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Publication Order of Pet Boutique Books

Paws for Murder (2013)Description / Buy at Amazon
Groomed For Murder (2014)Description / Buy at Amazon
Collared For Murder (2015)Description / Buy at Amazon

Annie Knox is a resident of North Texas and a native of Buckeye who calls at-least half dozen states home. She lives with her husband in what she likes to refer as a crumbling historic home situated just a skip and jump away from the courthouse square in North Texas. Though from reading her books, you are most likely to get the idea that Annie must be an extremely smart detective capable of solving murder mysteries, this however is not entirely true. Fact is, Annie is not in any way involved in committing or solving any murders in life. Instead, she is extremely committed to and has passion for animals. She loves listening to 80’s music, Asian based horror films and a couple of reality TV shows. Annie Knox is also one of the nation’s bestselling author thanks to her extremely exciting and engaging 3 phased books series the “Pet boutique mysteries” made up of; paws for murder, groomed for murder and collared for murder. >

Annie Knox is by far amongst the best authors of her time; her work in her book series the “Pet boutique mysteries” has since beyond any reasonable doubt has been well received and enjoyed a string of positive reviews from critics. To help you have a better idea of Annie’s writing potential/skills in case you have been following her closely then you should consider the following, below is an overview of some of her books.

Paws for murder
Izzy McHale, one of the characters in is brought out looking forward to making her new and trendy trails pet boutique situated in Minnesota to serve as the height of canine couture and elegant fashions. Unfortunately, when the store’s official opening finally arrives, things take a turn for the worst as it turns out that it’s a human in disguise and with the sole intention of killing.

Izzy’s personal and beloved pets are all dressed all the way to the nines looking forward to the official opening of the trendy trails. Jinx is not only large but also in charge while Happy mutt on the other hand is lapping up attention. Amidst all of this, Izzy together with her friend Rena seemingly are preoccupied as they are meeting up with Merryville’s menagerie while serving them with their tasty cupcakes and a couple of kitty canapés all from their “bakery”.

At this point, the last thing which they need is having Sherry Harper who also happens to be their town’s activist scaring off customers or even getting tongues going up and down by picketing in the course of the event. Fortunately, both manage to put and end to sherry’s protest right in its works. trouble however is far from over. This is because, sherry is later on found murdered at the back side of the shop after which Rena is named the lead suspect. As a result, Izzy together with her friends come up with a pet project which iscollaring a killer.

Simply put, Annie Knox has managed to create a relatively funny, flawed, warm and completely endearing sleuth as evident in one of the characters “Izzy McHale”.

Groomed for Murder >
Izzy McHale preparing to turn her new trendy pet Boutique in Minnesota into a height of canine couture and sly fashions. However, in a week of wedding bells, seems like someone will be forced to hold their peace forever. love seems to be in the air. This is clearly evident from the fact that Izzy is working hard coordinating two special wedding ceremonies at the same time at the trendy trails. On one hand is Izzy’s friend and mentor as well as mentor one Ingrid. She is set to tie the knot with her long time flame (partner). A couple of days after that, Izzy is set to again play host to “pupptial” for two other loveable dogs she is slightly familiar with.

Interesting thing is, even with all this hullaballo, the trendy trails crew is completely intrigued by Daniel a rather enigmatic writer boarding above the shop which caught the attention of Izzy’s aunt who seems to love gossip a lot. Things take a turn for the worst as it is Daniel who stops breathing and drops dead right at the altar on Ingrid’s wedding day. Dolly is while later found at the scene with the murder weapon. These developments force Izzy, her scrappy pets, packer, jinx alongside her trendy pals to carry out their own investigations and establish what actually happen as well reveal who exactly is behind the murder before the other two affianced doggies opt to bark down from the aisle.

Collared For Murder
It starts as Izzy McHale is brought back, her pet boutique alongside her trendy trail raking it in the green. Unfortunately seems not everyone is on the same page as someone seems to be seeing red. Midwestern cat Fanciers’ which is a well established organization has organized its annual seven day retreat which goes down in Merryville, Minnesota. As much as this event seems like it could mean good for Izzy in the sense that it would bring more business, truth is, it stands to unleash a headache to everyone else. This particular event also has several workshops specifically one the care as well as breeding of cats. What’s more, this same event is responsible for several workshops dedicated to the care as well as breeding of cats. As a result it culminates into a cat show of its own and characterized by a fabulous prize for the winner –a platinum collar dangle.

Cattiness ensues but it does seem like a very big deal. Things get ugly after it emerges that the prize disappears while the wealthy director one Philip Denford ends up being done using grooming shears. As a result, Izzy together with her friends, Jinx and Packer are forced to waste no more time pussyfooting left right and center. Instead they are supposed to focus on solving the case before the killer pounces once again.

Annie Knox has evidently showcased her writing prowess in “Pet Boutique Mystery (Series by Annie Knox)”. To understand the series better feel free to get yourself copies of her book online and read them.

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