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The House of Tomorrow (2009)Description / Buy at Amazon
Things I'm Seeing Without You (2017)Description / Buy at Amazon
This Book Is Not Yet Rated (2019)Description / Buy at Amazon

Peter Bognanni is an American author of fiction. He lives in Minnesota. He is the author of books of fiction and also writes short stories and humor pieces. He works at Macalester College, where he teaches (what else other than) creative writing to the future writers of America.

Bognanni loves to write and tries to work on his books every day. He first became a published author for the first time with the publication of his first fictional novel in 2010. It was titled The House of Tomorrow and was adapted into a film directed by Peter Livolsi. His second novel is titled Things I’m Seeing Without You and was released to readers in 2017.

The movie based on The House of Tomorrow starred Asa Butterfield as the main character Sebastian and Alex Wolff as Jared Whitcomb. Actress Ellen Burstyn portrayed Sebastian’s grandmother and Maude Apatow played Meredith Whitcomb. Nick Offerman played the role of Jared and Meredith’s father.

The House of Tomorrow is Bognanni’s debut novel. This intriguing work of fiction is the story of one young man named Sebastian Prendergast, a young man that lives with his grandmother inside a geodesic dome. This original story will delight readers as they are transported into a wholly unique world that takes them on a journey of self-discovery along with Sebastian and is an interesting ride that you’ll never forget!

Sebastian and his eccentric grandmother are very close. They live together in a dome and he has been living here ever since she would home school him, teaching him the work of a futurist philosopher named R. Buckminster Fuller, among other things. However, everything turns around suddenly when Sebastian’s grandmother experiences a stroke out of nowhere.

Sebastian must leave his home and find his own way to make it in this town. In the middle of this process, he makes friends with Jared Whitcomb. Jared is sixteen years old and even though he has a heart transplant, chain smokes cigarettes like crazy. He makes friends with Sebastian and also takes it upon himself to teach Sebastian about a lot of things that he may have missed while being home schooled and generally just socializing with his grandma.

Sebastian learns about girls, grape soda, and punk music and Sid Vicious through Jared’s tutoring. They enjoy punk music so much that the two of them decide to join together and create a punk band of their own that they name The Rash. The band wants to play at the talent show coming up hosted at the local church, which is going to be totally unprepared for an act like theirs.

These two misfits band together quite literally and find friendship and fun even while being outsiders as Jared shows Sebastian what he has been missing. This original story shows how taking a journey of self-discovery can change your entire life.

Things I’m Seeing Without You is the second novel from Peter Bognanni. The story starts out by focusing on the main character. Tess Fowler is seventeen years old and while the future may be bright for many of her classmates, she can’t really say that the same is true for her. She just decided to drop out of high school and things are not going as well as they could be.

Tess is affected badly because she has just learned that someone close to her has died. She is overwhelmed and after Tess learns that Jonah has died, she feels like even the most basic things are too difficult to do. Tess is totally taken over by grief and knows that she has lost someone that she will never be able to get back again. She can only replay the memories if she wants to spend time with him.

Jonah was not only her friend but someone that she cared for very deeply. They had a great relationship and she used to love spending time with him, texting each other back and forth and sharing emails where they were free to be themselves. Their relationship turned into more, and Jonah was the first boy that she had ever told that she loved him.

He was also the first boy that ever said that he loved her too. Now he is gone, and it wasn’t an accident and it wasn’t a disease or sickness. It was a suicide that Tess of all people never saw coming. A lot of people say that the signs were there and they always had some idea. Tess Fowler cannot honestly say that Jonah was someone that she thought would ever do that.

On top of that, Tess was involved in Jonah’s life. Was she not enough? Was Tess such a bad friend that she never asked the right questions or just saw past it? Tess is in the middle of incredible grief and doesn’t know what to do about it, so she writes letters to Jonah. It’s a way of working through her feelings and being able to feel like he’s still there. Even though he may not be able to read them, it seems to be helping.

She’s upset and confused, but is trying to come to terms with what really happened. None of it seems real, and at the same time it seems like the realest thing in the world. However, Tess may find a way to heal doing something that she never expected; helping her father to establish his new business.

Ironically, this business is a new alternative funeral business, and so far his best client is a racehorse. Not just any racehorse, either– a prized one! Tess grows more involved in the business and actually finds things that she really likes about it. She likes connecting with the clients and helping them come to terms with their grief.

When life gets really complicated, Tess doesn’t know what to do. She really misses Jonah. However, in finding a silver lining, she might just turn out to be okay. But when she gets a message, will her world be the same? Pick up this incredible second novel from acclaimed author Peter Bognanni to read every word from start to finish for yourself and find out!

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