern world. Now living in San Mateo, California, she is known for authoring genre blending mystery, urban fantasy and steam punk suspense while combining her imagination and experiences to make vivid worlds of enchantment and fun. She has also written fun cozy mystery series such as “Wit’s End,” “Paranormal Museum,” and “Pie Town.” Her magical mystery novels include the “Rocky Bridges,” “Riga Hayworth,” and “Witches of Doyle” novels while her steam punk contribution is the “Sensibility Grey” series. As for what she does when she is not writing she has said that she absolutely loves dessert and never met any she did not like. She also loves drinking red wine and watching re-runs of “Ghost Whisperer.”
Weiss writes mystery novels with flawed complex real and likable characters. Her heroines are usually smart but imperfect characters that struggle a lot but ultimately succeed. She is familiar with all the cozy mystery tropes and hence tries as much as possible to write her stories to be unique. Whether they are set in a pie shop or a UFO themed B&B, they will always have something different. Most of her works come with an element of romance though romance is usually not the main story in the novels and explicit situations are not common. Finally, whenever she includes magic in her story, it usually follows the rules of physics and is based on the reality of magical practices and history. Kirsten Weiss made her debut with “The Metaphysical Detective,” the first of the “Riga

Hayworth Mystery” series she first published in 2011.
Kirsten Weiss’s “Perfectly Proper Paranormal Museum” series is all about Maddie Kosloski the lead. She is a Californian that cannot seem to get a break in her career and decides to go the wine country to enjoy the cheap rent and find some solace in her hometown. She is pressured into taking the job of caretaker of the local paranormal museum that is believed to be haunted. But Maddie does not believe in the paranormal until, a body is found in the museum that gets her entangled in murders present and past. She is now seriously thinking that a ghost may be prowling the premises. In the second novel of the series Maddie prepares what she believes is an excellent exhibit for the harvest festival in the form of a haunted grape. But then someone accuses her of being the thief behind the disappearance of the press. When the man is killed a few days later, she finds herself the lead suspect in the homicide. While she did not want to become an amateur sleuth, it is the only way to get out of the sticky situation. The third novel of the series is set during the San Benedetto’s Christmas Cow festival. Things go bad when one of the Christmas Cow guards is found murdered with an arrow sticking out of his chest. There is also a massive panic over the cowbell exhibit Maddie had so carefully crafted, as the townsfolk believe it is haunted.

Kirsten Weiss’s “The Perfectly Proper Paranormal Museum” introduces Maddie kosloski, a woman that has just lost her job after standing up for her ethics. She decides to leave town and head for San Benedetto her home town. Her best friend from childhood soon gets her to take the job of caretaker of the local paranormal museum. Things soon get very interesting when a dead body is found on the premises while strange things happen whenever she is in the building.
Maggie wants to help resolve the murder and soon learns that the present murder may be related to another in the past. There is a witch in town that does not want their secret to get out, a lawyer with questionable moral standards, a high school bully, a strange man who says he knows everything about the murder and the Ladies Aid composed of uppity Ups who demand the closure of the museum. There are also two men interested in Maddie and all these make for an interesting murder mystery.

“Pressed to Death” by Kirsten Weiss continues to follow Maddie who now owns the San Benedetto Paranormal Museum. She just acquired an antique grape press believed to have been the very one that had been used to make the best wine in the country centuries ago. The townsfolk believe the press is haunted and fear for the new owner. There is a twist when Maddie tries to advertise her museum at the Harvest Fair, only for Detective Lauren Hammer to drop a bombshell. According to the detective, the press has been reported stolen and she wants to confiscate it. Maddie has all the paperwork including the receipt she was given signed by Paganini Romeo’s wife. But the detective removes the press from the fairgrounds despite her protests. But before she can leave the grounds Maddie and her mother stumble upon a dead body hidden under the grapes. It turns out that the dead man is the wine maker that had accused Maddie of theft and she is immediately fingered as the suspect. Everyone except the police think Maddie should investigate and get to the bottom of the case. While Maggie does not believe in the paranormal, she now believes there are phenomena that are impossible to explain using physical laws.

Kirsten Weiss’s “Deja Moo” is a novel about the Christmas Cow festival which was hinted about in the previous novels. The town of San Benedetto usually makes a giant straw cow during the holidays. this is usually the second largest tourist attraction in town that knocks the Paranormal Museum to third place. One of the biggest draws is that the cow tends to inexplicably catch fire at the most unexpected times. The townspeople even have a pool on what day it will burn down. Despite several guards posting to ensure it does not burn down, it faces the same fate each year except for one when an RV knocked it down. Maddie’s mother calls her from out the blue telling her that the cow had been attacked by ginger bread looking men with flaming arrows. When Maddie arrives, she finds the bare wire framework and smoldering embers of the effigy. Her mother who had been one of the guards is unhurt but the other guard is dead, an arrow stuck in his chest. The two set out to investigate and soon discover they are up against a ruthless maniac. To add to all the chaos, Maggies set of cursed cowbells is causing quite a furor with the public who believe they are haunted.

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