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The Man Burned by Winter (2022)Description / Buy at Amazon
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Pete Zacharias is a bestselling mystery fiction author. Early on, he went to college to study English majoring in creative writing in which he earned his bachelor’s degree.

The author is best known for his debut novel “The Man Burned by Winter.” Upon publication, the novel went on to become very popular that he decided to make it into a series.

The second novel of the series “The Man Trapped by Shadows” was first published in 2023 and was just as successful. Zacharias now has many novels to his name and is still going strong.

He has asserted that he is a huge fan of dark thrillers, Nordic noir and anything detective or spy related. He credits his reading of “The Poet” by Michael Connelly as being responsible for his proclivities in writing.

“The Man Burned by Winter” is a brilliant work that introduces Tess Harlow the detective. She is the head of a team that is working on catching a serial killer that has been on a killing spree targeting women in a small town in Minnesota.

Zacharias showcases his brilliance in the development of character and plot. The leads in the work are thrown into what is seemingly a hopeless case as all the leads they need seem to lead to dead ends.

The lead also has issues of her own at work and particularly with her superiors, who do not believe she is up to the task at hand.

Pete Zacharias writes a dark tale making use of the brutal weather in Minnesota to pen a tense and frightening story.

He also provides terrific world-building as he richly describes all the buildings and houses, the scenes, and his characters in a very unique way.

Despite the fact that it is a gory story, he manages to hold it all together.

Coming with turns, twists, and all manner of surprises, it provides great insights into the working of the minds of serial killers and detectives.

Pete Zacharias’s novel “The Man Burned by Winter” is the story of a serial killer who is interested in knowing his limits and an investigative journalist at his wit’s end. What they have in common with each other is a blood-curdling secret.

Rooker Lindstrom is an investigative journalist that has not yet gotten over a personal tragedy. She has recently been lucky enough to be granted a place far away from prying eyes on the shores of Deer Lake Minnesota.

The dilapidated cabin had been left to her by his deceased father who had been an infamous serial killer. There is something very critical that Tess Harlow the detective needs and the only person that can procure it is Rooker.

The latter is the only one with insights into the killer’s mind. Tess needs that information as a copycat has been killing following the template set out by Rooker’s father.

After taking the offer to become a consultant for the detective, Rooker soon discovers a shocking discovery. Every victim is actually a taunt against him.

They are not only tracking a deranged killer but he is also forced to confront his past in the brutal winter of Minnesota.

Maybe his last chance at redemption means he will have to work even more closely with Tess. But he may have to follow a dark path if he is to outrun the shadowy legacy of his father.

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  1. Georgia Charkalis: 12 months ago

    One of the best books I have read in a LONG Time. Your writing held me captive as well as the plot! Cannot wait for mote.


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