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Publication Order of Perry Trethowan Books

Death by Sheer Torture / Sheer Torture (1981)Description / Buy at Amazon
Death and the Princess (1982)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Case of the Missing Brontë / The Missing Brontë (1983)Description / Buy at Amazon
Bodies (1986)Description / Buy at Amazon
Death In Purple Prose / The Cherry Blossom Corpse (1987)Description / Buy at Amazon

Robert Bernard is one of the favorite crime writers in the book world. He has made a series of great books that features crime and mystery. He has become a household name for the mystery fans and the avid suspense readers. His creations were always on demand that is why book after book and series after series, his fans keep asking for more. People never get enough of him and his literary works. It was a product of imagination and creativity that brought to life some of the best characters that people will never forget.

Perry Trethowan has the passion of solving crimes that was fueled by a dark experience from his past. He went back to the time wherein he found out that is father passed away in the most bizarre form. He got so many questions inside his mind that he went back to his roots and tries to figure out what has been happening and if some people from the family was responsible in perpetuating the death of unusual circumstance. Trethowan was a Bernard’s creation that garnered him fame and a name in the book industry. The series was a set of perplexed mysteries that was realistic yet very twisted.

Bernard featured about torture and how it became dark hole wherein he placed Perry to shine a light on that scene. It was the start of a great series of stories. Bernard gives emphasis on what has been happening with society and place it into writing. It tells about the any facets pf the life a man lives every day and it tells not only a story but a clear image of possible happenings. Tragedy is always there in one’s daily basis but the reason for that may not be as clear as finding it out in the news of a simple investigation. The motives are scandalous and kept a secret that is why Bernard created Tethrowan to be the one who will dig up the corps of secrets that people bury behind their minds.

Bernard now places another cold-blooded killer in the upcoming series as part of Tethrowan’s mysteries to solve. It features the innate mind of a crime offender and how he slithers in the life of his victims. Reasons are still kept as a secret and Tethrowan is the man who can handle the job. Perry Tethrowan regained confidence in his craft due to his first experience with the mind-boggling torture and death of his father and for this time, he is now after a killer who has no other motives but pure evil and scandal. Royalty and fame has become the next victim as decided by Bernard. Robert Bernard knows what to do with his characters and how he would twist the obvious and impossible together. The multiple deaths that the series featured signaled Tethrowan to investigate and know the truth on what has been happening to make sure that the coronation of the princess is rather safe or it might be the real reason why the crimes are slowly culmination before the expected coronation.

In the setting of Europe, there are so many valuable artifacts that people appreciate and cherish as compared to the other continents in this world. A simple case of a friendly gesture tempted a criminal mind to go beyond just the feeling of selfishness and commit a heinous crime. The murder and death does not only tell about the taking away of the life but it also suggests about the motive of theft. The domino effect that it brought was how Robert Bernard played with the character of Perry Tethrowan in this part. It was a mastery of the craft of creating something new and giving a new flavor for book fans to taste. Bernard is an expert on how he would plot the characters and the events and he knows what to do with how he would be able to give Perry and his suspects a turn on the events.

Robert Bernard now plays with different character for his other series that is still part of the crime-solving adventures of Perry Tethrowan. He took the image of regular people who are existing in society and having them as part of his pawn for a criminal mind to set target. This tackles things that are more substantial in nature and very well made by Bernard. There were events that you might seem to think that are obvious yet it is still another mystery leading you to another trap you didn’t expect or imagine. The characterization was simple yet it was compelling enough for a wide variety of readers since it is nothing short of drama and humor. The turnout of events was greatly arranged by Bernard and it was up to his Perry Tethrowan to figure things out.

The final series was made different by Bernard wherein he featured another new location for his mystery. Tethrowan was set out to attend to something really important yet he only knew the last minute that he was in for another crime-solving duty. A Mysterious death was another case he needs to attend to this time. In an unfamiliar place and at a very crucial timing, Bernard made another great first for Perry Tethrowan to show his skills and intelligence with regards to solving these unusual and horrendous events he least expects to find in his trip.

Robert Bernard is one of the leading writers with regards to this kind of genre and he remains to be unforgotten because of his art and craft of putting into words what his vivid and colorful imagination has created. Stories and mysteries are simple topics that we have in our society today yet the thing we don’t know about it is the one we should discover. We are living in the real world and yet what happens inside a book is actually happening in real life. We are victims of what evil minds create and we should have a great grasp on these scandal through the works of great writers. Robert Bernard’s creation was one that people learn a lot from and that is in the form of Perry Tethrowan.

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