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Peter Helton
Author Peter Helton was born in Germany in the year 1957 into an Anglophile and odd family. In the year 1982, he moved to London and worked as a translator for TV and film before he found the attractions in the West Country.

He received a Fine Arts Degree from UWE and has exhibited places such as Bath, London, and Cornwall. Peter divides his time between writing in the study of a tiny cottage close to Bath in the company of Asbo, his cat, and his painting studio.

Peter writes the “Inspector Liam McLusky” series, the “Chris Honeysett” series, and the “Dark Hunger” series. His debut novel, called “Headcase”, was released in the year 2005. Peter’s work is from the fantasy and mystery genres.

“Headcase” is the first novel in the “Chris Honeysett” series, and was released in the year 2005. Art thieves should really be shot. It is why Chris Honeysett (aesthete, painter, and private investigator, when money is tight) did not take the case on. The cops have got better resources for tracking down stolen art. His vintage Citroen needs some work, the price of sea bass continues to skyrocket, and his studio is falling.

An old friend of Chris’, who didn’t appear to be linked to the case, gets killed and Chris finds he is high on a tiny list of suspects. He is more than just a bit distracted while he goes off to locate the killer. He quickly finds that when dealing with some professional criminals, if you take your eye off the ball even for an instant, it can have lethal consequences.

Murder seems to be even more brutal against the genteel facade of a Georgian city, where all the tourists enjoy a rather exceptional summer. There is a lot more that bubbles underneath the surface of Bath than a hot sulphurous spring.

The novel is filled with some intriguing characters and a complex story. This has a lot of witty dialogue, and is a highly enjoyable read all the way through. The writing packs a strong punch, and is able to say a lot with just a few words. Fans loved the pacing, the mystery, and setting in this novel.

“Falling More Slowly” is the first novel in the “Inspector Liam McLusky” series, and was released in the year 2010. DI Liam McLusky just transferred into Bristol from Southampton and freshly recovered from an injury suffered in the line of duty. He has zero time to settle in before being handed a major case. Everyday objects that have been turned into explosive devices are being left all over Bristol. They either kill or maim anybody that picks them up.

McLusky has to figure out who this killer is, all while he attempts to navigate the fraught internal politics of this new job. At the same time, a former partner moves into the city to keep tabs and study him.

McLusky grows quite a bit on the reader over the course of the novel, as he is an engaging character, and Sergeant Austin is a great sidekick, as he can read his boss’ minds and anticipates the needs of his boss.

“Four Below” is the second novel in the “Inspector Liam McLusky” series, and was released in the year 2011. Heavy snow is falling, and it is just only November. DI McLusky has finally settled into his new job in Bristol, however, the severe weather shows the unfamiliar side to this city. After a drug baron’s conviction that occurred earlier in the year, a new kingpin has been able to secure the core of drug crime in all of Bristol. How secure does he really feel?

Some unconnected killings, dying drug users, and accidents that is investigated by McLusky and the rest of his team. They slowly reveal the web of violence that has been spreading through the city. Narrow pieces of a cut-up picture show up bit by bit at the offices of the Bristol Herald could hold some vital clues, but is the completed puzzle going to reach McLusky in time to keep more killings from happening?

The private lives of DI Kat Fairfield, Liam’s rival, and McLusky, take some unexpected turns as well. It makes the atmosphere at the Albany Road station, already cooled considerably by the failed heating system, even icier.

“Orinstar” is the first novel in the “Dark Hunger” series, and was released in the year 2017. A dwarf named Dablik, who flees from a losing battle on Tares, gets sent by a wizard named Vindhar through a World Gate and into Angaron to find Andra who, unbeknown to him, has the key to saving Angaron from being destroyed.

Dablik discovers Andra lingering in the local baron’s debtor’s jail. The dwarf gets help from Andra’s closest friend, Sorin, to break him out and start their hopeless quest.

With help from the enchanting and mysterious witch, named Elhima and Rokin, the down-at-heel conjuror, they are able to escape and flee into the vast Latwood.

It is not just the baron’s men that are hunting them. There is a true danger hunting them in the form of a narogh, which is a horrifying dark mage that was sent by Unghor to eat up Angaron’s final hope. There are other servants of their enemy hot on their heels, and not all of them are as ugly or as easily recognized as the tunnel ogres and the woodgoblins.

Andra, to his dismay, discovers that his fate is linked closely to that of Elhima and the desperate battle to defend Angaron. Together they have to uncover a repository of power known as the Orinstar, their single hope of defeating the forces mustered against Angaron.

What is the Orinstar though? How can they even try to find it in time when they know so little about it?

While the world continues to dark all around them and they get pressed hard by enemy agents, they have to make odd alliances, learn to rely on one another’s talents and strengths, and learn to tread on some dangerous paths.

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