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Publication Order of Peter Bragg Mystery Books

Jack Lynch who was born and raised in Seattle was a famous mystery writer who graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree in journalism from university of Washington. Before becoming a writer, Lynch was working as a reporter for a journalism company; mostly on the Seattle newspapers and later moves to Kansas and Iowa. He had also worked at a brokerage house and a bartender in the 60’s. Many years later, he left the newspaper industry to and worked on Peter Bragg series which was composed of eight novels. Two of these novels won the Shamus nomination while one of them went for the Edgar award prize.

Bragg V1 seriesThis series includes the first three novels by Jack Lynch which won the previously mentioned awards. Peter Bragg, the main character in this series, is hired by retired gangster to find out who is treating his 11-year old girl. This is when Peter Bragg private investigator, understands that The dead never forget.

The Dead Never Forget

This is the two-time Shamus award nominated in Bragg Series. It is an action packed novel which brings Peter Bragg as a determined PI alongside Raymond Chandler, Dashiell Hammett, Sue Grafton, Ross MacDonald and Robert B. Parker He is tough, taut, very sharp and very cautious of getting lofty.

Peter Bragg, a Korean war veteran and an ex-journalist that was hired by Armando Barker who is a retired mobster. Barker wanted to find out who is behind the death threats on his life and his 11 year old daughter. However, after a brutal killing of one of Barker’s close friends, the threats seem to be bloody promising. This sets Barker on a vengeful and violent trip across Sand Valley and California desert town to catch the killer. This is where Bragg comes in. He walks right into the middle of the viscous war between the town factions and ends up being everyone’s target.

This being a first rate and excellently plotted book which brings out Bragg as a believable hero and restrained. The action scenes are splendid and the gun battle between the factions are fascinating.

Speak For the Dead

Devil-may-care men with nothing to live for have only one wish – get Peter Bragg. After an escape plan at San Quentin turns sour, the hard-core convicts beat a guard down into a coma and take hostages to the corner of the prison, two of them being women. This standoff is just at the brink of exploding into a deadly bloody massacre. The convicts, cornered and desperate are demanding for only one thing – Peter Bragg to drop all the charges on murder against the ringleader’s teenage brother who resides in Northern California. This situations sucks in Bragg into a cage in which the cops, neo-Nazis and strong foes who would want nothing more than seeing the hostages, convicts and Bragg dead so as to protect their secrets.

Wake up and die

This is another multiple Shamus and Edgar award nominated Peter Bragg series by Jack Lynch. An extortion cases leads the private investigator, Peter Bragg across the Golden Gate to Sausalito. Unfortunately, for Bragg, this path is just a playground for the rich and real estate developers who are willing to spill innocent blood to grab every precious inch of the land. Bragg is the only one who can stand up against these blood thirsty monsters and reveal who is the mastermind of this bloodshed. The book is fun to read and manifests Peter Bragg as an authentic, gripping and gritty character.

Wolf house

This is a mysterious and incredibly thrilling book by Jack Lynch. Someone is killing civilians and buries them at Jack London State Park in the California wine country. Maribeth fears that she is on the killer’s hit list and she makes a call to Peter Bragg. Investigators try hard to find what is linking the victims together but they can find what the killer is looking for. Peter Bragg collaborates with a country girl sheriff’s detective to such for the killer and a surprising discovery links up the victims. This sends Bragg back to Jack London State Park to stop the killings and save Maribeth.

The missing and dead
The second thriller in Bragg series novel which put Jack Lynch at the same level as Raymond Chandler,Robert B. Parke, Sue Grafton, Dashiell Hammett, and Ross MacDonald. It was nominated at Edgar Award.
Peter Bragg, who is a private investigator, is in a desperate to search for the missing insurance investigator. In his quest, Bragg discovers shocking secrets involving skim money, disappearance of a cop, stealing of art from San Francisco gallery and a serial killer who kills to get the pleasure of seeing the expression on his victim’s face. Bragg connects the dots and comes up with a chilling portrait of a brewing death which might be his own.

Pieces of death

Peter Bragg lands himself in a brutal gun fight with two merciless and well-trained assassins as he goes to protect a man arriving with a valuable package at San Francisco Airport. After the fight ends, the passenger is dead and neither Bragg nor the killers have the package. Bragg hunts for the package while, on the other hand, he becomes the prey for the killers. It comes up that the package contained 32 gem-encrusted chess pieces stolen from China which were worth a big fortune and someone was willing to kill for them.

Yesterday is dead (Seattle)

Peter Bragg is a San Francisco private investigator who has set up his mind to start a fresh life – including leaving everything behind; the rain, depression, dark skies and his ex-wife Lorna. He is not excited about the trip but an old buddy is in a situation and needs his help.

Truth or die

This is the sixth novel in Bragg series and was originally under the title Monterey. Bragg runs into a woman he had longed for in the past, Jo Sommers, who is unhappily married. Hours later, she is accused of killing her husband and Bragg sets out to prove her innocence. He discovers a secret, so dark and old, which is still worth a life.

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